Someone once asked that ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’ I’m sure everyone of us have asked that question before. Sorry to burst your bubble but good and evil were meant to be in this world. If everyone were no bad people how will the good ones be picked out. If there was no trouble there wouldn’t be a hero. Now it’s up to you to decide which side you want to tint towards. Good or bad or both? When we’re done with this topic I’m sure you’ll know which one to choose. Today we’re going to be looking at good deeds steps, advantages and disadvantages of being good, various kinds of good deeds and how it can change lives. Sounds interesting right? Well I guess you’ll just have to keep scrolling down.

First of, you ask why do people even do good? Or why do you do good? We do good because naturally we are good but environmental changes have made some people bad. Picture this; if you were made in God’s image and God is good then what are you then? It means you’re good. Being good is for its own sake. You don’t do good because your parents said so or because you want some kind of respect or recognition but you do good because it’s what you believe in. Do what makes you a good person on your own terms. Some people try to avoid bad things and say yes they are good. That’s a wrong notion cause for you to be good you’ve gotta first do good things cause that’s what counts at the end of the day.

One good thing about being good is that people love you. A good person is never shot of love from people. When people love you it makes thongs easier for you cause then you don’t get to ask for help before you get one or crave for association cause people just like you. When you’re good your life is made easier cause you’ve got no one you’re hiding from like the bad guys do. You’ve got peace of mind cause you’ve got no enemies.

Another reason why you should do good is because someone out there is watching. You may not know but there is always someone who is always on the look out for how you behave or react to certain situations. Do you want to be a role model to that person someone who they look up to? Or do you want to be someone who because your bad person affect a life negatively? Well I would love to be a role model. Also, when you are good success is inevitable. Bad people are not successful they are only noticed not even for the right reasons. True success comes when that thing you do affect peoples lives positively. You see a bad guy is rich but no one wants to be like him but when a good guy is rich everyone wants to be like him. That’s true success so that when you’re gone someday your impact will be felt.

Love, care, affection, friendship, kindness, meekness, trustworthiness and all that are good things. Like they say learn to strike a balance so you don’t played for a fool. Sometimes when you’re too good people will try to misuse that privilege that’s where self principles comes into play where you’ve gotta set some boundaries. As much as you always want to give people the benefit of a doubt, we should learn to apply some level of restrictions so we don’t fall into wrong hands.

How do you want to be seen when you’re gone? What do you want people to say about you? If you want people to feel your void when you’re be good. It pays to be good. A life without impact is like a car without wheels it’s motionless you can’t attain success that way. So when next someone ask why do bad things happen to good people? Tell them it’s because the world doesn’t deserve such good people and that’s why God took them. This is Danny world we’re talking we’re sharing and we’re learning. Your take on this?

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