The mind? Hmmm a lot of people actually think the mind is in our heart no brother it’s in your head. The mind is a powerful tool which constantly puts you in check. The minds tells you things you don’t wanna hear or see. Now you wanna pray then the mind brings a picture of you telling lies, stealing or even sex and then all of a sudden you begin to feel sad about it. Sometimes your mind tells you you’re not good enough or not beautiful enough or not smart enough and then you just succumb to what it says and you’re like that’s true and then you just give in to the your mind.

Now actually, it’s supposed to be the other way round where your mind gets to listen to your voice. You should be able to impose your authority on your mind. The mind doesn’t tell you who you are no you tell you who you are. So next time when your mind tells you you’re a failure you say to your mind I’m a success when it says you’re a sinner say to it Jesus paid for that. The mind is tool that when utilized well and positively it can produce enormous results. So saddle your mind today give it your thoughts and start breaking bounds. The mind is the first obstacle to conquer and once you can conquer the mind it becomes your stepping stone.

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