We are back and back with a bang! The biggest movies in Hollywood on the big screen all on Danny world. With our new features, this June, we bring you all the movie previews, release dates, ratings and trailers on the blog to give our movie lovers a sneak peek.

The biggest stars and directors collide again this month to bring us well-scripted astounding and phenomenal big screen action, top drawer drama, savvy animations, scary but adventurous horror and of course, cackling comedy. Trust us to select a great blend of these genres for your viewing pleasure this June. An amazing collection and in no particular order, the movies you must see this June;



The Toy Story franchise is back with another amazing tale for fans across the world as Woody returns. A quick look at what this sequel portends.


New toy, Forky expedites with the group in what turns out to be an emprise experience for Woody, Buzz and Bonnie. But whilst on the expedition, Woody takes a quirk diversion which leads him to an old friend, Bo Peep. The two reunite and are caught up in a chatty discourse about the past and how they’ve embraced different paths and ideas from life as of a toy.

Release Date – 21st June, 2019.
Genres – Animation, Comedy & Family
Director – Josh Cooley
Cast – Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Bonnie Hunt & John Ratzenberger
Rated – General [G]




She’s out of control…

Fans all over the world anticipate another thriller from the X-Men franchise as Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner stars in this epic action. Arguably, the biggest movie in the box office this month. A quick summary of Dark Phoenix.


Struck by a queer galactic force in a rescue operation, Jean Grey has become eccentric and extremely powerful making damage control even more unrealistic for the X-Men. The world’s greatest mutants are faced with their biggest test yet as they tussle to save Jean’s soul from aliens who seek to dehumanize her and use her sinister abilities to destroy the galaxy.

Release Date – 7th June, 2019.
Genres – Sci-Fi, Thriller & Action
Director – Simon Kinberg
Cast – Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender
Rated – Parental Guidance [PG]-13



Tear them down to shreds…

Director F. Gary Gray is behind the scenes for this big one. The MIB franchise has given us extraordinary screen play and action over the years and fans expect International to be nothing different. A sneak peek at what this big one is set to bring.


A group of nocuous aliens disguised in human body pose a humongous threat to the security of millions. With the aid of technology, Agent H and Agent M must now devise highly sophisticated means to take down these rampaging aliens with everything in their arsenal.

Release Date – 14th June, 2019.
Genres – Action, Adventure, and Sci-Fi
Director – F. Gary Gray
Cast – Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Laurent Bourgeois, Chris Hemsworth, Rebecca Ferguson & Tessa Thompson
Rated – Parental Guidance [PG]-13



Life of a toy can be hard…

The Secret Life of Pets is back and one for the whole family to savor at the cinemas. On the back of the huge success in its first instalment, the star-studded cast brings us an even better adventure in the second. A quick synopsis.


Max’s owner finally ties the knot and soon, the family has a baby which reeks an avalanche of brisk changes in his life as a pet. Soon, chaos ensues among the animals when the family travels to the boondocks leaving Max with all sorts of fear, doubt and unrest. He finds a friend in raspy Rooster who helps assuage his nervousness.

Release Date – 7th June, 2019.
Genres – Comedy, Animation & Family
Director – Chris Renaud
Cast – Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate & Patton Oswalt
Rated – Parental Guidance [PG]



Justice for the dead…

Warner Bros presents us with this epic crime thriller, Shaft starring the legendary, Samuel L. Jackson. It does promises to be exhilarating. Let’s have a preview of this amazing action.


John Shaft teams up with his son, an expert in cyber security to unravel the strange demise of his best friend. Shaft, a famous cop in New York must now glean for every piece of evidence to crack open this surreal case and put whoever murdered his son’s friend, behind bars.

Release Date – 14th June, 2019.
Genres – Action, Thriller & Comedy
Director – Tim Story
Cast – Samuel L. Jackson, Regina Hall, Matt Lauria, Alexandra Shipp & Jessie Usher
Rated – Parental Guidance [PG]



Race is no barrier to common interest…

Emma Thompson stars in this hilarious comedy drama targeted at seeing the world of a talk show host and how they battle with every day media scuffles and cues. We’ll take a look at the synopsis.


In a bid to palliate the diversity furor on her set, gruff Katherine is forced to hire a Black female staff writer for the first time.

But to her surprise, she finds a common interest with Molly and the two become inseparable in spite of the huge difference in culture and era.

Release Date – 7th June, 2019.
Genres – Comedy
Director – Nisha Ganatra
Cast – Mindy Kaling, Emma Thompson, Amy Ryan, Ike Barinholtz, Hugh Dancy & Megalyn Echikunwoke
Rated – General [G]



The true test of friendship…

An award worthy movie as tipped by many critics, The Last Black Man In San Francisco addresses racial slurs, social cues, gestures, societal construct and more importantly, friendship. Personally, my kind of movie. Starring Jimmie Fails, a quick look at what the movie’s about.


In a pursuit to get back his grandfather’s house, Jimmie and his best friend, Mont, venture into a long despondent journey that would put the root of their life-long friendship to the ultimate test.

Release Date – 7th June, 2019.
Genres – Drama & Adventure
Director – Joe Talbot
Cast – Jimmie Fails, Danny Glover, Jonathan Majors, Mike Epps, Tichina Arnold & Rob Morgan
Rated – Restricted [R]



Everyone dies…

One for the horror fans to cheer. Chucky is back! In a remake of the 1988 classic, Child’s Play will send shivers down your spine no doubt as you’d see in the trailer below. Certainly not one for the kids but a thriller on the big screen. Let’s take a look at what the movie entails.


Andy Barclay is gifted a Buddi doll by his mother on moving to a new town. Ecstatic, the lad becomes so attached to the doll, it became his best friend. Unknown to him, this malevolent doll had a vile mind of its own and soon haunted the neighborhood. Andy must now team up with kids in the neighborhood to end this monster of a doll.

Release Date – 21st June, 2019.
Genres – Horror & Thriller
Director – Lars Klevberg
Cast – Gabriel Batemen, Mark Hamill, Brian Tyree Henry, Beatrice Kitsos & Aubrey Plaza
Rated – Restricted [R]



Love is found is strange places…

Fiona Gubelmann stars in this awesome romantic comedy alongside Jonathan Bennett. Everyone loves a love story and this is even better. A quick synopsis of the movie.


How odd for a surprise party planner to detest surprises in her own life. Genie is a surprise party planner who can’t seem identify the right man for her even if he’s staring her in the face.

Release Date – 21st June, 2019.
Genres – Comedy & Romance
Director – Nancy Goodman
Cast – Nicole Sullivan, Sean Faris, Jonathan Bennett & Fiona Gubelmann
Rated – NR



It’s a new world but same Jack…

An English based film which narrates the tale of a floundering singer-songwriter who has become an overnight success. A blend of music and comedy. We take a look at the movie, Yesterday with guest star, Ed Sheeran and TV host, James Corden.



The aftermath of a queer global blackout, time is reset and Jack wakes up to find out the greatest music group ever, The Beatles, never existed. The singer who was having a torrid time with acceptance for his music in the old world order, now finds himself singing classics from The Beatles the world has never heard before with the aid of his best friend, Ellie and agent.

Release Date – 28th June, 2019.
Genres – Music & Comedy
Director – Danny Boyle
Cast – Kate McKinnon, Joe Fry, Lily James, James Corden, Alexander Arnold & Himesh Patel.



No one is safe…

Another horror classic returns and one the fans have been itching to see its sequel. Annabelle returns home on a mission to wreak an unending havoc. You might want to hold on tight to your seat for this one because the sorcery scenes are horrifying. Certainly, the biggest horror release this month. A quick synopsis of the sequel.


In an attempt to militate Annabelle from causing even more chaos, Ed and Lorraine Warren lock up the hex doll in a room in their home filled with artefacts putting her behind a sacrosanct glass and invoking a priest’s holy spell. But Annabelle breaks the curse and releases the spirits unleashing hell in Warren’s home and now no one is safe.

Release Date – 28th June, 2019.
Genres – Horror, Thriller.
Director – Gary Dauberman
Cast – Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, McKenna Grace & Madison Iseman
Ratings – Restricted [R]



Hip-hop is the culture…

Well it isn’t a complete collection without something from NetFlix. Black-ish star, Anthony Anderson teams up with reserved uprising teenage music star, Khalil Everage to make their big break in the industry. A quick summary of the movie.


An unusual friendship happens between a high school security guard in mid-life crisis and a teenage singer bound by their love for hip-hop. The two attempt to emancipate themselves from the ghosts of their past and succeed in the music game in the city.

Release Date – 19th June, 2019.
Genres – Music, Teen & Drama
Director – Chris Robinson
Cast – Anthony Anderson, Khalil Everage, Uzo Aduba, Dave East, Emayatzy Corinealdi & Paul Walter Hauser
Ratings – NR



I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our collection this month. Do well to see these movies at the cinemas near you this month as they drop thick and fast.

Be sure to drop your comments below and tell us how you like our new blog features. We value our readers’ feedback. Until next month on movie preview, this is Danny world


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