Now today on Danny world, we’ve got a very important personality right here. He’s a very bright and studious young man who has been able to accomplish quite a lot for himself. An amazing personality I must confess. A young man full of great prospects. He’s the incumbent president of the Nigerian Federation Of Catholic Students (NFCS) University of Benin. He goes by the name Chimezie Paschal-Mary. Here was how the interview went. Enjoy!

Danny: So Mr Paschal, please introduce yourself to us officially and tell us a thing or two about NFCS.
Paschal: By way of introduction, I am Mr. Chimezie Paschal-Mary, a 400l law student of this prestigious institution and by God’s mercies, the president of NFCS.
Danny: Great. So now, what is NFCS all about?
Paschal: NFCS is a body of Catholic students in every tertiary institution in Nigeria directed towards the growth and welfare of her members even as they journey towards eternity.
Danny: Alright. So you were inaugurated about some weeks back. How did you feel when you were being handed the mantle?
Paschal: It is not a political position which could have caused a feeling of triumph over competitions. However, a religious mandate of such nature brings one to a deeper sense of responsibility requiring God’s grace all the way. I came to such a realisation.
Danny: Hmm-mm God’s grace indeed. Now you’re the president, what measures are you putting in place to move NFCS forward?
Paschal: It’s a collective function. It’s what ‘we’ invest that we harvest. Understanding the true call of a Christian is a priority and all measures to attain this feat are to be adopted. We will do what Christians should and focus on them squarely.
Danny: Wow told you he had an amazing personality.
Paschal: Hahaha…
Danny: So these things you plan on focusing on, what are they?
Paschal: It’s simple. The Word, The Outreach,The Conversion, The Salvation…
Danny: Fantastic. It’s all to grow the word I imagine.
Paschal: Exactly. It’s all geared towards spreading the word of truth.
Danny: Great. As a law student, I know you guys do a lot of studying. How do you plan on combining your current position and your position as a student?
Paschal: I’ll put that in one sentence.
Danny: Which is?
Paschal: The grace of God is ever sufficient.
Danny: Hahaha…I like that.
Paschal: Hahaha…That’s all I can say. It’s all by his grace.
Danny: Okay…just a few questions left. Now other fellowships asides the catholics are in school. Would you say NFCS is the most popular in terms the number of members they’re able to pool?
Paschal: Hmm-mm…Now we have our number and they have theirs. What matters is whether the active Christian Community On Campus (CCC) as a whole is growing. And if you ask me, I’d say yes. God is working.
Danny: So the growth is geared towards the Christian Community on Campus (CCC)?
Paschal: Most definitely.
Danny: Alright then. Now one last word to your people please. What do you have to say to them as their president?
Paschal: It’s simple. Shun profane and idle blabbing which will increase to more ungodliness (2Tim 2:16). Make truth and humility your cloak. You will Succeed.
Danny: Mm-mmm…words from a wise man.
Paschal: Hahaha.
Danny: Thank you so much Mr Paschal-Mary for joining us on Danny world.
Paschal: My pleasure sir. You’re most welcomed.

So there you have it. That was Chimezie Paschal-Mary the NFCS president UNIBEN. I’m sure you learnt a thing or two from the young man. Please note that this interview will be on the next publication. If you wanna be on the show just like him, all you need do is contact Danny on BBM 2A7B9F68 to arrange an interview. Perhaps you have a product you wanna advertise or something you just want to share with the world whatsoever. Just reach Danny and who knows??? You might just on Danny world. It’s the blog that brings you the total package. This is Danny world…


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