Ideally, relationships can become the most beautiful thing a couple can experience but in reality humans have made relationships look like a burden. Sometimes we humans constitute problems for ourselves which affects most of our endeavours. Relationships is all sweet and nice at first until the problems begin to set in then you begin to see true colours. Now these problems will show because you’re dealing with humans who are very unpredictable. You could think you know all about someone and the next minute you can’t even imagine the person’s next line of action. Sometimes a relationship is going all good and then one party begins to feel insecure. Insecurity is major problem couples constitute for themselves in a relationship. All of a sudden one party becomes afraid of losing the other. All of sudden you can’t leave him with a woman for 5 seconds. All of sudden you think his late nights is with some lady. All of sudden you just think she’s cheating on you with her handsome boss in the office. You begin to ask questions like what if? Where? Why not? How? such suspicious questions which at the end of the day may not mean anything instead they harm your relationship more. I define insecurity as an imagined sense of fear of losing a possession. Our minds become clouded by thoughts that most times are unreal. Insecurity leads to so many problems in relationships cause it creates problems where there is none. Trust becomes lacking between couples and so many other problems which Danny would be reviewing today on Danny world. We’re gonna be looking at insecurity in relationships, how it has affected our relationships and how we can resolve these problems.

Here is what insecurity leads to in relationships. Insecurity has caused so many problems in our relationships and here are five (5) major problems.
1. LACK OF TRUST: Insecurity itself is lack of trust and when one party begins to doubt the other then there is a crack. Trust is one vital pillar of a relationship and once that pillar is cut down then everything comes crashing down. By the time you begin to question your partner’s faithfulness that itself creates room for other problems to creep in thick and fast.

2. CONFLICTS: Since trust is non-existent the couples begin to disagree on so many things that usually wouldn’t be. The man is angry the woman maybe cheating on him and the woman on the other hand is angry her man doesn’t trust her. Suddenly, you guys don’t wanna be around each other anymore cause you’ll always end up arguing.

3. COMMUNICATION DROPS: They don’t wanna talk about it which actually is where the solution lies. They fail to talk about it cause they are angry. There is no interest in having a conversation with your partner anymore and this most times is the mother of so many problems in our relationships cause communication is pivotal.

4. SEEKS ATTENTION SOMEWHERE ELSE: Now he’s no longer speaking to his woman and perhaps his secretary or some pretty lady in the office is giving him that attention he needs at the point. Someone is now doing the talking which is not supposed to be. This is what leads to cheating at the end of day cause your thoughts have led to you pushing your partner into a park of wolves. Now all of sudden, this new lady in office is looking more attractive and welcoming to your man cause you as his woman no longer smiles at home cause you’re angry. The little kisses here and there is gone and some lady in the office is giving him that smile which makes even crave for more. Now tell me how he’s not going to end up in her bed? Yes it will happen like it or not. Now what you think you’re avoiding happens in your face because you allowed your thoughts cloud your judgments and now you’ve become your own predicament.

5. DISSOLUTION: Now how do you expect such relationship to stand after so many problems as these. Now there is no trust, no communication and now cheating itself. All because of one thought called insecurity you’ve lost everything.

Now you could see one thing led to something else and bang! your relationship is off the table. Now there is only a solution to insecurity. Apart from you choosing not to act on your imagined thoughts, one thing you need to do like I said earlier is to communicate. Talk to your spouse let them know what you feel, make them feel your joy and sadness that way you’re bonding and mending hearts together. Relationship is two working as one so tell me how can you work as one when you don’t even talk? It can’t work. Communicates builds trust in your relationship cause you can now tell him or her anything at all. This is how you resolve insecurity in relationships. Take that from Danny tonight.

Now I hope you’ve learned a thing or two today from the topic. Perhaps you’re having issues like this in your relationship now you know what to do. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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