A good day to everyone and you’re welcome to Danny world. Now today on the show we caught up with an inspiring young man I must say a great man which you would get to agree with me at the end of the show. He’s an undergraduate in one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria who I must say is purpose driven. Danny world caught up with MIRACLE ORIAFO. Danny had an interview with this young man and here is what he had to tell us right here on Danny world.

Danny: Hello everyone and you’re welcome to Danny world. With me today is a great man who will be speaking to us…I’m sure we’ll be learning a lot from him today. I have with me here MIRACLE ORIAFO! Introduce yourself please.
Miracle: Very quickly…My name is ORIAFO MIRACLE OSAMUDIAMEN pretty long though that’s African names for you, you have to carry all the names lol. A young student of the University of Benin, 100 level accounting and by God’s grace the class rep. The 5th born the last boy out of a family of 6, favorite color is red…
Danny: Red? Why red?
Miracle: When I was young I had this red toy car with the red light and everything so I just liked the color. I think that’s about basic introduction any other thing you’ll get to know in the course of the show.
Danny: Alright..so in case y’all wanna get him something make sure it’s red ladies especially.
Miracle: Lol.
Danny: Anyway…So how has school been like for you?
Miracle: I(‘s just been God’s grace. I finished secondary school in 2010 as a science student so changing to social sciences was quite challenging but I’ve always wanted to be an accountant but parents and stuffs…but now I’m here. It’s not been all smooth but it’s just been God.
Danny: Hmm it’s been God… Friends? Have you made a lot of friends so far?
Miracle: Naturally I don’t move with a lo of people…so I prayed to God to connect me with the right set of people. Now being a class rep I meet a lot of people but among them tþI have just a few not sure they are up to 10 that I move with.
Danny: Oh hope I’m among those few?
Miracle: Of course lol Danny world
Danny: Lol ah thank God. Do you get angry?
Miracle: I hardly get angry I used to get angry after sometime I told God I don’t want to be angry cause if you see Miracle angry you won’t like me at all. So now what I do, when someone does something bad. I say to the person I’m happy with what you did and we move on. Anger tends to shift you away from people. Before now I do get angry, but now as a child of God anger is not supposed to be part of you.
Danny: Hmmm. What happened the last time you got angry?
Miracle: Hmmm the last time I got angry I fought with my elder brother. I think that day we were going to church and then he said something in the car and I replied him and then we got out of the car…we had a physical combat. I hated oppression.
Danny: Do you regret it?
Miracle: Yes I really do cause it was a trivial issue
Danny: I like the fact that you’re being honest with it. Most people will just cover it all up and then you’re amazed at their next line of action.
Miracle: Yeah
Danny: Your hobbies?
Miracle: I love running, playing video games
Danny: So you could challenge me at Playstation 2?
Miracle: I’ll tale you down LOL. I could use Chelsea or Real Madrid.
Danny: After the show we’ll see about that lol.
Miracle: I love music good music which makes sense. I’m into gospel rap myself so if you need my songs you could holla at me. I also love to preach the word of God and also inspiring young people.
Danny: Your social life especially with the females?
Miracle I have a very good social life. As for the ladies, I take all the ladies as my friends and sisters and I treat them like my only sister LOL.
Danny: Hmmm ok oo. If you were to be an animal which would you be?
Miracle: A Lion
Danny: Why a Lion?
Miracle: No matter how hungry a lion is it can’t grass. When a Lion roars in the morning all animals take off cause of what he has inside… I’m a Lion LOL.
Danny: I thought you were gonna say a tortoise or something but it alright. Which country would you love to visit?
Miracle: Israel
Danny: Israel? Really? Why Israel?
Miracle: I would love to see where Jesus passed through and touch them. That feeling that yeah Jesus was here…
Danny: Hmmm ok. Who is your role model?
Miracle: There are a lot of them but there is just one. A lot of persons do not know him his name is Bishop Dr Gordon Osagiede late though he was the founder of Spirit and Life Bible Church. I like him for his courage he had doing God’s work. A host of others like Martin Luther King who stood for what is right just like me.
Danny: Alright then. The happiest day in your life?
Miracle: In JSS 1, when I had 14A’s and a B. When I got home that day I felt like a god. My dad was very happy calling me master A. At that point, anything you ask for it’s given to you…yeah that was the happiest day in my life.
Danny: Hmmm. Supposing you want to get into a relationship or get married now. What’s your dream girl like?
Miracle: A virtuous woman a woman who knows her worth and women like this are in short supply. A woman of excellence who knows where she’s going who has a vision that matches my vision. A lot of young persons don’t know this. Someone who knows how to build a home.
Danny: Sorry ladies but if you aint got all these then Miracle is not looking your way LOL
Miracle: Lol such women are rare that’s why the bible says a he who finds a wife finds a good thing.
Danny: So you’ve found one?
Miracle: LOL Maybe I have…No I have not found one yet. Right now I’m not in a relationship. There is a level I need to get myself to before I get into a relationship. I don’t want a variable I want a constant that applies to my formula.
Danny: hmmm oshe! He’s taking the show away from me right now
Miracle: Nooo Lol
Danny: Are you a football fan?
Miracle: Yes I love football so much. Always wanted to play football right from time I was actually working towards making it a career until I broke my leg.
Danny: A fan of what club?
Miracle: Chelsea!!!
Danny: Now we have beef cause I’m a Barcelona fan and I don’t like Chelsea.
Miracle: Actually I like Barcelona cause of Lionel Messi.
Danny: Where do you see yourself in 7 years?
Miracle: In 7 years, I should be married. I see myself impacting lives making changes. Helping people find their purpose in life cause most people don’t know their purpose…
Danny: Now last words to those listening to you.
Miracle: You were born poor doesn’t mean you were born to be poor. I used to live in GRA then lost my dad and things changed and we ended up in the village but I always held on to the fact that I had a purpose in life so I never stopped believing. No matter your background you can make it in life. Find your purpose…
Danny: Wow…Sorry about your dad though.
Miracle: Yeah
Danny: Now on that note we’ve come to the end of the show. Miracle thanks for coming on the show.
Miracle: Thank you very much Danny. And I must say this is very encouraging and I pray someone out there will support something like this. Thank you so much.
Danny: Alright that’s the show for today. Join us again next time. Goodbye.

Wow that was Miracle who spoke to us on the show and now I’m sure you agree with me now when I say he’s a great man. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from him today. In case you want to be on the show like Miracle contact Danny. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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