Bayo’s visitor had arrived. His grandfather had promised to bring him feedback about barrister Bode who was going to defend Bayo in juvenile court. This was going to decide his fate. Whether or not he was going to remain in detention was tied to this day. So the guard walked him to the courtyard to see his visitor. Bayo was anxious.

On arriving to the courtyard,

“What?!” Bayo exclaimed loudly.

“Hello Bayo.” his visitor greeted.

It was Dotun. He had come to pay him a visit. Bayo was in shock and in doubt of who was in front of him. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him. So he stepped back a little.

“Two ghosts in one day? I think I’m in heaven.” Bayo thought he was hallucinating.

“No! No! You’re dead. This can’t be happening. It’s a nightmare. You’re dead!” Bayo yelled loudly as he wobbled backward in dread.

Dotun stood up from his seat. He moved a few steps closer to him to annul Bayo’s doubt.

“Don’t come near me! Go away! Your body was found dead in the woods by the cops. You can’t be alive. You’re just in my head…” Bayo rebuked.

“It’s me Bayo. You don’t have to be afraid. I’m alive. I never died.” Dotun tried to elucidate.

Bayo still wouldn’t be convinced. He kept tracking back.

“Please tell him you can see me too. I’m not a ghost.” Dotun asked the guard.

“I see him kid.” the guard confirmed to Bayo.

Bayo was still in doubt.

“Touch him.” he said.

So the guard walked to Dotun and touched his face.

“You see? He’s not a ghost.” the guard said pointing out to Bayo that indeed Dotun was real.

“Show me the back of your head. If…I see the cut, then I will…believe.” Bayo stuttered.

The spot where Dotun was hit was plastered. So he turned around to show Bayo the cut.

“You believe me now?” Dotun queried.

Bayo was convinced at this point that he wasn’t dreaming. Dotun was indeed alive. So he edged closer to him to touch the back of his head where he sustained the hit.

“…It is you. You’re alive. How could you have survived all that? The cops told everyone they found you dead in the woods. I was framed….how the hell did you find me here?” Bayo queried in anxiety.

The two stood face to face at this point.

“I’m sorry Bayo. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for putting you in such jeopardy…” Dotun sounded unconventionally apologetic.

Bayo had thoughts bumbling through his head at this point. The lad who always hated him and once tried to kill him was right before him begging for forgiveness. Bayo was in shred.

(Sobbing) “Why Dotun? Why did you hate me that much?” Bayo queried.

Dotun couldn’t hold back his tears.

(Sniffing) “…Don’t know maybe jealousy…it’s all my fault. I know how much I’ve hurt you and damn! I wish I could turn the hands of time but I can’t. Please fogive me Bayo. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me…I can’t even imagine how bad you feel at this point…” Dotun pleaded.

(Cut short by Bayo) “…You’re damn right you don’t know how I feel! You’ve got no idea what if feels like to be tagged a murderer! You’ve got no idea what it feels like to be locked up in this damn cell paying for a crime you never committed! You know what? Maybe you did deserve to die!” Bayo yelled sternly.

“I didn’t wish for this to happen. But please listen to me. Just hear me out okay? It’s all I ask.” Dotun pleaded again.

“No! I’m not listening to you. I can’t even look at you!” Bayo said as he turned around and tried to speed off back to his cell.

“I can get you outta here.” Dotun hinted.

On hearing this, Bayo paused for a moment.

“And how do you intend doing that?” Bayo queried vexedly.

“I’ll tell you all about it, if you sit down.” Dotun replied.

Bayo seemed a bit unsettled for a while but he knew Dotun had a point so he sat down with a grumble. Dotun sat down as well. The two sat directly opposite each other with their hands on the round table. The guard stood beside the round table.

“I’m listening.” Bayo said.

(Sighs) “…I never died. I was resuscitated by a herbalist who came to get leaves for his herbal concoctions when he found me unconscious. My pulse was very weak. Luckily, he was able to resuscitate me using his herbal concoction. For weeks, I was unable to remember anything not even my name due to the effect of the hit on my head. They say it was a slight amnesia.

Fortunately, they got through to my dad who got to locate the archaic structure where I was getting herbal treatment. Apparently, my dad didn’t want people to know I was alive because he wanted to catch the culprit so bad…” Dotun narrated.

“Wait a minute…you mean your dad knew you were alive and hid it from everyone? He lied to us. He knew all these and still locked me up. What the hell…” Bayo said infuriated.

“I thought the same. He was blinded by the thought of apprehending the culprit so bad he didn’t bother carrying out a proper investigation. Apparently, Deji has testified against you and so it was pretty easy putting the blame on you. While all these was going on, I didn’t have my memory. I was told the whole story two days ago just after I had a flashback and my memory was restored.” Dotun said.

“Hmm-mm…” Bayo sighed.

“I know you must hate me now but please let me make it right.” Dotun pleaded.

Bayo still would say nothing. He was mute for quite a while with thoughts jumbling around his head. The silence was killing Dotun.

“Say something please.” Dotun pleaded.

“How? How do you intend getting me outta here?” Bayo asked.

“That’s why we’re here.” Dotun said.

“We?” Bayo queried.

” Yes we…take it off.” Dotun ordered the guard to take off the handcuff from Bayo’s wrist.

The guard complied as he unlocked the handcuff from his wrist.

“You’re free to go kid.” the guard said.

(Surprised) “Can someone please explain to me what’s going on here?” Bayo queried.

He wondered why he was being released.

“Your grandfather is at the parking lot just outside the building. I guess you won’t be needing the service of an attorney any longer. My dad asked me to come talk to you as he couldn’t bear the look on your face knowing he locked up the wrong person. So does the inspector. The inspector summoned two officers to escort him to Deji’s. We’re heading to Deji’s. We’re bringing him in.” Dotun elucidated.

Bayo was astounded. His mouth widened. Then he looked up to the heavens.

“…You never left me…truly, help was on the way.” he said to the heavens.

He acknowledged the words of his father.

“The paper work has been taken care off. Your grandpa got you some fresh clothes.” Dotun said as he brought the clothes out of his bag and handed them over to Bayo.

“Come on…change into some fresh clothes.” Dotun said.

Bayo collected them to put them on.

“You changed.” Bayo said.

“People change Bayo. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons these past weeks. I guess I was wrong about a lot of things especially those I called my friends. I was wrong about you. I treated people with disdain. I treated them with contempt because I had everything at my disposal. This made me figure that life’s not about how much you’ve been able to acquire but how many lives you’ve been able to affect. Maybe God’s giving me a second chance to get it right…” Dotun said.

Bayo was amazed at Dotun’s words.

“I never imagined you would ever talk like this. Whatever happened to you out there did something you and I’m glad it did change you.” Bayo said.

“..Let’s go. Let’s go bring him in.” Dotun said.

Bayo changed into fresh clothes and headed out with Dotun.

On arriving the parking lot, Bayo sighted his grandpa and ran to him.

“Grandpa!” he said in excitement.

Grandpa embraced his grandson. The two shed a tear.

“He said help was coming.” Bayo said.

Grandpa wasn’t clear on what his grandson had said.

“Who said?” grandpa asked for clarification.

“Dad. I saw him. He gave me hope. He said help was coming encouraging me to hang on.” Bayo elucidated.

Bayo slowly released himself from the arms of his grandpa who crouched.

“Olaolu appeared to you?” grandpa queried.

“Yes he did. I never thought I would see him again grandpa. He assured me I wasn’t alone and how he would always watch over me…” Bayo said.

“Ahh! Olorun ose oo…Good thing you’re okay now son. I’ve longed for this day.” grandpa said.

“Come on we’ve gotta go. We can do this later.” the inspector reminded.

(Sniffing) “Okay inspector.” they replied.

“Officers let’s go.” inspector said and hopped into the police mercedes.

“We’re going in my father’s car.” Dotun said.

Bayo and his grandfather were about to enter into the car,

“I’m sorry my son. I’m sorry for putting you through this pain…” Mr Oyewole apologised but retarded by Bayo.

“It’s okay sir. You didn’t know. Let’s go catch the real criminal.” Bayo said.

Mr Oyewole smiled. He wondered how a little boy could be this understanding and forgiving.

“You have a large heart kid. I’ll give you that.” Mr Oyewole said.

Bayo shrugged.

“Alright…let’s go.” Dotun said.

They all entered into the Range Rover 2014 model and headed for Deji’s.


Back at Deji’s, he still had Eva’s neck in his left arm with the short knife in his right hand.

“On your knees now! All of you! Down!!!” Deji ordered loudly.

The trio were reluctant at first but Deji threatened to kill Eva even more and so they obliged.

“We’re on our knees now…So can you please let her go?!” Bisi yelled.

“Shut up!” Deji yelled back.

“Who did this to you? What turned you into this monster?” his mum queried.

At this point, she was losing even more blood and growing weaker.

“The Oyewole’s did this when they took my dad away from me.” Deji said.

“How do you mean?” his mum asked.

(Panting) “…When dad lost his job, everything went from bad to worse for us. He dedicated ten years of his life to one project he worked so hard for. My dad and Mr Oyewole were very good friends. My dad was a civil engineer. Mr Oyewole was an investment banker so he had a lot of knowledge about contracts. My dad and Mr Oyewole worked together…” Deji was cut short

“I thought your dad worked for Mr Oyewole?” Kola needed clarification.

(Sighs) “…Yes I’ll explain…They worked together for ten years until it was time to reap the benefits. They both wanted to start a bank. My dad invested all he had into that project for years with a gentleman agreement that when the business starts up, it was going to be in their names. Unfortunately, Mr Oyewole had other ideas.

After years of investment, the company was ready to kick start. Mr Oyewole brought the paper work. He always handled the paperwork because my dad had little knowledge about paperwork and contracts. He trusted him that much. One day, he brings the paperwork for my dad to sign. My dad signed the papers with the notion that he was now a share owner of the bank. My dad never bothered reading the details of the contract. He was overly excited and trusted his friend’s judgment. Unknown to him, the contract had a clause. Mr Oyewole was the sole owner. My dad had been jilted.

When my dad tried to lay claim to ownership. Mr Oyewole took him to court claiming he was the sole owner of the bank. Of course, it was documented so my dad had no evidence to back up his claims. Mr Oyewole became the sole owner of Royal bank. A name my dad came up with. Now you see why I said my dad worked for Mr Oyewole. He invested all he had and was thrown out of business. Money and feeding became an issue at home. My dad was traumatised and resulted into excessive drinking. He died from it after drinking for about a whole year…” Deji narrated his dad’s story.

The whole place had emerged into a graveyard. Everyone had one thought on their minds. How could Mr Oyewole be so cruel?

“Mum here, couldn’t handle the death of dad. She became an alcoholic as well. She resulted into narcotics. She resulted into hard drugs with the motive to forget everything that had happened. But no…She got worse until she ended up in psychiatric home for five years. I was forced to stay with uncle Tayo who was a brute.

Life became tough. My rage grew more and more for the Oyewole’s. I only needed the right time to strike back. Which is why when I got the chance to take one of theirs, I didn’t hesitate. I wanted them to feel what I’ve always felt all these years. I became this way to avenge my father and I won’t relent until I take out each and every one of them one by one!” Deji yelled tearfully.

The memory of his father brought back sad thoughts. He still wouldn’t let go of Eva who was also touched by Deji’s story. Ayo, Bisi and Kola only felt pity for Deji at this point.

“I’m sorry…” Bisi said.

She sounded really emotional at this point.

“…I don’t need it. I don’t need your pity!” Deji rebuked.

All these while, his mum was mute.

“Why did you kill Tayo?” his mum queried.

“Uncle’s was an accident I never I regretted. He always treated me harshly. He never wouldnt let me see you in rehab. I became the product of a brute. He always made me feel bad about my family and how dad wasted his life drinking. He said my family was messed up. For years, I was depressed…” Deji said.

(Cuts him short) “You never should have taken laws into your hands. I always taught you to let things go. For Christ sake, you’re just 13 and you’ve got blood on your hands. Killing people doesn’t justify what wrong was done to you! You should know better!” Deji’s mum said vexed.

“You’re damn right I should know better…I should be killing more. I should wipe out the whole of the Oyewole’s. I wonder how you’re cool with this mum. He killed your husband. He wrecked this family!” Deji yelled infuriated.

“He should be going to jail for what he did not me!” he said out loud again.

Mother and son sobbed at this point.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way my child. It’s my fault I couldn’t keep us together. I’m sorry child…” she muttered slowly and passed out.

Apparently, she had lost a lot of blood resulting from the cut.

Quickly, Bisi, Ayo and Kola ran to her.

“Ma?! Ma?! Ma?!” Bisi felt her pulse. It was weak.

“Deji, please let’s get her medical treatment. She’s gonna die if we don’t act fast. Please!” Ayo pleaded to deaf ears.

Deji refuted. He was defiant to their plea. He knew it was his chance to run away.

“I don’t care what you guys do with her. I’m not going to detention. I’m leaving!” Deji said as he slowly took his left arm off Eva’s neck who was choking already.

Then he pushed her from the back to the couch holding the short knife in his right and pointing it at them to scare them from coming close.

“I can’t get detention.” Deji said and sped off to the exit door.

Deji opens the door to run out.

“Good day Mr Deji. You’re under arrest for an attempted murder on Mr Adedotun and for the murder of your uncle. It is a double charge on a minor. You have the right to remain silent or anything you say will be used against you in juvenile court. You’ve also got the right to an attorney and if you don’t have one, the state will provide one for you. Officers?!” the inspector summoned at the end.

“Sir?!” the two officers responded.

“Take him away!” the inspector ordered.

Deji knew he had been caught at this point and there was nothing he could do about it. So he dropped the knife.

So they handcuffed him. He had been apprehended.

“Attempted murder?” Deji queried.

He was puzzled for a while.

“I didn’t die Deji. I’m alive.” Dotun interrupted.

“Holy sh**!” Deji was in shock.

“Hello Deji. I guess you can’t run forever. Can you?” Bayo queried with a smirk.

“You two could go to hell for all I care!” Deji said infuriated.

Then the officers dragged him away to the the mercedes.

(On walkie-talkie) “Please we need an ambulance right away. There is a dead body.” the inspector called for an ambulance to transport Tayo’s body.

“I heard all you said back inside. You must hate me now.” Mr Oyewole said.

“I despise you!” Deji yelled in scorn.

I always offered your dad worthy compensations but he wouldn’t take it. He got himself messed up with alcohol. He rejected all my offers. I hope one day you would understand what really transpired.” Mr Oyewole said.

“…You didn’t even attend his funeral. I hope you die!” Deji said sternly.

“I couldn’t face his grave. I guess I’ll live with that guilt for the rest of my life.” Mr Oyewole said.

Deji was so pained he spat at Mr Oyewole’s face. He wiped it off his face with his white handkerchief.

“Go to hell!” Deji yelled.

“Take him away.” Mr Oyewole ordered the officers.

Deji trashed talked as he was dragged away by the officers into the car. The inspector and his men sped off.

Then Bayo and Dotun walked into the house. In excitement, Bisi runs to Bayo.

“Bayo!” she screamed as she ran into his arms. The two shed a tear even as they hugged.

“I’m here now. I’m here now.” Bayo reiterated.

(Sniffing) She slowly released herself from his arms.

“…You never died?” Bisi queried stuttering.

“It’s a long story Bisi. I’ll tell you all about it later on.” Dotun said.

Ayo reminded them about Deji’s mum who was still down injured.

“Erm-mm guys? We’ve gotta get her to the hospital.” Ayo hinted.

So they joined in and carried her to Mr Oyewole’s range rover.

“I’ll take her to the hospital myself. She’ll be fine.” Mr Oyewole assured.

“I’ll tag along as well.” grandpa joined in.

So they drove off to the hospital. The kids watched as the car left the compound just outside the house.

Deji had been taken away as well. They kids stayed back. Apparently, they were going to find their way home.

(Sighs) “This was an adventure I will never forget in a hurry.” Eva said relieved.

“For all of us, this was a big lesson to learn from. From now on, we should be good citizens. Life’s tough but only the strong can survive as my dad would always say. We all need each other at the end of the day.” Bayo ended saying.

“Very true.” the rest kids consented.

“All is well that ends well they say.” Dotun said.

“Erm-mm guys? Is anyone as hungry as I am right now? Ayo asked. Apparently, he was really starving.

“Hahaha” everyone laughed off.

“Come on let’s go get some food down the road. I know a restaurant around here.” Kola said.

“The bill’s on me!” Dotun said to delight of everyone.

“Whoa!” everyone were happy the rich kid was paying the bills. Then they all headed for the restaurant laughing and discussing among themselves.

In the end, Deji was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and got a life sentence for first-degree murder under strict supervision. His mum rejected Mr Oyewole’s offer to start up a business in the city and went back to Ogun to start a new life over there where her parents resided. She claimed there was nothing more for her in the city. Uncle Tayo was quietly buried by his sister. Bayo’s fees were now handled by Mr Oyewole. Dotun returned to school a changed kid.

Bisi and Bayo dated in their senior year. Bisi never told her dad about uncle Dele. She figured keeping her family together was more important than anything in the world. Uncle Dele never came back and mum kept it a secret. Eva and Bisi remained besties for a really long time. Ayo and Kola remained very good friends. Mr Oyewole became a philanthropist as he also sponsored their education. They (Bayo, Bisi, Dotun, Ayo and Kola) all remained good friends for a very long time…(THE END)

Thank you for being there all through the episodes of ‘The Orphan’ on Danny world. I hope you learned quite a lot from this story. Stick around for the next fiction. This is Danny world..


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