The words we speak are powerful they bring about change to our lives positive or negative. Words are like arrows wherever you direct them that’s where they go. Words have a way of changing our thoughts words go a long way in identifying us. What we say to people could either lift one’s spirit or demoralize that person totally. When someone says something to you it’s up to you to either take it or leave it. Now most of the time the words that people speak to us are words of discouragement nothing inspiring. The naysayers will always pop up to kill that zeal you have in you just to bring you down. They always have something negative to say to you anytime you come up with an innovation. The naysayers never sees anything good about your ideas. They are always reminding you of how shallow or lame your ideas are, how you may never get to where you’re going, how you may just be wasting time, always bringing out your weak spots all just to bring you down. The naysayers actually don’t bring up anything better all they do is to just sit there run down people’s ideas. Some words said to you could even make you want to give it all up. Most times the people around us constitute themselves to be the naysayers but the question is how do I get rid of the naysayers? Perhaps you are having troubles coping with people who just consciously downplay your ideas all the time. Here is how you can conquer such people in your life. Here is Danny’s five (5) rules on how to conquer the naysayers. Read closely down here.

I’m gonna break it down piece by piece right here. Here is what you do:
1. YOUR IDEA IS GREAT: Many a time, we doubt ourselves even before the naysayers comes along. First of all, believe your idea is great and it’s gonna come out great. When you know your idea is great then nothing stops greatness. The idea is an asset, putting it to work is an investment and the reward is greatness. That’s the first step to conquering the naysayers.

2. NEVER LISTEN: Sometimes we make the mistake of even hearing those words in the first instance. See their words as noise you know like some form of distraction. If something is gonna benefit you why go into it? So it is with the naysayers. Those words do not benefit your life so why listen to them?

3. DISASSOCIATION: Now there are some naysayers that just doesn’t know when to stop. I say cut off completely cause if you don’t you’re always gonna keep getting hurt by his/her words. Such people ruin you at the end of the day. My advice; please stay away from them.

4. LIKE MINDS: Associate yourself with like minds people who you share the same interest with. People who will nurture your idea bring it to perfection.

5. FOCUS: In everything you do, don’t lose focus. This is the most important rule of all. When you lose focus everything comes crashing down. Gaze on!

And those are the Danny’s five (5) rules to conquering the naysayers. So next time they come up you know what to do. Just remember that you life is not revolved around people you’re revolved around yourself and so whatever choice you make is on you. So what’s your choice? Would you rather allow people bring down greatness or stand firm and hold on to that greatness until it glows? It’s your call. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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