They say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” which means beauty is relative. It means we all see beauty differently. Now people always talk about beauty fizzing out or would I say fading out. Question is, does beauty really fade? Can something really be so beautiful and the next minute be terrible?

Does one really lose beauty or looks? Is there really a difference? These are questions a lot people ask when they are at crossroads as regards beauty. What really makes a thing beautiful? What really makes one beautiful? We’d explain that in a bit.

What makes a person BEAUTIFUL is NOT the LOOKS but EVERYTHING about that person. One is not beautiful because he/she looks good for the cameras or probably has a hot body. BEAUTY is never APPEARANCE. Appearance is what you SEE. Beauty is what you HOLD and FEEL. Beauty can be held on to because it doesn’t just leave IMAGES but IMPACT.

Sometimes appearance is just a RESULT of beauty not BEAUTY in ITSELF. Beauty is what MAKES UP the appearance. It means if a person’s MAKE UP is terrible, then the appearance will FIZZLE out at some point. It means LOOKING GOOD and BEING GOOD are two different things. The first, talks about the RESULT while the latter talks about the PROCESS or rather the MAKE UP.

John is baker who bakes really well. Now he baked and iced an amazing birthday cake for Jane his girlfriend. Jane, sees the cakes and goes.

“Wow…the cake is nice. The cake is really beautiful John. Thank you so much.” Jane said in excitement.

Now Jane only saw the captivating designs and icing of the cake and she affirmed the cake was indeed beautiful. Fact is, the cake LOOKS beautiful but for the cake to be really beautiful, she’s gotta have a FEEL of the make up of that cake. She has to TASTE the cake to KNOW how beautiful that CAKE really is.

If the cake doesn’t taste as beautiful as it looks, then the cake was never really beautiful cause its process must have gone wrong. It means that what MAKES the cake is different from HOW the cake appears.

It tells you that, you can never really know TRUE BEAUTY by what you SEE but by the MAKE UP. It means you can’t have a GOOD cake go BAD the next day cause then the cake was never really GOOD. It means you CAN’T be beautiful TODAY and UGLY the next EXCEPT you were NEVER really BEAUTIFUL.

Then it’d mean you only appeared beautiful to the world but TIME REVEALED your NATURE. BEAUTY is NATURE. Beauty is everything about YOU. The look is only an ADDITION to the EQUATION not the equation ITSELF. Looking good is good business but BEING GOOD is BUSINESS.

The APPEARANCE is also IMPORTANT cause a good appearance would only give PEOPLE the ROOM to KNOW the GOOD in YOU. It’s a CHANCE for people to SEE your BEAUTY rather than be WADED OFF by your BAD appearance. If a cake DOESN’T look good, no one would bother to TASTE it whether or not it taste good. In the end, do not base your perception of beauty on just how she LOOKS but what she’s MADE OF.

Sometimes, Jane doesn’t always look as good as Jessica or Jasmine. In essence, she NEVER LOST her beauty, you just STOPPED SEEING it cause your EYES were always on the APPEARANCE. Beauty is the TOTAL PACKAGE and appearance is only an ITEM in the package. It means there are other BENEFITS that comes along with the package. Beauty NEVER FADES only the looks cause BEAUTY is YOU. This is Danny world….


  1. Beauty never fades. My mom used to say beauty is defined by the heart. The looks fades but a beautiful heart doesn’t :). Loved reading this


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