A popular saying goes, team work always make the dream work. It tells you that two heads are better than one. It means you can’t always do it alone except you become a team player. The success of the team is the success of every player. This is what a lot of us have failed to employ in our relationships.

A lot of youths who had big dreams before their relationship, switched their focus from the big picture to their partner. Sometimes we put our whole life on hold just for a guy or a girl because we want to keep our relationship. Fact is, we only end up fighting to keep what we never had and letting go of what was always ours.

Sometimes we become partner satisfiers rather than dream chasers. Suddenly, your only goal in life is to please your partner. Most times, you find yourself doing everything to become your partner. This is why a lot of marriages are in shambles today. A woman pretends to be who she’s not to man just so he falls in love with her. She becomes whatever and whoever her man wants her to be just for him to be happy.

She drops her passion for music just because her man thinks it’s not a feasible course. She doesn’t hang with her friends anymore just because he thinks they should always spend time together. In the end, they get married and after some years, they begin to fall apart because she feels choked.

Relationship is a team and a team can only build relationship together. The success of one is the success of the other. Your love for someone shouldn’t override your focus rather it should push your focus even further. That’s why it’s a team. Think about this for a second. Before you met him/her, you had a goal and plans to achieve that set goal. Question is, what changed? What changed was that he/she became your goal. It means your goal changed at the point you guys met.

Fact is, you begun to build your whole life around that one person who you’re not even sure you’re gonna end up getting married to at the expense of the big picture. Truth is, one who loves you will push you to succeed rather than push you away from it just as you would do the same. It bores down to our ability to merge our efforts to ensure both of us are succeeding at our endeavours.

When a member of a team is lacking in an aspect, it is only logical for other members of that team to cover up for that member or train him/her in that aspect so he/she becomes better. The same goes for a relationship. Jane is lacking in the area of her studies but her partner, John, encourages and teaches her to study.

In the end, Jane made awesome grades all thanks to John who pushed her to succeed. That’s how it works. John has always wanted to be a top singer even before he met Jane. Jane got him karaoke which he always used to practice song lyrics and improve his voice. Today, John owns his own record label. That’s a team. That way, you’d be of much value to your partner than anyone else creating an even much stronger bond.

Today, in most relationships, it’s one party dictating the pace for the next rather than supporting. Question is, how many more relationships are you gonna keep changing your focus for your partner alone? What happens when he/she breaks your heart? What happens when you guys hit rock bottom? These are questions we should ask ourselves. Again, if he/she is not improving you, then it’s not a relationship.

Your life revolves around you. If anyone’s gonna come in, then he/she should support you not try to push you from your path. Two heads they say are better than one. It means if you could do good on your own, you should do better when you’ve got a partner. This is the beauty of a relationship. The goal is always improvement. Relationships synchronise goals and chase them in love. Again, that’s a team. This is Danny world…


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