A lot of people always ask the question when is the right time to be in a relationship? Some even ask if it’s right to be in a relationship at all? It’s a question I want to answer today. Now what people fail to see is that there is actually no right time for a relationship. Some say you have to be in your late 20’s before you can date anyone. The question is who made that rule? No one actually. Some just feel that’s when you’re matured enough to handle a relationship which is true to an extent. But then let me ask, since when did age become maturity? Maturity in this context is referring to experienced mentality.

Now an 18 year old could have this mentality cause he/she has experience and is able to understand a relationship better than a 29 year old who may never get this cause it’s his/her first time. Reason why you find a lot of people growing in their marriage. So now who is ‘matured’? The right time for a relationship is not a general question but a personal question you should ask yourself before making a decision. You don’t feel it’s the right time you know it’s the right time. Knowing it’s the right time means you’re ready to handle a relationship and what comes with it. It’s only right when you know it’s right.

Now I’m not saying dating at a certain age (late 20’s) is right or wrong all I’m saying is identifying for yourself when you’re ready makes the decision easy for you to make. Your relationship should have a reason no matter the time. Sometimes just because it feels, smells and taste nice doesn’t actually makes it nice you just have to make a decision whether to taste it or not and have a reason for it then it all makes sense. Suddenly, you don’t want to be in a relationship not because you feel you’re not in your late 20’s but because you know you’re not ready to take on a relationship.

Suddenly, you want to be in a relationship not just because you love this person but because you foresee a future with this person. Your reasons has to be genuine not vain reasons. Now you want to be in a relationship because you found a reason to be in one cause of this special person you’ve come to love so much. I want to be in a relationship cause I now know it’s the right time and how do I know it’s right? When I know I’m ready. Your reason should affect your readiness then your readiness should affect your knowledge which reveals your decision. So the question is not when is the right time? The question is when is it right for you? This is Danny world…

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