Brand new septet titled”Trapped” is one captivating read. Enjoy!


How long will I remain in the shadows?
How far can I carry on this charade?
How long will I continue to stare at you in another’s arms?
How much more hurt can my heart take?
Maybe we’re bound to be this way even though clearly, we could be more
Maybe love is not for the faint hearted after all because diction fails me every time am around you
Or maybe loving you is catching the wind

I wanna break out but am trapped!
I’m losing my mind between these walls
But I couldn’t break them because they’d break me
My heart aches knowing I can’t be your heartbeat
My head aches from this pulsation surging through my body
But these walls have become our obstruction
I want to be with you on the other side but I fear I may be our destruction

If staring into those beautiful eyes was an entrapment, I want to be your prisoner
Your dark eyes have got me hooked but you barely see me looking
You say we couldn’t be more but I feel every inch in your body cringe every time we touch
Why do I feel your heart racing every time I wrap arms around you?
You say it’s forbidden yet it feels like Eden
You say we’re not compatible even though together we’re unstoppable
You say you don’t feel the same yet we’re the same

I wanna break out but am trapped!
Furious, frustrated and broken by your blurred lines
Ensued in rage, I slam the door behind me only to figure I miss you before stepping on the threshold
How can I be everything you want but not what you need?
How can I be a piece when all I want to be is the puzzle?
Perhaps am just that dream that never makes reality
Or maybe loving you is growing leaves in weeds

Every day I watch you give your heart to scums undeserving of your time, thoughts and tears
And as a friend, forced to pick up the pieces of a broken heart when all I want to do is be the reason it never falls again
Why dine with the crumbs when dinner’s been served?
Why glean for love when it’s standing right in front of you?
Lost in those pulsating eyes wishing you could see my bliss
And that radiant smile, brightens the clouds like the sun
But breaking these walls would be kissing the valley, so I cringe, hiding my heart in the dark

I want to hold you but my hands are tied
I want to walk up to you but my feet are cold
I want to touch you but you’re beyond my reach
I want to talk to you but my lips are zipped
I want to see you every day but clearly we can’t see each other
I want to seek you even when you’re not hiding
I wanna break out but am trapped!

I see the steel in your heart, Fearless
I bask in the glow in your smile, Effortless
Your ravishing beauty, Flawless
Amazed by your wit, Speechless
Trapped in the solace in your eyes, Boundless
And every moment with you is as a pearl, Priceless
But in the end, these words will forever remain pregnant to your ears, Birthless



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