Deji’s mum slowly walked down the stairs in the basement approaching the trio who were in complete dread of what’s to come. They kept staring and shrugging puzzled on what to do at this point. Deji’s mum finally got down to where the trio stood in front of the body. They aligned to stop her from seeing the body.

“Who are you guys? And why does this place stink this bad?” Deji’s mum queried with her hands on her nose.

“Erm-mm…We’re Deji’s friends ma.” Kola stuttered.

“Deji’s friends? Deji never told me he was having company at this hour. And why are you guys still in your uniform?” she asked.

At this point, words were a rare jewel.

“Erm-mm…we came to see you ma.” Kola stuttered again.

“To see me?”

“Yes…we didn’t know you were out of rehab ma…” Kola answered.

“Yes…yes…yes..” Eva and Bisi joined in nodding their heads like they knew what Kola was talking about.

Deji’s mum seemed a bit convinced.

“Wow that’s so nice of you.” she chortled.

“Yes…ma” the trio kept their teeths out.

Suddenly, Deji’s mum noticed a leg behind.

“I see a leg behind you guys…” she figured and tried to break their alignment to see whose leg was out.

The kids were resilient.

“Ahh ma…it’s nothing ma.” they said trying to talk her out of it.

“It is…” Eva stuttered trying to put up another lie.

Interrupted by Bisi.

“Your son’s a murderer.” Bisi pronounced.

“What?!” Eva and Kola yelled in shock simultaneously.

Bisi had let the cat out of the bag so quickly. She had put the group into further dilemma. Deji’s mum was bewildered at this point. She wondered why a stranger would accuse her son of killing. Bisi stepped out of the way and so did Eva and Kola who had no option at this point.

“Olorun oo! Tayo?!!!” Deji’s mum screamed in shock of what she had just seen.

Her only brother had been killed by her only son. She touched his body tearfully.

“Noooo!!!” she wept.

“He’s gone ma. It’s all because of your son. He’s a maniac. He did kill his best friend Dotun and now he’s framed another innocent kid for his wrong. Your son’s crazy!” Bisi quarreled.

Naturally, Deji’s mum objected.

(Pointing her right forefinger and sniffing) “Now you watch your mouth kid. For all I know, you guys could have done this as well. My son is a good kid and wouldn’t take anyone’s life. How do you expect me to trust a stranger?” Deji’s mum rebuked.

“You’ve gottta trust us ma. Remember me? It’s me Kola.” Kola said trying to trigger her memory.

“Kola?” Deji’s mum paused to think for a second.

“Yes…Ayo, Dotun and my humble self used to hang out at your old house in Ogba some years back. I’m Mr Awoyele’s son. You remember?” Kola asked.

Deji’s mum thought again.

“Ooh! The Awoyele’s…I do recall now. Your friend was a good friend of my late husband.” she eventually recalled.

Eva and Bisi watched how Kola was going to get them out of this situation and try to convince the mother to believe her son was indeed a killer.

“Yes ma. Deji has never been the same ever since you went to rehab.” Kola said.

Deji’s mum did not like to remember her time at rehab. She shrugged at the mention of it.

“Ma, please you have to believe us. Maybe he needs help because this is not the Deji I grew up to know.” Kola pleaded.

“For years, I wanted to have my son by my side. Now I have him in my arms. I don’t want it to slip away again. Deji’s a good kid and has been taking care of me since I came back from rehab. When I lost his father, I lost everything. I became a drug addict. I was a mess. I thought getting high would take away the pain I felt. But even after five years, it still feels like yesterday. Deji could be anything but not a murderer. I trained him up well. He couldn’t do such.” Deji’s mum said

“A lot changed in those five years ma. A whole lot. Perhaps he’s not the son you assumed him to be. We’re here to help our friend Bayo who was framed by Deji.” Kola said.

“My son can’t be locked up. I can’t lose him too. I lost my husband, now my only brother. I can’t afford to lose my son too.” Deji’s mum objected.

“Would you rather have a murderer as a son and let someone innocent rut in detention?” Bisi queried sternly.

“…Every mother wants to protect her children.” Deji’s mum replied.

“Well, not all children have mothers or fathers or anyone to help them at all. This kid in detention is an orphan and doesn’t deserve this punishment. What if your son was in such situation? How would you feel watching from the clouds?” Bisi queried her conscience.

“Hmm-mm…Even if I were to beileve you…” Deji’s mum said but interrupted by Eva.

“At least let Deji attest to this. Confront him with this body and let’s see how he tries to deny it.” Eva suggested.

Deji’s mum was having second thoughts at this point. She knew the kids had a point. The trio stared at one another. They knew they had inked their thoughts in hers.

(Sighs) “Where’s Deji?” Deji’s mum asked.

“He should be coming in with Ayo right about now.” Kola answered.

“Good. Come one. Take the body.” she instructed.

Quickly, the trio got a big black blanket to wrap the body to reduce the reek. Deji’s mum assisted to ease the weight.

“We’ll take it to the living room and confront him with it. I hope you guys wrong though.” Deji’s mum said.

“You’re doing the right thing ma.” Eva said.

(Sighs) “I hope I am my child. I hope I am.” Deji’s mum reiterated.

“Come on. Let’s pull him up.” Kola said as they lifted body to the living room.

It was a deadweight. Eventually, they got to the living room and laid the body on the ground a bit close to the exit door. They all stood behind the body beckoning on Deji and Ayo to come in. Then the door opens with both guys sharing a laugh.

“Whoa! What’s going on here? Bisi…” Deji was stunned.

“You can’t hide anymore Deji.” Bisi said sternly.

At this point, Ayo moved away from Deji tinting towards his friends.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you scumbag.” Deji said infuriated.

Deji figured they had found his uncle’s body.

“Why son? Why did you do it?” His mum queried.

“I don’t…understand.” Deji stuttered.

“Ohh you will..” Bisi intruded.

“Sshh…You lied to me your uncle was in Ogun when was actually dead. Was this why you stopped me from going to the basement?” his mum queried again.

Deji was mopping at this point.

“It all makes sense now…Why Deji? Why did you kill your uncle?!” she yelled.

“Erm-mm…mum? Maybe it’s time you take your pills and rest. You know you just got out of rehab. I don’t want you to have a relapse.” Deji scoffed trying to talk her out of it.

She remained stiff.

“Don’t give me that crap. I need an answer now!” she yelled again.

“Okay! Okay! Okay! I did it! And so what?! He was just another pain in the a** anyway. He was always mean to me and would never let me come visit you in rehab…” Deji said infuriated.

The other kids watched at this point how mother and son lashed out on each other.

“So they were right. You did kill Dotun too. Goddamn it!” Deji’s mum was infuriated.

She couldn’t phantom the reality that her son was actually a killer.

“Pwoah!” she gave him a resounding slap.

(Holding his right cheek) “Argh! Mum?!” Deji was shocked.

His mum had never slapped him until now.

“You disgust me!” she yelled in rage.

“You really don’t get it mum…”

“Really? That poor kid shouldn’t be paying for your sins. You’re gonna have to turn yourself in. I can’t even look at you anymore.”

“I’m never getting detention! Never!” Deji yelled even as he brought out a short knife from his back pocket.

Everyone were terrified at this point.

“No one leaves!” Deji threatened sternly.

His mum was stunned seeing her son in possession of such a weapon.

“You’re crazy.” Deji’s mum said.

“It’s all because of you mum! It’s all you! I did what I did because of us. To avenge dad! Don’t you get it?!” Deji yelled weeping.

Apparently, he had become a monster because of his mother. The other kids needed a little bit more elucidation at this point.

“How do you mean? I couldn’t be the cause of this madness that seem to have taken you over.” Deji’s mum said even as she edged closer to Deji.

“Stay back mum! Stay back!” Deji yelled pointed the knife at her.

“Don’t do it Deji!” Ayo said.

“Shut up!” Deji yelled.

“Maybe you should just kill me anyway. I’d rather die than mother a murderer! So come on…do it. Do it like you did to Tayo!!!” Deji’s mum yelled beckoning on him to react.

“Don’t be stupid Deji!” Eva yelled.

Deji was wobbling around hitting his head with his hand like some psycho.

“Argh! It’s all your fault mum!” Deji was infuriated.

She still wouldn’t retreat.

“I don’t wanna do this mum. Step back!”

“Do it kid. Maybe it’s all my fault anyway. Maybe I messed up myself after your father’s death. Maybe I left you for years…but to take a man’s life…Come on, I raised you better than that!” she yelled.

The whole place was certainly heating up.

“Well…people change. Maybe I changed. You don’t know what it feels like to be alone. You don’t know what it feels like to be in this dark place knowing the cause of your sadness is always seen happy like nothing happened.” Deji said.

“What are you talking about? Don’t try to put this on anyone. It’s your mess.” she rebuked.

“I can’t go to detention. I’m not done yet.” Deji said.

“You’re not done killing me people? You must be really sick…give me that!” Deji’s mum yelled as she ran into Deji trying to take the knife away from him.

She stretches her hands forward to pull the knife away. Deji wouldn’t let go. Then she gets slit on her left arm resulting from the tussle.

“Argh!” she screamed falling slowly to the ground holding her left arm which was all red.

“…Told you not to come close. This could have been have avoided.” Deji said.

“Oh my God!” Eva’s mouth agape.

In fear, she quickly ran towards the exit door but she’s apprehended by Deji. He wraps his left arm around her neck pulling her back close to his chest with the knife in his right hand and placed it in front of her throat.

“Told you no one goes out. I thought I was clear on that stupid!” Deji yelled shoving her neck back and forth. He had a sinical look on his face. Eva couldn’t breathe at this point.

“Deji? You’ve gotta clam donw. No one has die here today. Just put the knife down and let her go okay? She’s not the one you want. Just let her go please…” Bisi pleaded trying to pacify his rage.

Bisi slowly stepped forward.

“Don’t even come near me. I may hurt you as well. Stay back! You all don’t get it do you?!” Deji queried.

“Deji? You don’t have to do this.” Kola pleaded.

“Shut upt shut the hell up!” Deji yelled as he held her neck even more firmly.

“One more step Bisi and your bestie joins Dotun!” Deji elucidated.

Tension erupted as everyone feared for their lives at this point. Dej’s mum was still down injured clutching her left arm. Eva’s life was on the line.

Very soory for the belated post. It was due to some uncontrollable factors. “The Orphan” comes to an end next tuesday. Watch out for the season finale. It promises to be mind blowing.

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