They say the choices we make in life make us. Well, I say the our commitment to those choices is what really makes us. Choices are important but it is only the first step to a journey which characterised by commitment. The goals we all set to achieve in life are tied to how much we’re willing to give or sacrifice to make them happen. Choices are in words but commitment calls for action. You may have chosen to go through this path but your ability to stand by it and follow through consistently is what brings the result. The results we get is a function of how committed we are to the course.

Life is a matter of the choices we all make. The results we get determines whether the choices we made were good or bad. It means there are no bad choices but bad results. Now whatever you’re gonna do to make sure the path you’ve chosen comes out good is what is called commitment. John says he wants to be a barrister but doesn’t have the resources to go to law school. Meanwhile, he’s being offered a very lucrative job at a production company but he’s refused the offer because he’s chosen to go to law school.

Now to you, John must have made the wrong choice. Now John eventually, goes to law school on scholarship. He applied for a scholarship scheme and fortunately, he passed. Now after months, John graduated from Harvard law in the United States. Now you’d ask was that a bad choice after all? No certainly. He had a good result which then makes his choice the right one. Now John could only have that kind of result because he was committed to it. He wanted to be a barrister despite the job offer. Now you’d say John made the right choice but that only change because of the result he had.

So he searched for the scholarship schemes around, applied and then he studied hard for the exams and now he’s graduated from law school. It tells you one thing, a man is a good as his commitment. If a man is not committed to a thing, he may never think of a way to get the right result. With commitment, comes interest. What I’m committed to, is of great interest to me. Like they say “where your treasure is, that’s where your heart lies.” It means we can be whatever we want to be in life if only we would put our hearts in it. You can only call a robber a criminal because the result of what he does is jail or death as it were. You only think school is good because the result of what’s done in school is knowledge. It tells you one thing, the end game justifies the course.

With commitment, comes hope. When I’m devoted to a course, I’d always believe it’s gonna work out irrespective of the deterrents. Hope is the only thing we get to hang on to when the road gets rough. Hope is what keeps you going. Hope shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope tells you, you can make it. Hope tells you, you can’t stop. Hope deals with doubts. Hope answers the question why did I take this road? Hope strengthens your commitment. People might not believe in you but do you believe in yourself? Do you think you have hope? Do you think you can become what you’ve chosen to be? Do doubt the choice you’ve made?

You must answer these questions to re-evaluate your stance cause that’s what will keep you going. The truth is, whatever choice we’ve made, we’d doubt them at some point. That point is what determines the kind of result you’re gonna achieve. You can be what you wanna be. Question is, are you willing to take the hits? Are you ready to fight for it? If yes, then stick to the course and prove to the world that you made the right choice by getting the right result. Don’t be a quitter. Keep going and trust the dots are going to connect in the end. This is Danny world…

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