Some years back, you would have always wished to be free from the control of your parents. You will always dream of that day when you would wake up whenever you deem fit. A day when your parents never gets to see what you’re up to. Then, finally you get there and then you find out it wasn’t as perfect as you pictured when you were little. You find out it also comes with a lot of responsibility and then you just wish you could live on your own in your own house, driving your own car, living the dream and earning your own money. Perhaps only then, will life be perfect for me. But the truth is it never ends. Every stage in life has its challenges. Every stage you get to in life comes with its own package which we must all accept. You only think this stage is tough cause you haven’t seen the next stage.

When you were a child, parental restrictions was a burden and so you wanted to get out. Then when you finally get out of that stage, you find out you’re not as free as you thought you would be cause now you’ve got to take care of yourself by yourself without anyone’s help. Perhaps you don’t have enough money to meet your needs at that point then it becomes a burden.Then you just keep hoping and praying for the day you begin to live your own life earning a good pay that would solve all your problems and life will be sweet. And then when you get there you find out it wasn’t as easy as you thought cause now you have to deal with work which comes with the stress which then becomes a burden.

Then you’re like maybe I should get married and have kids then my life would be complete. And then you get there and you find out it’s also not that easy cause now you have to carter for more than yourself but your family now which becomes even more tougher. And you’re like what then is the perfect life? what’s easy about life? Doesn’t it all end? Where is the freedom? The truth is it never ends and it’s never going to end cause it’s a cycle. There is no true Freedom only Freewill. You’re only free to make whatever decision you choose and you’re also free to live however you please but however way you choose to live, they are always guided by rules and responsibilities.

You can be as free as a bird but even the birds don’t fly when it’s rainy. It means for every place in life there are patterns which you must follow and those patterns carries its responsibilities. Freewill says you’re free to choose whatever you want while Freedom says you’re free but with a price. Freedom is bound by Freewill. Whatever decisions we make in life, we must be ready to take whatever comes our way after that good or bad. Are we really free? Not even in Free town are you free. When a prisoner is set free probably after serving jail time, he is told ‘you’re free to go’ ‘Free’ there doesn’t mean he’s free to do whatever he likes from now on. If he does that, he will be back in prison in a flash.

‘Free’ there means he’s free to live a normal life and abide by the rules of normal people. So where is the freedom you ask? Freedom is only possible when you abide by the rules which comes with great responsibility. We all have choices but those choices are guided by rules. It never ends cause there is always more to it than you can imagine. Freewill yes! But Freedom not so sure about that. This is Danny world…

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