Now I’ve heard people talk about ‘soulmate’ and they actually don’t know what the word is all about. For some they just hard the word and it sounds nice to them and they just seem to pop it up anytime it involves a girl and a guy. Nah a soulmate is more than just that. Now for us to look at what the word means, we must first define who a soulmate is? Now a soulmate is that special someone practically takes your breath away at sight. A soulmate is that someone who you always want to be around with one whose impact is felt deeply when he/she isn’t around. A soulmate is that one who you always think of before going to sleep and the one who is on your mind the next morning. A soulmate is that one who understands you who is always there one who sees your thoughts one who strengthens your weakness. That special someone is keeps you smiling at your phone one who makes you feel safe one who you can be crazy and disorganised with and it still looks cool. A soulmate is one who has got your button a special kind of connection. A soulmate is not just anyone a soulmate is the one. A soulmate is not just a bond but a bond bound by infinity. Now you’re like are they really people like that? Oh yes there are people like that. Like they say ‘you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist’
Now you know who a soulmate is so next time when you use the word know the weight. Now here is the big question Danny is gonna be leaving you with today; the question is have you found yours?

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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