There are two categories of people in the world today, those at the top and at the bottom. But here’s the amazing thing, both of them never asked for this life. Actually, no one did. Everyday, you go to the streets and you get to see a lot of hustle. Some, begging on the streets just to survive and then you wonder how they ended up on the streets. Now we were all created by a supreme being equally as it were. You might wanna ask, is that really true?

Question is, why were some born with legs and some without? Why were some born with hands and some without? Why were some born blind and others with eyes? Why were some born mute and others were not? These set of people were all brought into this life and 8 out every 10 only get to suffer through life and always in the need of help from the supposed “able people” Question is, what was his plan for these people?

A lot of people talk about purpose. Some say we create our own purpose. Some say we live for his purpose. Some say purpose is simply what feels your drive. Some say purpose is being successful. Well, maybe or perhaps not. But one question real quick, if he had a purpose for every one of us, then what was it?

When I say purpose, I mean what was the need for creation at first not his plan after creation. Question is, wasn’t the earth just fine without humans? It means the earth didn’t have troubles until humans were created. Perhaps the earth was better without humans in it. Was it?

Everyday, we go through life uncertain of the next minute. Death has become the most dreaded visitor. Perhaps we were all just born to live a tragic life cause in the end it’s a tragedy cause death is never a happy ending. Could that have been his reason for creation? Some have said that you must be of a certain religion before you can fulfil purpose.

Question is, who then created every one of us? We didn’t ask for our families neither did we ask for the beliefs of the families we were born into and what we’ve been exposed to all our lives. How do you define equal then? Perhaps if everyone were of one religion then speaking one language wouldn’t have been a problem.

We are a people with different beliefs created by a supreme being. He created humans to fill the earth and gave every one of us the will to succeed. The earth was empty until humans were brought on board. It means we made the earth what it is today. We contributed to successes and failures of our world today. It means the world is what is because of what we’ve done with it. Some turned it to a war zone.

Some have touched lives with it. Some have become terrorists. Some have become kings and queens. Some have known nothing but pain all through. Some have created unforgettable moments. In all these, we were all created by one being whose plan not just for a particular religion, belief, tribe or local town but for every single one of us. Perhaps that’s why they say he’s impartial.

So this is it, we all found ourselves here however the form we came in. The truth is, the world is a battleground. Humans made it that way. Perhaps he knew it was going to be that way. It’s the survivor of the fittest. The man begging with no legs on the street never asked for this life. The man born with no eyes begging on the street never asked for this life. The woman born with no hands never asked for this life.

That little boy battling with cancer at age 5 didn’t ask for this life. The little boy who was born lame and has never walked his whole life never asked for this life. A man who was born into a poor home didn’t ask for this life. A man who was born into a Muslim family or a Christian family didn’t ask for that kind of family. Question is, why are they here? What was his plan them? To come toil through life?

Then again, a man who was born into a rich christian home never asked for this life either. A man who has never seen outside the walls of a palace never asked for this life. The man who has never traveled by road before didn’t ask for this life. The man who is worth $54billion today never asked for this life. The woman who has donated all her earnings to charity never asked for this life.

The man who played the keyboard so beautifully without his eyes never asked for this life. The man who was born without legs but broke world records at the para-olympics didn’t ask for this life. That Grammy award winning artiste also didn’t ask for this life. The man who is regarded as the greatest footballer of all time never asked for this life. None of us did.

It all bores down to one thing. He might have created us differently and put us in different families, religions or beliefs but if there is one thing he surely gave us, it was the will to succeed. You may not be born rich but you’ve got the will to succeed. You may be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, an idol worshipper or perhaps a free thinker but you’ve got the will to succeed.

You may not have been born with legs, hands, ears or eyes but you’ve got the will to succeed. In the end, it is what makes us equal cause it is what we make out of our world that defines the kind of results we get. What we see is what we get but what we do with what we see makes us. None of us asked for this but we are here today. Question is, what are we gonna do with the will of success he gave to us? Perhaps that’s what he’s gonna ask from every single one of us he created.

Some say he caused all the troubles in the earth but how can you blame a man when you do not know the reason for which he did a thing. Perhaps his purpose for us was to make use of the will he gave us and succeed with it on earth. He couldn’t have created different religions only to recognise one to save all cause if he wanted that, he would have created just one.

A dream starts with a thought which turns into an idea and in the end becomes the reality. Question is, how’d you channel that idea of yours into becoming a reality? That’s why he gave us the will to succeed cause that’s what we keep us going. In essence, wherever or however we found ourselves in life, make the most of it, succeed and be grateful he created you cause no one asked for this life. Make your world beautiful. This is Danny world…

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