Ever wondered why sometimes you’re just quiet you don’t know why. I mean you’ve got no reason to be quiet but you just are not talking. Sometimes you’re like that and people close to you get to ask you why and you say nothing just to keep them from asking. Now it’s not that nothing is wrong with you or something is not wrong with you, it means that at that point you’ve got nothing to say not that you don’t know what to say. Sometimes you could also be in a bad mood and choose not to talk so you don’t hurt the next person or persons with your response. Many at times, we’re so happy we can’t even explain that kind of happiness where you’re so full you don’t even know what to say you’re just short of words. We’re going to be looking at what we say today and how it affects the next person to you. Now here is how it goes.

The words we speak shows or represents our kind of person. Your words shows whether you’re funny, calculated, carefree, shallow, reserved and so on. Now they are some people who talk a lot and don’t care what others think or even themselves reflect on what they just said. They are some who weigh their words before they speak. Now where there becomes a problem is when you do it in excess. Sometimes you talk too much you begin to say nothing cause actually what you’re saying makes no sense anymore. Sometimes the people you’re actually think you’re talking begin to question your sanity cause your words are no longer coherent. For people who weigh their words so much that anything you say in their presence must also be weighed. Such people tend to read meaning to everything people say around them and then suddenly people begin to feel uncomfortable around them. Different strokes for different folks but when we are able to discern on what to do or say at the right time and for the right reasons makes us wise.

Now looking at another scenerio, you’re hurt and you just can’t keep it in and you just pour it all out on people around you. It’s called transfer of aggression and suddenly everyone begins to keep their distance so they don’t get the angry face or tone. Those kind of people don’t know how to keep it in and saying expressing their feelings makes them feel free even at the expense of others. Now a man who had a rough day in the office comes home late into the night with a hardened face and nothing the wife or children do excites him instead it’s an avenue for him to take a swipe at them. Now for some people, they’ve learned how to keep it in cause they are conscious of how the next person is gonna feel. For those kind of people keeping quiet is the only way they don’t get to create more problems. At that point, they’ve got a lot to say but going about how to say it is a problem. Sometimes it’s just their make up other times they just don’t want to hurt people with what their mood. This is why a guy is angry and he’s just mute you can’t seem place the cause. Now being able to discern properly when to speak and when not to speak especially when we’re angry goes a long way in our relationships.

Now in everything being moderate is the best advice I have for you today. What we say or not say gives us our personality. Bottom line is know what to say when to say it and how to say it. This is Danny world.

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