A man once said that ‘Clarity gives you a target.’ I do agree. Clarity gives you a sense of identity. Clarity gives you a reason to live. Your brain works according to tasks you assign to it. You only have to know what you want and your brain knows how to get there. Clarity is a certain view into an unforseen reality held bound only by time and most importantly yourself. It gives you a clear picture of what you want and how you’re gonna get there. A man who lacks a clear idea and view of what he wants will only remain in constant uncertainty. I’ll you this, life’s punch will knock you down way harder than a Mayweather knockout. Question is, are you gonna allow it? Can you make it up to your feet everytime life throws a punch? Clarity doesn’t stop life from coming at you. It only tells you’re always one step ahead. Sometimes it’s difficult to see clearly what you want or what you wanna be because of where you stand currently. Maybe you lack the basic necessities of life or perhaps you don’t even have a job and so thinking about the future becomes a daunting task and sometimes even impossible. Perhaps you don’t even think life can ever offer anything good or maybe God seems non-existent. But I’ve got news for you today.

It is true that where you grow determines how you grow. But it’s also true that your future is what you term it to be. It’s also true that life is in stages and the next stage is dependent on the success or failure of the present stage. Now how clear you see a thing determines how far you get to aim at it. David could see clearly the forehead of the Goliath before he could even aim at it. Goliath was a giant but David looked beyond that and still claimed victory. A man who hasn’t got a target yet is only gonna remain life’s target all his life. If I don’t know what I want then I shouldn’t expect anything positive from life cause all life’s gonna bring to your table is trials, temptations, troubles and taunts all to sap life out of you. A man who knows clearly what he wants will always know how to face these challenges head on. The glory can only come when you can believe it, see it and work at it. Clarity is power cause it’s only a man who’s got vision that inspires passion. It’s only a man who can see that knows how to cross the road. It’s only a man who can see that knows when he’s being attacked. It’s only a man who can see that sees a tower miles away and knows how to get there. It tells you one thing, if I can really vision a thing then my body knows how to get there.

The thing is, everyone really picture themselves in really nice positions, driving big cars, occupying an AC tight office and stuffs like that which is pretty cool. But the difference between two people who can see the same thing and one actually gets there while the other doesn’t quite get there is EFFORT. Sometimes we all get to see but some of us tend to end it there. Clarity doesn’t stop at just seeing it. Clarity gives you a certain focus and prepares you for the target. Clarity tells you how to attack the target and that target can only be attacked by effort. Question is, what do you want? What do I want? Now if you can answer that question then you can ask how do I get there? Then when you can answer that, then you can ask what do I need to get there? And then when you can answer that, then you can ask what kind of troubles will I face before I get there? And then when you can answer that, then you know what to expect and how to approach these troubles and then you can attack the target. That’s how you win.

You only get what you want in life if you really know what you want. A man that knows what he wants knows how to get it. What do I want? If you can’t answer that question then you’re like a goat among lions. You’re only gonna get a beat down every time cause you’re always gonna find yourself treading on the wrong paths. Clarity gives birth to ability which produces capability which yields materiality. Clarity is the first step to great heights. If I can’t see the height of a cliff, how do I climb? Clarity tells you how to. Life is tough but a man who knows what he wants is always one step ahead. I define C-L-A-R-I-T-Y as this;
C- Clear view of what I want.
L- Laxity is never an option.
A- Acquiring the best methods to your target.
R- Realizing it’s very much achievable.
I- Investing your time and hands.
T- Timing your activities (Plan and Priority).
Y- Your target becomes a reality.

Clarity is power. It’s seeing life from your own perspective and making a great deal out of it. This is Danny world…

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