Is “Death On The Nile” Oscar Worthy? | Movie Review | Ep. 67

In this review episode, we take a critical look at the movie, Death on The Nile produced by Ridley Scott based on the book written by renowned novelist Agatha Christie. In a sequel to Murder On The Orient Express of 2017, the movie tells the story of the wealthy Linnet Ridgewell who desperately finds love in the arms of Simon Doyle at the of expense the bleeding heart of long time friend, Jacqueline De Belleforte. We discuss the plot, intricacies of a woman’s scorn, the vengeful heart of humans, fake friends hanging around the rich for what they can gain, the amazing performance by Kenneth Branagh and the likes, production, The Oscars + more. Don’t miss this one! Enjoy the episode.


Movie Download Link – Death On The Nile HD 1080p

Movie Review (Out of 5)

Story Telling – Naomie 4.5 | Danny 5.0

Performance – Naomie 5.0 | Danny 5.0

Production – Naomie 5.0 | Danny 5.0

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