One day, a man was so tired he went to bed at about 8pm. He slept so well that he woke up at about 12pm the next day. When he woke up and checked the time he said “Ooh I slept so nicely and I think I should sleep more” and then he went back to bed. This is how humans are. When a man doesn’t have a purpose, sleep becomes interesting. If you think a man is so lazy to do anything at all, give him a reason. When you give a man a reason he becomes inspired. Inspiration only comes when there is a purpose for it.

The reason why a man would sleep for hours is because he doesn’t have a reason for leaving his bed. Perhaps, if I told that same man that at 6am, I would have a million naira waiting for him at my office. Suddenly, the man who could sleep for hours will be at the office by 5am. Inspiration is an inner energy triggered or influenced by an objective to foster great achievements. Inspiration comes alive when a man sees the importance. The occasion activates the response.

An man who says he’s afraid of heights will be amazed how he jumped a two-storey building when he sees a snake at the rooftop. Sometimes the zeal is not just enough to motivate a man but when a benefit is attached strength comes alive. Maybe you want to sing but you don’t see any reason why you should sing and then a competition comes up for two million naira. Suddenly, you will be motivated to sing even better cause now you just had a reason to sing. A man who says nothing can ever make him cry will be amazed the tearful he would be when he loses his wife.

Ever wondered why a man must eat food? It’s not because he’s so hungry. It’s because he knows if he doesn’t eat he’ll die from hunger. If one day, scientists come out to say ‘whether you eat or not you can’t die’ I tell you people won’t take food seriously anymore. An objective quickens an unusual response. The situation brings about the inspiration. So a man might actually not be lazy, he just haven’t figured out why he has to be strong. This is Danny world…

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