People get scared of lone time. People get frightened when they’re by themselves. Sometimes our thoughts become so scary we fear it’s gonna drown us. A man’s thought could be a hell hole that torments every fibre of his being. Stats reveal that thoughts are a man’s greatest rival. When a man becomes scared of his own thoughts, he loses his identity cause he eventually adopt people’s thoughts.

A man who is scared always crave to be in the presence of people cause he doesn’t want to be cringed by the danger of his own thoughts. It is believed that there is confidence in numbers and so if a man can’t deal with his fears alone, he hides in the crowd. The same goes for a man’s thoughts. He could be so scared of his thoughts and so being alone is never an option cause he fears he might get consumed by his own thoughts. For this, he’s always around people, living in his own shadow just to escape reality for a moment. Question is, how long can he keep up?

The mind is a very powerful tool where all of man’s ideas, thoughts, decisions, vices, beliefs and values are created. Fact is, when a man’s mind is troubled, his life becomes trouble. Only a STABLE mind can THINK and only a THOUGHTFUL man can LIVE. People avoid LONE time cause they don’t wanna lose their minds. But LONE time can only be DELAYED but never DENIED cause it’s where your true nature, feelings, thoughts and decisions come alive. It’s a time where you get to reflect all moments of life. A time where you’re yourself not trying to impress anyone.

Question is, what could make a man so fear his thoughts? How could one’s thoughts be so scary? Maybe his thoughts are filled with deaths, tears, pain, poverty, rejections, love, war or even torture. It gets to a point where he can’t seem to close his eyes anymore cause all he sees are painful memories. A time where sleep becomes a distant land cause he’s tormented by his own nightmares. Our experiences SHAPE us but our thoughts MAKE us. So when a man can’t think no more because of his terrible experiences in the past, his living hollow or fear of the unknown, he becomes a shadow of himself.

Fact is, every man at some point in his life has been scared of LONE time. A time where you fear what your thoughts could be, considering your experience at the time. A time where you want someone to be always close by so you don’t lose your mind. You fear the worst when you’re all by yourself. Truth is, being around PEOPLE ain’t gonna send those THOUGHTS PACKING. It’s only gonna HURT you even more. This is because running away is NEVER an OPTION for a WINNER only COWARDS.

An eagle is not called an eagle because he flies alone but because he believes he’s in a LEAGUE of his own and doesn’t need anyone to tell him he’s KING. The moment you understand you’re king and you CONTROL everything in and around you, only then are you POWERFUL. The problem is, a man who is scared of his thoughts doesn’t know he’s king and so he functions as a SLAVE to his thoughts. An eagle rides on his wings but above all rely on its powerful NATURE. A king rides on the size of his ARMY but above all rely on his LEADERSHIP nature. It means you have the power to RULE over everything around you and that includes your THOUGHTS.

They say to get to HEAVEN, you’ve gotta go through HELL. To attain PEACE, you’ve gotta go through WAR. Amazingly, wars don’t start without a FIGHT and it doesn’t end without a FIGHT either. It means if you don’t fight, the war will NEVER END and you’ll never FIND PEACE. In wars, ALLIES are made and ENEMIES are made targets. Your thoughts could either be your greatest ALLY or biggest ENEMY. It all bores down to what you want it to be. You can either use it to your ADVANTAGE or beat it at its OWN game. A KING is always in CONTROL. Kings doesn’t scare easy. You’re in control. This is Danny world…

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