Sometimes we judge people based on one story we’ve heard about them. Sometimes we regard people based on what someone told us about them. Sometimes we picture people based on just one feature and conclude about them based on just that feature. We all make assumptions about things, people and nations even life. The question is how many of them are really true? How many of those assumptions really make up those people we talk about? Maybe we should bring the word to mind a bit. Assumptions are framed thoughts or ideas or beliefs that lacks validity. Assumptions are supposed facts awaiting proves. It’s judging before knowledge. Chimamanda Adiche said ‘don’t make one story the only story’ it means one story is not the whole story. It’s like the whites describing the blacks as people who are dull and full of darkness and lack. But does it actually mean all blacks are this way? It’s like you saying this guy knows and has nothing because he’s poor. Does it mean that guy doesn’t have something to offer because he’s poor? Ever thought that maybe that guy has great ideas but has no platform? Here is the truth, if you never give people a chance they will never get to see a chance.

Assumptions are probable which means it’s an incomplete information. They could be correct but not certain. They are facts subject to scrutiny. If a man lies to you today, does that make everything about that man a lie? It’s just a feature not all the features. You say you judge by what you see, well how about the things you do people never see and you always hope one day people would see that idea that will bring millions? The people you judge by what you see also want you to see what they have on the inside. Perhaps if you look beyond what you see your perceptions about them would change. They are as talented, smart, passionate, friendly, kind-hearted and full of ideas as you are so why judge them? Sometimes you need to be their pain to really feel their pain not just assume their pain from your stand point which is way less their pain. A man might be disabled physically but able to create the greatest ideas you’ve never imagined. Would you still call that man disabled?

Does it mean Ben Carson’s teacher was correct when she said Carson was too dull to even be in school? Or perhaps if she had seen him like his mom that Carson had a lot to offer, maybe her assumptions would have changed right? Today, Carson is one of the greatest neurosurgeons the world has ever seen. Some of us are like Carson’s teacher. Maybe if you saw Dangote 25 years ago with his cattles eating grasses, you would have assumed he’ll amount to nothing but today he’s worth over 16million dollars. Perhaps if you knew Oprah Winfrey 30 years back as a lady who was raped by her uncle at a young age, maybe you would have said she was going to amount to nothing because of what society would have tagged her as. Today, Oprah is worth over 2.7billion dollars. Question is who amounted to nothing? People may not look potential but potentials is a thing on the inside waiting for opportunity. Do not assume about people you just zoom so you see clearly what’s on the inside. Sometimes it’s good you play the devil’s advocate. See the best in people not the beast. This is Danny world…

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