A man once said that humans are never satisfied cause their needs are innumerable. Quite right he was. We want to attain the highest social and economic status there is. Sometimes we end up wanting what we don’t need or chasing after what we could never catch.

You want to be the manager at work but when you eventually get there, you begin to wonder whether you’d made the right choice. Today, you want the summer so bad but when it shows up, you can’t wait for the winter. Question is, what did you really want at first?


People differ as do their choices and needs. It’s ironic how we fight so much for our dreams and never really appreciate them when they become a reality.

We think we know what’s best for us every time but figure we don’t even know what’s good for us cause we now crave something better. We paint the most perfect pictures in our heads but realize it’s a totally different ball game in the real world.

A man wanted to be lawyer so bad it spurred him to go through law school despite the hurdles he encountered. He’s aspired to be a lawyer since he was 10. Today, he is a certified lawyer who is not happy with his job. It begs the question, why?

One would think that such a childhood dream should be celebrated everyday once achieved. I thought being a lawyer was all he wanted to be and nothing else or more as it were. So why isn’t he satisfied? Or have a feel of fulfillment?

It tells you that a man’s sole wish is MORE not ENOUGH. He doesn’t just want to have what’s enough or required for a period but more of everything at all times. It means we don’t really want what we think we want but more of what we think we don’t have.

Truth is, we’ve all got somewhere we want to be. You think where you are is not where you’re supposed to be but forget sometimes where you are is where you need to be to get to where you want to be.

The Lion is king of the jungle yet he still runs after game to survive. One would think that as a king, everything is supposed to be on a platter. It tells you that even Kings are not satisfied with the throne.

In the end, it begs the question, what do we really want? The answer to that is SATISFACTION. It’s all we want but already have, still we keep looking for it and hoping that one day we’d find satisfaction. It’s our blindspot. We can’t see but it’s right in front of us.

We think we want satisfaction but what we really want is more. It’s never enough. It’s all shadows why chase it? Today, you want to earn six figures and the next day it’s nine. Yesterday, I wasn’t married and I felt miserable but today I’m married yet there’s still that hollow.

What could have gone wrong? We must understand that true satisfaction is not a dream to be chased but a reality to be embraced. The fact that you are alive and well is a gem of inestimable value and one to be grateful for.

True satisfaction is not in the wealth garnered but wealth given. And the greatest wealth given to man is LIFE. Life is all you need to be satisfied and happy. The satisfaction you seek is only a means to sustaining what’s already been given.

Truth is, you may never really attain that satisfaction you desire from life because there is always more. Suffice to say that we’re all Oliver Twists cause it’s never enough. Life’s short so make the best out it and be happy while at it.

Don’t chase dead ends rather affect lives as much as you can and make people as happy as you are. Those dreams are not gonna bring you satisfaction rather more dreams. Dwell on that for a sec. This is Danny world…

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