It was a great year certainly in 2014 and it couldn’t be any better crossing over to the new year today. It’s great to be alive to witness it and certainly we’ll all see it to the end and many years to come by God’s grace. Now it’s that time of the year when everyone gets to map out how the year it’s gonna be like for them or what they intend to accomplish in the new year, resolutions the westerns would say. The new year comes with great feelings and aspirations and so we wanna know what your resolutions are. What do you plan to do this year? Is there one important thing you hope to achieve? It could be to make money or be recognized or to become a better person or worse or you could be looking at falling in love this year…yeah who knows. Anyway we just wanna know what your resolutions are for the year. Share with us right here on Danny world.

A happy new year to you from Danny world. Let’s talk.

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