Life presents to us good moments and bad ones as well but people tend to focus more on the bad moments than the good ones. It’s a mistake most of us make and it hampers us from moving on. You’re alive today people don’t see it as anything but when at 30 you’re not married you now say God doesn’t want to give you one. People only remember God when trouble comes but regard the little things God does as minimal meanwhile that’s the greatest gift. We worry about our challenges and forget you’re still alive and he who is alive has hope.

Those things that make us happy should be in our hearts always rather it’s sad situations that crowd our thinking. We should be grateful in little so that greater things can come to us. Oh I’m 30 and I’ve still haven’t got a job whereas some people are not even alive to look for job. As much as we haven’t seen what we want yet we should appreciate what we have. Someone once said ‘The problem is not the problem the problem is your perception of the problem’ how you see things affect your decisions in life. When things are not going your way learn to remind yourself that it’s a step you’ve taken and it failed doesn’t mean it’s over. When there is life there is hope so while not appreciate God that you’re alive and still able to fight. Think about it. Take that from Danny today.

This is Danny world and we talk.

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