Now it’s a new segment on Danny world we’re gonna be doing much of this hopefully. Now Danny had a little chat with a bright young man and trust me he had a lot to say to us. A student of the great university of Benin in Nigeria studying accounting. He’s 19 and he loves music and the ladies. This fun looking guy had a very sad story to tell us which changed his life. Here is Osaide’s interview with Danny and this is what he had to say.

Danny: I have with me here, Osaide Abumwenre.. I got the name right yeah?
Osaide: lolz yeah
Danny: Tell us about yourself in a bit
Osaide: I’m 19, love music, a student of Uniben, very social person…
Danny: Now my first question is this. How has been like for you in school? Coping with a new environment and all that.
Osaide: Hmmm I wouldn’t say it was difficult for me to cope cause my secondary school was in campus so it was kinda easy for me to click in. Maybe not everything but yeah I think I’m coping a lot.
Danny: oh ok. How have you found studies generally?
Osaide: Hmmm I wouldn’t say it’s been difficulty. For me, I think your level of readiness to learn then studies become easy for you.
Danny: Accounting right?
Osaide: Yeah accounting. Funny enough I was a science student in secondary school but later got convinced by my dad to apply for accounting.
Danny: wow but you’re happy with the course right?
Osaide: Yeah very much happy
Danny: Have you made friends? I mean not just the ladies now I’m talking generally now.
Osaide: Lol the ladies are involved definitely. Making friends is not difficult for me. I like people who accept me for who I am and those people are my friends.
Danny: Especially the ladies
Osaide: Yeah especially the ladies. It’s probably a God given talent.
Danny: hmmm alright then. You talked about your dad earlier on. He died when you got into the university. How did you deal with his death? How was it like for you psychologically?
Osaide: Wow my dad? My dad was a great man indeed. Overcoming his death wasn’t easy for me I must say but then I just had to be strong especially for my mum. She actually was strong all the way and that gave me the courage to face it head on. It’s just God though it’s just him.
Danny: wow a strong man I must say. I hope you guys learned from that. Sometimes I wonder how you do it..
Osaide: Yeah surprised I’m not gloomy or sad about my dad’s death. Like I said had to be strong for my mum and sisters too.
Danny: Very well then. Where do you see yourself in the next 7years?
Osaide: wow 7years from now? Hmmm
Danny: Married?
Osaide: Lolz nah. After I’m done with school then maybe music for me. But I want the world to know me I want to make an impact I want to be help to people and I should be able to that in 7years time.
Danny: hmmm. My last question for the day is this. Is Osaide in a relationship?
Osaide: No I’m not in a relationship
Danny: A crush?
Osaide: Yes I have a crush
Danny: Lolz there is always a woman
Osaide: Yeah there is.
Danny: So one last word to your people out there.
Osaide: Always listen to your parents whatever they tell you. Love and relationships will come. Your studies should be number two priority and God the first.
Danny: Yo heard! Thanks Osaide for honoring this interview
Osaide: You’re welcome I’m also glad for being on the Danny world.
Danny: Thank you very much.

Wow I hope you learned one or two from that chat with Osaide. A very interesting chat I must say right here. Now if you want your story to be on Danny world or an interview just like Osaide’s, then contact Danny on his social media platforms and who knows your story could just be on the blog. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk…

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