Everyone of us has got a love language and everyone has got someone who knows our love language someone who knows how we think who knows how to get to you whenever he/she wants to. You could be close to someone and yet he/she doesn’t know your love language because you’ve not sat down to actually study that person. For some people, touching them is their love language while for it’s just a simple ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’ is their love language. For some you have to spank them and that’s their love language. Each and everyone of us has his/her love language. For some it could be a kiss. Now I want a favor from Paul but I don’t know how to get Paul to give me what I want. Then I go Sylvia to help convince Paul to give me what I want. Now Sylvia knows Paul’s love language she gives Paul a peck on the chick and that was it. As easy as it sounds but yeah that was his love language. It could be a different thing for anyone of you. A love language is that language which is unique a language that makes you feel most loved and cared about. Love languages builds up a healthy relationship between couples. Now that’s what we’ll be looking at right here on Danny world today. How to know one’s love language? How to know your spouse’s love language? Now read closely.

Now you’ve asked how do I know my partner’s love language? Now here are five love languages everyone of us fall into
1. Kind words: Encouragement from a partner
2. Quality time: Conversations
3. Gifts: This is common with the women
4. Acts of Service: Concerns
5. Physical affection: Touch.

Now I’m going to explain those love languages with instances.
If the key to meeting your spouse’s need for emotional love is
learning to speak his or her love language, how can you
discover what that love language is? It’s simple. Listen to your
spouse’s complaints. Here are five common complaints and the
love language that each reveals:
“You mean you didn’t bring me anything? Did you even miss me
while you were gone?” (receiving gifts)
“We never spend any time with each other anymore. We’re like
two ships passing in the dark.” (quality time)
“I don’t think you would ever touch me if I didn’t initiate
it.” (physical touch)
“I can’t do anything right around here. All you ever do is
criticize. I can never please you.” (words of affirmation)
“If you loved me, you would do something around here. You
never lift a finger to help.” (acts of service)

Typically, when our spouse complains, we get irritated. But he
or she is actually giving us valuable information. Complaints
often reveal the key to our spouse’s inner longing for emotional
love. If we learn our mate’s primary love language โ€“ and speak
it โ€“ we will have a happier spouse and a better marriage.
But what if your spouse’s primary love language is something
that isn’t easy for you to do? What if you’re not a touchy-feely
person but your spouse’s primary love language is physical
touch? The answer is simple, though not necessarily easy: You
learn to speak the language of physical touch. You learn to
speak a new love language by trying.
At first it might be very difficult, but the second time will be
easier, and the third time even easier. Eventually, you can
become proficient in speaking your mate’s love language; and if
he/she responds back to speaking your love language it helps your relationship to grow well.

Now I hope with that you’ve learned how to connect with your spouse with these love languages. Sometimes these little things goes a long way in solving problems in our relationships. Love languages encourages a healthy relationship so know your partner’s love language today. Take that from Danny! This is Danny world we’re learning we’re sharing and we’re talking. Now drop your thoughts right here on Danny world. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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