A warm welcome to y’all and this is Danny world the show that brings you the total package. Today, we’re gonna be talking to a young and pretty lady from the University of Benin. A little chat with this young lady was really enlightening, one I’m sure you would want to read. Danny world caught up with Esther Ogboi. Here is how the interview went.
Danny: So we have Esther on the show today. Esther you’re welcome to the show.
Esther: Thank you very much.
Danny: So Esther tell us a bit about yourself.
Esther: Ok I’m Esther Ogboi Eberechukwu. I’m from Ikah North East, Agbor, Delta State. I’m from a family of four, I’m the third and last girl of the family. A 200 level student of the department of accounting, university of Benin… I’m fun loving, admirable person, a lover of people… I guess we’ll find out more on the show.
Danny: Hmm ok not bad. Tell us about your likes and dislikes.
Esther: Hmmm I like beautiful things and people just anything attractive. For my dislikes, I don’t think I dislike anything apart from dirtiness.
Danny: hmmm so you don’t dislike anything apart from that? Are you sure?
Esther: LOL yeah
Danny: Hmmm I will have to believe that. Now who is your role model?
Esther: Now fashion wise, my role model would be Guliana Bill while musically my role model would be Sinach. But generally, my role model is my dad.
Danny: Wow your dad that’s nice. So you’re a daddy’s girl?
Esther: LOL yeah guess you can say that.
Danny: Hmmm wish I could say the same… Alright then. Now what country or place would you love to visit one day?
Esther: Hmmm I think that would be Paris. I love that place.
Danny: LOL what’s with girls and Paris? You’re like the hundredth girl saying that to me.
Esther: LOL I don’t know… Would love to see where Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick did their padlock of love thing. It’s really nice.
Danny: Wow you seem to be a fan of the Kardashians do you?
Esther: Hmmm not like some people though…LOL they know themselves.
Danny: LOL oh come on now. Well I love the Kardashians. Anyways, if you were made the president of Nigeria, what would you do differently?
Esther: Hmmm I think my major focus would be on power and education in the country.
Danny: Hmmm great. If you were to be an animal which animal would that be?
Esther: Oh I would be a cute little poppy. I just love poppies they are so cute.
Danny: Oh goodness I hate dogs or poppies or whatever just don’t like them no matter how cute they seem to be.
Esther: LOL oh come on now who hates poppies?
Danny: Well I do… there is nothing cute about them! LOL
Esther: LOL really Danny???
Danny: Yeah. Anyways, away from poppies now, which is your favourite movie of all time?
Esther: Hmmm not much of a movie freak though but I think ‘Home Alone’ is my favourite movie going way back. I loved that movie.
Danny: Oh that movie was loved by everyone. Heard the little boy is now a delinquent? He’s now a drug addict
Esther: Wow that’s sad.
Danny: Yeah guess he couldn’t handle the fame. Moving on, what is your perception of beauty and love?
Esther: Hmmm now love for me is not necessarily a guy and a girl thing. I could tell a girl I love you. Love is genuine, God is love and I feel love should be showed to everybody. Then for beauty, I think it has to do with something from the inside not necessarily a thing from the outward appearance. I feel your personality makes you beautiful
Danny: Hmmm wow telling a girl I love you. That’s weird.
Esther: LOL that’s why I said it’s doesn’t have to be a girl and a guy thing all the time.
Danny: Interesting… Alright moving on, when was the last time you got flogged?
Esther: Hahahaha that will be in high school. I think it was in ss3, my biology teacher flogged me cause I didn’t do my assignment cause I was actually not in class the day he gave the assignment. So I got flogged and cried so much that day.
Danny: Seriously, at ss3 u still cry?
Esther: LOL gosh it was painful!
Danny: LOL well thank God I’m a guy. Trust me, my high school was worse.
Esther: LOL oh that man was wicked.
Danny: Who was the teacher you hated the most in your high school?
Esther: Same man my biology teacher. Actually, he was the best teacher when it came to flogging in my school then. He was always on my case in class. He would always point at me to answer questions in class which was a must-answer and most times I wouldn’t answer. He was also fond of cutting our hair…oh that man was something else….
Danny: LOL I guess we all had such teachers. Anyways, who was the last person to get you angry like really angry?
Esther: Hmmm that would be a very close friend of mine. This guy got me really angry some months back. That was the period I was really ill and somehow he didn’t know and when he got to know he never called not even a text. Then we met in school and he made some heartbreaking statements that day that really got to me.
Danny: Wow that guy must have really pissed you off. Hmmm… Ok then, who was the last person to see you cry?
Esther: Hmmm wow I think that would be my best friend Uche.
Danny: Hmmm what made you cry?
Esther: Nah don’t think I want to talk about it here.
Danny: Mm-mmm Ok then, Now picture you were given an opportunity to go on a date with a celebrity home or abroad, who would that be?
Esther: Hehehe I think that would be Tye Tribbett oh I love that guy so much. Though he is married.
Danny: Oooh Tye Tribbett! Someone is having a crush on you. LOL
Esther: Hahaha
Danny: Now imagine you were on a date with Tye Tribbett, would you kiss him on a first date?
Esther: LOL No I won’t
Danny: Are you serious??? Thought you just said you loved him.
Esther: Hahaha doesn’t mean I’ll kiss him on the first date. There are other ways to show that.
Danny: Like what please?
Esther: LOL don’t know but I just won’t kiss him.
Danny: Wow! Ok then. How would you tell a friend of yours he/she has bad breath?
Esther: Straight up “you have bad breath”. I feel if he/she is a friend of mine he/she should understand and know it’s out of love.
Danny: Jezz! You’re really harsh.
Esther: LOL and after that I could suggest ways to dealing with bad breath.
Danny: Chai!!! Alright moving, how long does it take you to dress?
Esther: Hmmm depends on my mood, event or where I’m going. But ordinarily, give or take an hour if I’m not in a hurry.
Danny: An hour? What are you dressing in an hour?
Esther: LOL you have to pick the right clothes, make up, hair, shoes and bag and find a match you know…
Danny: Oh ladies… Thank God I’m a guy.
Esther: Hahaha
Danny: What do you think makes you attractive to the opposite sex?
Esther: Hmmm I think that would be my face.
Danny: Really? So you’re think you’re fine? LOL
Esther: Hahaha Danny?
Danny: LOL just joking tho but honestly I think there other things guys look at apart from your face.
Esther: Hmmm really…
Danny: Ok then. Now on to relationship, high school crush?
Esther: Hmmm I think that would be Favour Okonta. He was really cute, tall and light skinned and brother to my friend. Think I was in jss3 while he was in ss2 then. But it was just a low key kind of crush and we never dated at all.
Danny: Hmmm bad guy.
Esther: Hahaha
Danny: Now currently, are you in a relationship?
Esther: Hmmm no I’m not I’m single and not searching.
Danny: Ahh I thought you said your face was attractive?
Esther: LOL not everybody that comes your way will end up being your partner you know.
Danny: Ok you heard her guys so you can apply through me to her. The form is just N5000 only and who knows I could just put in a word for you to get Esther.
Esther: LOL no N5000 is too small makes it N20,000.
Danny: Ahh! nobody will buy I can assure you LOL
Esther: Hahahaha
Danny: Now rounding up, Your last words on the show or perhaps you have shout-outs you want to give.
Esther: Hmmm I want to give a shout-out to my bestie Uche Nnachi, also to my roomie Jammie the future optometrist and also to Danny world!!!
Danny: LOL ok then.
Esther: My last words on the show is that you should be yourself. Don’t allow anyone or situations make you change who you are just to impress others. Whoever loves you will love you for who you are.
Danny: Alright then. Esther, thanks for coming on he show today.
Esther: Thanks for having me Danny. Glad to be here.
Danny: Ok. So that’s the show for today and we’ll see you next time. Until then, this is Danny world.


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