Someone once said that the only way to get to the top is to keep climbing. They say it doesn’t matter how many times you fall what matters is how many times you get back on your feet. Life is full challenges, hardships, difficulties, struggles but in all these people still survive and make something out of themselves. Determination is key to survival and it starts from the mind. I should be able to psych myself and I say yes I can make it in life. God has given us everything we need to be successful in life everything we need to be great is inside us so if you’re not successful who would you blame? You or God? It’s like you having all the money in the world yet you’re still poor. It means you should check yourself. Life is a jungle everyone is fighting to survive. Sometimes what you say you become. Now if I can say to myself ‘I’m gonna make it no matter what’ it sticks and you see yourself start working towards it. If I must survive I must be ready to face any obstacle the jungle throws at me. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Imagine if Usain Bolt quit running at some point will we have known him today? Certainly not and so it is with other great people. Great men were not those who stopped moving but those never thought of stopping. It is only a dead man that doesn’t have hope cause he doesn’t have a future anymore only a man alive does. You’re not the first neither would you be the last to make it to the top so why not draw inspiration from others who have made it to the top so when you get there you can also be a source of inspiration to others. Making mistakes is inevitable but the only way we get better is if we learn from them. Self conviction is the key to succeed. I say hang in there cause in just a matter of time everything is gonna be okay. Obama always says ‘Yes we can yes we will’ that’s the true spirit of a survivor. I am a survivor are you?
This is Danny world…

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