Today we’re discussing political issues on Danny world as we look at #NigeriaDecides. It’s a big day in the affairs of politics as the nation decides who becomes their leader for the next four years. Although there are 14 candidates contesting for this seat but only two front-liners have emerged over time and are in poll position to claim this seat at the end of the day. On hot topic, we want to know the views of Nigerians towards the presidential election as to who becomes the president of this great nation. Should the incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan continue in office? Do you think president Goodluck Jonathan has done well to deserve another chance? Or should a man who clamours for change come into power? Do you think General Buhari deserves that position as the president of this country considering his past records and his recent age related issues? All these questions seeking answers from Nigerians today as we decide who becomes our president. So that’s the topic for today on Danny world. Who do you think is deserves this position? Share your thoughts right here on Danny world.

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