Some people say love for the right reasons. I think we all love for one reason. We only love because it’s what our hearts feel not what we choose to feel. Love is unconditional. She didn’t fall in love with you because she chose to. She fell in love with you because she felt so. You know why? It’s because it’s not in her place to dictate for her heart. You can choose to be or not to be in a relationship but you can never choose to fall in love. You know why? It’s because you never see the fall coming until you’re down there. Love is the only broom capable of sweeping a man off his feet. Love appeals to your heart not your senses.

If love appealed to our senses, then some of us would have left our parents. Many a time, we got really offended by our parents harsh treatments which sometimes we did doubt our relationship with them. But no matter how bad our relationship with them seem to turn out, we always love them. We may doubt the relationship but we can never doubt our love for each other. It tells you one thing, no matter how far the mind travels, the heart has a mind of its own.

If we got to choose who we fall in love with it, then the essence of love will be irrelevant. You know why? It’s because then we would all choose to love our dream girl or dream man and no one else will seem to matter. The rich will only get married to the rich or the poor would want to get married to the rich because of the status. She’s gonna love him because he’s tall and he’s got all the abs. Then what happens to those who are not tall and don’t have the abs? It means there will be an unequal distribution. The world would be a crazy place if that were to be the case.

Falling in love is the most enjoyable fall a man could ever wish for. It’s the only fall in the world every human desires to experience. A fall you never want to make it back to your feet. I choose the kind of person I want to have a relationship with but I don’t get to choose the person for that relationship. My heart gets to do that. My head says this is the kind of person I want to have a relationship with but my heart says this is who I love. It doesn’t matter if the person didn’t fit into your kind of person but your love for that person makes your kind of person. You can only fight what you see. You get to choose your friends but you certainly don’t get to choose who you fall in love cause it’s really not up to you.

Love is the only rare jewel available to everyone whose hearts can find. You don’t need to be rich, popular, influential or cute to find love. It only takes your heart to connect with someone who shares that same feeling with you. Sometimes our choices are based on sentiments, influence or experiences will come across in life. True love is never restricted by any of these. Your heart doesn’t need to love because you have a certain level of affiliation with this person. Your heart doesn’t need to love because someone or a friend suggested this person was the right person for you and so this is who you should fall in love with.

Also, your heart doesn’t take cognizance to the fact that some men may not have treated you right in the past or maybe your mum ended up divorced and so love wasn’t so good to her. However the experience, it doesn’t stop your heart from falling in love again when the right person comes along. Now just a question. To those of us in a relationship, let’s assume your heart didn’t do the finding and perhaps you had in your mind the qualities you expected to see in your woman or your man as it were. Now would you really have chosen the person you’re dating right now? …Yeah I thought so too.

The truth is, you would always find it difficult to find that person that suits your criteria because that perfect woman or man you’re looking for really doesn’t exist in the real world only in your thoughts. If we really were to choose, then a lot people would be single today. Perhaps James has got a lot of cash and seem to be really popular. John on the other hand, is an introvert who really doesn’t have the cash. Jane loves the guys with the cash and likes to associate herself with popular people. But then she gets to meet John who she always likes to hang out with. She always finds him interesting and really can’t explain why she always wants his company. Something she never gets with James. John feels the same way despite the fact that Jane is not an introvert. But the two found a chemistry despite their different personalities and preferences.

If love is based on preferences then it wasn’t love in the first place. Love is beautiful. Love is amazing. Love is scintillating. Maybe finding love was the only task God gave our hearts. Sometimes we should just trust our hearts to lead us to paradise. Love is never a choice but a force driven by like-hearts. So is relationship a choice? Certainly yes like every other thing in life. But if at all you’re gonna be in a relationship then it should driven by love. But to say love is a choice? It’s certainly false cause it’s never up to us. This is Danny world….

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