On a very cozy night, a father took his boy for a stroll on the sidewalk. The stars and the moon shone brightly and the birds made their screeching sounds that night. While they strolled, his boy asked.

“Dad. Why do the stars only shine at night?” the boy queried rather curiously.

His dad wondered why a 5-year old kid would ask such a question. But he was the adult. He knows everything the kids don’t.

“Son. The stars shine at night because they’re meant to shine at that time of the day. The stars are as to the night as the sun is to the day.” his father answered.

His boy wore an even more puzzled look.

“What’s with the face?” dad asked rather perturbed.

For a moment, he thought he had escaped his son’s snare of questions. He thought wrong.

“But Dad, Mom called me a STAR earlier in the day. Does this mean I get to shine tonight in the sky like these bright stars?” his son queried, again.

This time, his father didn’t have the right answers. We’ll get back to the story in a bit.

Many a time, a lot of us have been compelled to believe that being a STAR is tied to STARDOM. A lot of us have failed to understand that being a STAR is a NATURE and that STARDOM only shows the NATURE. It means you can’t have stardom without being a star. It means you can’t give what you don’t have. You don’t have to be on the world stage for you or people to know you’re a STAR. You only have to ACTIVATE NATURE. I bet the stars at night DON’T even know they’re stars but they just SHINE cause that’s what they were MADE for. They shine cause that’s how they were WIRED. They shine cause it’s what they are. Stars.

Research have shown that stars shine at the same intensity in the day as the night. The reason why you can’t see them in the day is because of the rays of the sun which you don’t have at night. It means stars shine always, they just wait for the NIGHT for the world to see them. As humans, we were made stars but not everyone has seen the NIGHT. It doesn’t demean the star, it just means the world hasn’t gotten a VIEW yet. It’s like a LION. No matter how well you train a dog to function as a LION, it can never be a LION cause it’s not his NATURE. Now once you see a LION, you can tell it’s a LION. But until that LION roars, he may not have made his presence known to everyone just yet. It’s the same for the stars.

Stars shine brighter in the DARK cause that’s when they make their presence known to the world. It means you keep shining until it’s DARK. It means the WORLD don’t have to see you SHINE cause you ONLY have to SEE YOU shining. A star reflects light wherever she goes irrespective of how bright or dark that place is. You don’t have to wait for stardom to shine cause it’s in YOU. A CELEBRITY is a not THE STAR but one who reflects the star. A celebrity is the PRODUCT of a STAR not the star itself. The star is what MAKES YOU not what OTHERS make YOU to be. The world might not see it but keep burning and just like everyday, the NIGHT will always show forth and everyone will BEHOLD your GLOWING beauty. Sometimes we doubt who we are not because we don’t have what it takes but because we surround ourselves around things and people who don’t think we’re GOOD ENOUGH. People who would rather tell you what you’re NOT rather than WHAT YOU are. This is why a lot of stars FORGET they are stars.

Many a time, we get talked out about what we stand for and talked into living someone else’s life. Most times, we end up living their own lives and forget ours. Question is, can a lion ever FORGET he’s a lion? Can a lion WALK in the midst of goats just to be like them? Can a lion ever BECOME a goat? It’s almost impossible for that to happen. A lion never acts contrary to his nature cause that’s who he is. Why run away from who you are when you’re just gonna end up a puppet. Why run away from HOME just to go SQUAT with someone else. EMBRACE who you are today and keep SHINING like the star that you are. Don’t be like that little boy who ADMIRED the STARS when he was one HIMSELF. Don’t be like his dad who didn’t know the stars didn’t need to wait for the night to shine. A MAN who KNOWS a thing doesn’t ASK QUESTIONS. But a MAN who KNOWS NOTHING makes EVERYONE his TEACHER. Again, it’s a nature so don’t try to hide it. A true star EXUDES and never DEMEANS. Keep moving. Keep shining. This is Danny world…

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