I’ve often asked why watch when you can be watched? Why sit when you can walk? Why build the best when you can be the best? Why stop when you can run? Why settle for bronze when there is a gold? Why be good when you can be better? Why be among the ones when you can be the one? People are more comfortable being where they are than where they should be. Someone once said ‘we are like born eagles walking among chickens’ I say we’re like kings working among servants. Mediocrity is being comfortable with limits. Mediocrity is different from contentment. Contentment is being good with what you have knowing there is more and willing to possess. Mediocrity is knowing there is more and choosing to stay back. On a lighter note, it’s being a Ronaldo when you can be a Messi.

It’s just a little charge today, why be a mediocre? Get the best. Some would say they want to be like their parents when you should be better than your parents. Some would say ‘At least I’m not begging’ you’re better than that. Sometimes better is better than best why not keep pushing? You’re great, you were born great and you actually made for this. Be challenged but don’t be discouraged. Always desire to be better. There are no limits to what you can do or where you can be. You’re the best there is and the best there ever will be. Don’t be scared to make that jump. So stop being a mediocre! This is Danny world…

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