After a keenly contested battle, congratulations to Ismail Mariam who emerged winner. Her picture emerged the pic of the week. Her picture was rated a 3.91 by the judges. Coming closest to hers was a 3.86. She dazzled wearing a white gown on gold heels. A short hair and light make up to go by. She also wore a gold necklace around her neck and posed for the cameras on a tinted background. This picture certainly had all the qualities by the judges standard and is worthy to be Danny world’s pic of the week! This picture will appear on the next edition of the publication. See her details here;

Name: Ismail Mariam Angela
Nickname: Mia
Hobbies: Reading novels, browsing and skipping.
Favourite quote: Give life the very best and you’ll get the best out of it.
Favourite Meal: Africana- vegetable soup and pounded yam
Foreign- Friedrice and turkey
Twitter @mimiangele1
Instagram: I-AM-MIAMAE
Kind of music: nil

Drop your thoughts about the picture right here.

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