A good day to everyone and you’re welcome to Danny world. Today on hot topic, we’re gonna be looking at a very sensitive topic. Now helping people is a great thing cause then you’re seen as a hero but at what cost? So many people want to play the philanthropist all the time which is a good gesture but how far are they really willing to go to help these people becomes the big question today. In this case, the society forms the basis of your actions as someone who wants to help. Societal values are key especially in Africa but does societal values really matter when the lives are at stake? Oh well… The streets and orphanage homes are filled with kids who struggle to eat a meal a day or even have a comfortable place to lay their heads unlike you whose bed is cozy and even give your meals to dogs. Let’s suppose you want to help these kids and the only way you could raise sufficient funds is to go nude for charity. Would you do it and why? Would you consider what the society will say or consider the welfare of those helpless little kids? Would you go nude just for charity? That’s the topic for today and we wanna hear your thoughts on this one. What do you think? It’s a case of dignity against goodwill. Share your thoughts today on Danny world. Let’s talk.

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