So I decided to try my hands on poetry for the first time. I’ve been running away from it for a while now but finally decided to give it a shot. Like to hear your thoughts on it. Titled “Rejection” Enjoy please! Read away…


Over years, I’ve known many friends

A lot of which I may never see again

I wanted to believe they just became square pegs

Well, at least that’s what I thought

Frankly, we probably shouldn’t have been hanging at all


Again, I’ve known many friends

And I’ve lost a lot too

But then came Her

My one true friend who finally accepted me

She was a unicorn, rare as a gem


Like the wave of the wand, our friendship grew

At first, she’d come see me for a little while

It was concise and I wanted more

Then she’d drop by at noon day

And later at night, just before I closed my eyes


Soon enough, it was the whole day

And I couldn’t get enough of Her

She made me feel cozy and complete

Unprecedented, with her, I needed no one

Albeit she never said her name, I called her my Salvation


I was a broken bird

But she picked up my wings

I was a lily seeking the approval of a rose

With her, lily was perfect

In her words, I was better off with no one else but her


Again, I’ve known many friends

But she was perfect

She was canny as the fox

Her words soothing like the sea breeze

Amazed, she offered a gift, Solitude


At first sight, it was sheer disgust but she said it was alright

She said Solitude was cool, so I spread my arms out wide

Turned out I liked Solitude

Liked? That’s putting it mildly

Soon, I preferred her company but for a while


Then She drops by with another gift

Her name was Self-Pity

Unlike Solitude, I wallowed

I felt nothing but sorry

In her words, perhaps I wasn’t good enough

Perhaps I wasn’t good enough for my friends

Maybe I was the square peg after all

She reiterated I didn’t deserve them

They are too good for you, she said

I couldn’t agree more


She was right

Apparently, Love was above my league

I couldn’t shake hands with Happiness

Fulfillment was a far cry

Approval wouldn’t even open my letter


Drip drop Drip drop

My eyes begun drizzling

An arrow driven through my heart

Like an archer’s target, I was wounded

Unknown to me, I’d opened my door to Pain


Not too long after, she knocks with yet again another gift

This time, I’d opt out

I was resolute, at least so I thought

But she cornered me as always

Again, arms out wide to her new gift


Her name was Fear

She brought nothing but terror

She always assumed the worst

I was going to amount to nothing, she said

Suddenly, my dreams became a black hole


Fear left me behind my closet

I couldn’t look her in the eye

But I wasn’t fazed of Fear

Her friend, Reality wore the horns

She gave me the creeps


She was cruel but true

Hostile but subtle

She was my dark truth

The truth that I was crushed

A broken bird whose wings were pulled out


Then I thought to myself

Was I ever going to behold Love again?

Or clasp Happiness?

Will Approval ever read my letters?

Am I ever going to be a rose?


Right there, I realized it was all a charade

I’d been a pun the whole time

I thought she gave me a thick skin

But all she did was pull out my wings

My one true friend was a mask


Mask off, Mask off

I couldn’t stare into Her awful eyes

Or fly because I had no wings

Stevie Wonder could see I was no bird

My one true friend turned out my one true fear


She was my kryptonite, my dark truth

Finally, she whispers her name into my ears and it wasn’t Salvation

Rejection, she said

And She’d left me in limbo

Now I go by the name Funk


Written by Daniel Odia


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6 thoughts on “REJECTION

  1. Danny this is so amazing, Gud one bro, more inspiration to write more catching and cool stuff like this.
    Am proud I taught u well.
    Keep it up bro.

    Liked by 1 person

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