Someone once said ‘choice not chance determines destiny’ I totally agree. The choices we make today affect our tomorrow. Life will always present us with choices sometimes not even a choice which is a choice itself cause you could choose to take it or not. There are only two sides to a coin head or tail you pick whatever turns up it’s your pick so you take it that’s how life is too. Whatever road you choose to go at the end of the day you bear the success or the consequence. I would want to say this ‘not every bad choice is a bad choice’ my reason for saying this is that you making a choice at first is a choice but the result of that choice determines whether that choice was really bad or not. A guy wanted to become an OAP but he had the option of being a lawyer but he chose OAP. Today he’s a successful 0AP would you call that choice a bad choice? certainly not right?

For everything that man does, choice is the major constituent. Choice is liberty to take a decision inward. You don’t do something because it’s necessary to do so but because you chose to do so. It’s a choice to follow either God or the devil but we all know the devil can never offer anything good so why follow that part? Apart from that, every other thing you do is a choice in life. If the result of your choice is good you’re responsible and if it’s not you’re responsible. No one is responsible for the choices you make cause you taking that advice at first from that person was a choice. Blaming someone for your own misfortune only shows you’re irresponsible and a weakling. Learn to take responsibility for your mistakes learn from those mistakes and make better choices. The result determines whether we made the right or wrong choice.

It’s a choice to take your bath in the morning, it’s a choice to eat, it’s a choice to go to school or not, it’s a choice to study your books, it’s a choice to take instructions from your parents, it’s a choice to be in a relationship or not, it’s a choice to get married or not, it’s even a choice to take to what I’m saying now. It all comes down to choice. ”Only when we are not afraid do we begin to live” do not be afraid to make decisions or choices as it were be afraid about the result. Put it all together.

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