They say practice makes perfect but I would say practice makes almost perfect cause perfection is never attained only excellence. When you keep doing something over and over again it becomes a part of you but you would always make mistakes even with the things we love. Practice is a repetition of a thing to improve skill or technique. Practice doesn’t make you perfect it only improves you and improvement never ends cause you can always do better. It’s one thing to say something and it’s another to do that thing. Saying it is the easiest part but doing it is the real deal. Saying it prepares for you the battle which is practice. Saying it tells you that however difficult it seems and prepares you so you can make it out and keep getting better. A guy tells you about Christ today and how we should keep sin far from your confine and live a holy life so you make heaven. The next day, you find this guy lying to someone about his location on phone and then you ask I thought this guy was a saint? Yeah right.

The truth is he just showed you he is also human. It only shows we all are working towards perfection and being human is the only reason why we never get there. Practice what you preach doesn’t mean do everything you preach to the latter without mistakes. It only means keep doing what you preach all the time so you get better. The man who comes to tell you about Christ also has a body just as you are so what makes you think he’s perfect? The fact is, he’s not. He’s just a guy who loves his maker so much he could tell someone else about him. It means he does everything to please his father but it never takes away the fact that he’s human and even in his work to attain perfection in his work with God, he will always fall but how he responds to that fall is what matters.

Practice only ends when you stop which means your ability to always rise up and keep working at it makes you a better person at the end of the day cause you’re improving daily. Perfection is the only reason why a teacher will never give his student a 100% even though he deserves it cause he wants the student to always work to attain a 100 even when has a 99. It tells you 100 is attainable which means it can be attained but never says it’s certain. We only have to keep working to make 100 less we become lousy. If I made a 60 yesterday and today I make a 75 it means I’ve learnt from my past mistake and gotten better. The next day I get an 80 which shows I’m improving. Now another day, I make a 72 which means I didn’t learn from my past mistake so I became relaxed thinking I’ve arrived at that point. Practice never stops it’s a continuous process and for every practice, there is always an improvement and that’s the essence.

You might want to ask if it’s ever going to get better and stay that way? I’m not saying it’s never going to be better but it’s not going to be always better. A man would never become a doctor except he’s gone through the learning process which is practice. Perhaps if Michael Jackson stopped learning how to dance at some point, he wouldn’t have been the man the whole world knew as the best dancer in his generation. Maybe if Usain Bolt stopped learning how to run to get faster, the world wouldn’t have known him today. It only tells one thing, the moment you stop learning you stop making progress. Practice to attain excellence not perfection cause perfection is only a catalyst towards progress. This is Danny world…

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