Hey guys you’re welcome to Danny world and on the show today we have a guest. A bright young lady who I must say I admire her strength psychologically speaking now. She is a student of the great university of Benin in Nigeria currently studying accounting. Danny world caught up with her and here is what this beautiful young lady had to say us.

Danny: So Amaka you’re welcome to Danny world.
Amaka: Thank you Danny
Danny: So Amaka tell us a bit about yourself.
Amaka: Hmmm ok. I’m Amaka, I’m pretty, dark, friendly to friendly people and very rude to rude people and oh I’m intelligent.
Danny: Wow that’s some traits you’ve got there lol
Amaka: Yeah lol
Danny: So Amaka you’re a student of the University of Benin?
Amaka: Yes
Danny: What level please?
Amaka: Accounting 100
Danny: Wow so how has school been like for you so far?
Amaka: School has been fun, challenging, a whole new set of people, a new environment. Most of the things I saw in secondary school I met here but more complex this time. I just thank God anyway. I’ve been able to survive till now and I know I will continue to survive.
Danny: Hmmm do you miss secondary school?
Amaka: Nooooooo
Danny: Why???
Amaka: I don’t’ miss anything about my secondary school maybe the fun and friends… In secondary school you had time of course you had to go to classes whether you like it or not but it was just different…childish I guess.
Danny: You had bad experiences?
Amaka: No, no bad experience I’m a good girl lolz
Danny: Hmmm I want to believe that lol
Amaka: Lol
Danny: So how would you rate then (secondary school) and now in the university? Is it better or just worse?
Amaka: Hmm…Let’s just say UNIBEN has shaped and formed me, made me someone better, it has made me to understand different things about life, made me realize not everybody are the same cause in secondary school it was to get first position beating the next person to it but here it’s just about you and your grades not caring about the next. I’ve learned to care about other people and realized it doesn’t matter what people say what you do is what you’re comfortable with. You’re allowed to listen to advise but not do something cause someone just said so. So secondary school and now? I prefer now.
Danny: Hmm she prefers now
Amaka: Lol
Danny: Have you made true friends since you got in? Who is a true friend to you?
Amaka: So far, I believe I’ve made true friends. I’ve gone through some moments in my life lost my dad…had some challenges since last semester and had some people who has always been there for me non stop. To me a true friend is someone who is always there who would go to any length to see you happy one who shares your pain and joy and believe you me I have those people. I just thank God I met the right people I hang out with the right set of people.
Danny: I hope I’m among those people?
Amaka: Yes of course lolz
Danny: You say something about losing your dad? How did you deal with it?
Amaka: Hmmm. At first I didn’t accept I. It was all like some dream to me. They told my cousin to come get me from school to come home. From her whole reaction I just knew something was wrong. I got into the house I saw my family members extended family, people I hadn’t seen in years and then I saw my mum and she told me they lost my father that morning at about 6am. Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked cause to me he had gone to rest cause he suffered a lot cause he was really ill. I just had to be strong for my mum and my younger ones and seeing my younger ones reaction I just had to be strong. When I came back to school, I was able to accept what had happened I had my own share of the emotions and all that but thank God for his grace and my friends. I accepted that this is how life is going to be from now on.
Danny: Strong girl I must say.
Amaka: Lolz yeah
Danny: Cause I wouldn’t know how I would have dealt with it if it happened to be me.
Amaka: Yeah
Danny: Anyway let’s just get passed that. So Amaka is number what in the family?
Amaka: I’m the first child.
Danny: Wow that’s nice
Amaka: I’ve got three younger ones. Two guys and a girl.
Danny: Lots of responsibilities on your shoulders I must say.
Amaka: Yeah exactly everyone is looking up to you this is what you’re supposed to do, come out with first class and all that…I really thank God for my mum she’s doing her best to make sure I lack nothing and I’m also doing my best to make sure I don’t fail her. All three of my younger ones are in secondary school and right from time I’ve set this pace for them to follow you know setting this bar for them reach for them to know that to nothing comes easy in life you’ve got to work hard not easy though but it’s fun.
Danny: Yeah I can attest to that myself being number one too.
Amaka: Lol yeah
Danny: Let’s go a bit personal right now
Amaka: Hmmm lol
Danny: Yeah… Does Amaka have a boyfriend?
Amaka: Hmm Yes.
Danny: Obviously…
Amaka: Lol yeah obviously
Danny: Who is your dream kind of guy? Or is your boyfriend your dream guy? Tell us
Amaka: Hmm my dream guy? Yeah I would say my boyfriend is my dream guy.
Danny: So describe him
Amaka: The dream guy or the boyfriend?
Danny: The dream guy and the boyfriend
Amaka: Lolz…Ok my dream guy must be tall, dark, handsome, caring, smart.
Danny: Hmm just that
Amaka: Yeah someone who knows how to treat a woman right a person who never raise his hands to beat a woman for any reason. One knows what to do, when to do and how to do it. That’s my dream guy.
Danny: Hmmm so y’all heard her so guys. So if you want to be Amaka’s dream guy just apply the form is 3000 naira only.
Amaka: Hahahaaha
Danny: Wow Amaka I had a nice time talking to you. Thanks for coming on the show.
Amaka: Yes thanks for having me on the show.
Danny: Thanks for coming on Danny world
Amaka: Thanks for having me on Danny world.

Wow so that was Amaka. I hope you learned a lot from what she said to us today. If you want you an interview with Danny you want your story to be on the blog, get to talk to Danny on his social media platforms on twitter, facebook, gmail and so on. This is Danny world we’re sharing we’re learning and we’re talking…

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