Please Lie To Me… | Ep. 134

In this episode, the duo returns to the studio this week to discuss the controversial question “Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?” sparking an even bigger debate on “When Are Lies Okay?” in our interactions with friends, partners, and families. The duo poke the idea that people don’t always want the truth, we cover circumstances under which it’s okay to tell a lie, when telling the truth becomes selfish, and when the truth or lie can save or make a relationship + MORE. On Nana’s Corner, we highlight The Met Gala, the Ed Sheeran case, the Writers Guild strike and more in Hollywood this week. Enjoy the episode!


Episode’s Songs: Nicki Minaj Ft. Skylar Grey – Bed of Lies & Khalid Ft. Normani – Love Lies

Song Intro: Kizz Daniel – Lie

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