Experience, they say is the best form of learning. Only an ignorant man would argue otherwise. If you’ve never been through what a man has, don’t think you know better. A lot of us are quick to delve into matters we have little or no idea about cause we want to prove a point or be heard.

Some think experience is not necessary when you have knowledge. Some think people who went through an experience [terrible most times], went through them because they didn’t have the right information. Fact is, some experiences are inescapable if you want to grow however terrible.

Sometimes we think we’ve come to know so much that we don’t need any more lessons. We become our best teacher. We think we’ve outgrown certain stages or events in our lives only to find out we knew nothing after all.

Fact is, life will forever remain our faceless coach. She is dynamic in her approach. She is subtle with lessons but ruthless with consequences. A man who is ignorant of her lessons get entrapped in her chains.

Sometimes we go through some situations not because we asked for them or not, but because they’re necessary for our growth. Knowledge will inform you but experience will make you. While a man may know how a thing works, another understands it.

It is believed that a man who has been through what you’ve been through can pull you out of that situation. The other can only suggest ideas he thinks might work out for you. Stats show that people tend to tilt towards those they share similar experiences with.

At some point in your life, you’ve gotta be ready to take on challenge however enormous or uphill they may seem. Sometimes, until you’re stretched beyond your limits, you’re not aware of how much you can take and how tough you can be when the occasion demands.

There is never too much information. There is also never too much experience. It’s never too much. It gives room for much greater learning and exposure. In the final analysis, don’t just know it, have a feel of it. Knowing is just a guideline but experience is the rule itself. Understand the rationale behind the rule and then the rule becomes easy to follow. This is Danny world…


  1. Nice piece. Lemme just say my view on this article too. Experience is the best teacher but it doesn’t have to be your own experience. You can learn from people’s experience. Drive and hunger for knowledge is important because it is through it we get to know how to avoid mistakes of the past made by others. For example some had the experience of being burnt in fire. It will be foolishness for me not to accept that knowledge but rather say lemme go and really experience by myself if fire really burns or lemme go and slap soldier to know if he will just walk away๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚.Am not trying to debug the claim that experience is the best teacher which will be wrong, I like to say that experience is the best teacher but you don’t have to always be the one who had the experience. Learn from others’ experience though we personally will have to face some personally peculiar experiences because we cannot know everything, most wrong decisions could be avoided if we always ask this question “When so so and so took this decision what did so so and so get back?” This is important because most of our experiences are outcomes of our decisions. So I feel we should be so consciously committed to learning on a continuous basis thereby laying up knowledge.Prov.10:14.The knowledge you acquire today may look currently unnecessary but its gonna be needed someday that’s why laying up of knowledge or acquiring knowledge is important. Just my view anyway. Thumb ๐Ÿ‘ @ Danny world.


  2. nice one Danny and I agree with osazemi,not all experiences have to be mine.I think hearing other experience make up a level of knowledge we need.!


  3. Thank you Mariane. I’d say this, the view from the outside is really not the case on the inside. When the going gets tough, what you know may become abstract and your only ally is instincts. And instincts, are not always right but that’s where your experience starts cause it’s different from what you knew and that’s where you begin to learn. Think about that for a second. Quality contributions guys. Appreciate y’all. Keep them coming.


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