Bisi and Eva had succeeded in kicking out Mr Biodun from Preston High. The duo certainly knew how to catch a rat. Bisi had agreed to tell Eva her secret if they succeeded. So they walked into the woods where Bisi had promised to show her bestie something. Apparently, Bisi wanted to her to see for herself the exact spot where Dotun was killed. When they got to the spot, they paused for a second.

“I would admit. We did pretty good today working as a team.” Bisi confessed.

“Yeah…Perhaps this means we work better as a team than apart. You said you wanted to show me something out here. Can I see it now?” Eva queried.

Bisi seemed a bit wan. She kept wondering whether involving Eva was the right thing to do.

“Bisi?!” Eva called.

“Ye…ah?” Bisi stuttered.

“You brought me out here. So you might at least listen to me…”

“I’m sorry Eva…just that…I really don’t want to involve you in all of this. It’s too dangerous.” Bisi tried to talk her out of it.

“It’s time you let me help and stop carrying the world on your shoulders. But if you wanna continue like this, I guess this secret is a lot more valuable to you than our friendship. I might as well just leave.” Eva said as she was about to race off.

Apparently, she was disappointed her bestie didn’t trust her enough with this secret.

“Wait!” Bisi put her on retard.

Eva, paused for a second.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to lose us too. I’ve been losing a lot lately. I lost Bayo, my family…Please I don’t want to lose you too.” Bisi apologized and walked a few steps towards Eva in front.

Eva still seemed uninterested even as Bisi placed her hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll tell you.” Bisi said.

“Good. I’m listening.” Eva replied irritated.

“Hmm-mm…Bayo didn’t kill Dotun. He’s innocent.”

“How do you know that?” Eva queried.

“You saw him. Do you think he could harm a fly?” Bisi asked.

“Well…You can never know. Things don’t appear as they seem.” Eva replied.

“Bayo’s different.”

“Or maybe it’s because you like him.” Eva teased.

“Well…that’s undeniable but that’s not the reason at all.” Bisi replied.

She finally admitted.

” Well, If Bayo didn’t kill Dotun, who did? Eva asked curiously.

Bisi was thrown off balance by her question. She couldn’t place the start button. She knew no one would believe her.

“Deji did…” Ayo interrupted coming out from the east.

Eva was astounded.

“Bayo’s innocent Eva.” Kola followed from the west.

Eva’s head kept moving sideways.

Apparently, they’ve been watching all these while. Eva was in enigma. She was puzzled on what was happening at this point.

“Ermm-mm…What the hell is going on here?!” Eva yelled indignantly.

“Bisi?! Why are they here?!” Eva queried as she kept wobbling around.

“Relax…I called them here because I wanted us to prove Bayo’s innocence.” Bisi said.

“We’re here to help.” Kola said pacified.

“Yeah…Be calm. We’re here to help Bayo and we want you to be a part of it.” Ayo said.

Eva was a bit pacified at this point. She figured Bisi had invited her to join the pack.

“You said you wanted to know my secret. Well, here’s your chance.” Bisi said.

The trio stood close to one another directly opposite Eva who stood alone.

“This was where Dotun died. I brought you here to come see for yourself.” Bisi said pointing to the spot where Dotun gave up the ghost.

Eva stared at the trio strangely. She wondered why Deji would kill his best friend.

“…But this is hard to believe. Deji might be a bit unruly at times but that doesn’t make him a killer. For Christ sake, they were friends. It doesn’t add up. ” Eva doubted.

“Well, so is Bayo. He’s innocent.” Ayo interrupted.

He wanted to convince her.

“One question. Why do you think Kola and I stopped hanging out with Deji?

“Well…” Eva was interrupted.

“We were scared for our lives. I can tell you this because we were once friends. Deji is to be dreaded. Deji only framed Bayo to save his head. Think about this, why let a man be punished for a sin he knew about? I don’t think my conscience would let me sleep at night if I let that happen.” Kola said.

Eva was having second thoughts at this point.

(Sighs) “…Okay…You say Deji killed Dotun. Where’s the prove? Apparently, Deji seemed to have proved to the cops Bayo was the killer.” Eva questioned.

“That’s why we need you. That’s why we’re all here. We wanna find out.” Bisi said.

Eva did love adventures.

“Alright. I will only believe when I see the evidence.” Eva joined in.

“Welcome to the team.” Ayo said.

“Now what’s the plan?” Eva asked.

Bisi scoffed. She was pleased to see her friend consent to their proposal. So she gathered them together forming a circle.

“Now I found out something was off today about Deji just before Mr Biodun’s class. He talked about killing others. We all know Deji killed just one person which was Dotun. I think he’s been fooling us all these while. Deji should be feared. I think he’s killed others. Maybe if we could find out who else he has killed, we might be able to free Bayo and get the…” Bisi was interrupted.

“…cops to look into his case.” Eva completed.

“Exactly!” Bisi admitted.

“So how do we catch him?” Ayo asked.

“We follow him. That’s how.” Bisi said.



“You do know Deji’s house. Don’t you?” Bisi asked.

“Yeah…been to his uncle’s house a couple of times.” Ayo replied.

“Then we head there now.” Bisi said.

“Wait a minute. We’ve gotta be smart about this. We can’t get caught. A prove is what we need. Maybe his diary, phone or a trace of some sort that he actually did kill someone other than Dotun. Now here is what we’re gonna do. Ayo?” Eva called.

“Yeah?” Ayo answered.

“You do know him quite well. Don’t you?”

“Dotun was the closest to Deji but I know a thing or two about him so…yeah.” Ayo replied.

“Do you think his uncle would be around at this time?” Eva asked.

“It’s 4:50pm, I know for sure that his uncle doesn’t come back until late at night. Sometimes he has one or two businesses to catch up with. So he should be alone at this point.”

“Good. Then you’ll be the distraction we need to break in.” Eva said.

“Distraction?” Bisi wondered what she meant by that.

Then Eva brought them a bit closer to herself.

“Yes a distraction. For we to be able to break in, we need a distraction and Ayo can bring us that. The plan is this. Ayo goes in there and starts up a conversation that will take both of them outside the house for about fifteen minutes which is enough time for us to search the whole place on the inside. Now Kola?” Eva called.

“Yeah?” he answered.

“You’re gonna stand at the entrance door on the inside. You’re gonna be looking out for me and Bisi who will be doing the searching. After we must have found a prove, on or before the time, we sneak out through the front door signalling a mission accomplished to Ayo who must walk back into the house with Deji to avoid suspicions. So Ayo think of a conversation that will keep him there for fifteen minutes so you can buy us time.” Eva was the mastermind at this point.

She had orchestrated the plan.

“Whoa! That could work.” Bisi was amazed.

“Let’s do this.” Kola said.

“Now remember guys, he’s smart so we’re checking all sections of the house for simply anything that could implicate him. Got it?” Eva asked.

They all nodded in acquiesce.

“Whoa! I’ve never seen this bad a** side of you before girl.” Bisi chuckled.

“…Well, maybe it’s because it was never brought to test until now. The situation determines the reaction.” Eva laughed off.

The duo finally had it going again.

“We’ve got him guys. We’ve got him. Let’s go.” Ayo said as they headed for Deji’s house.

Back at the detention centre, Bayo was still in his cell. It’s been two days inside detention. He was beginning to get frustrated. His grandfather wasn’t back with barrister Bode. There had been no form of evidence whatsoever to proof his innocence. He was just 24 hours away from trial. He sat on his bed in the cell with thoughts jumbling around his head.

“What kind of life is this?!” a voice queried bitterly in his head.

“A world where evil goes unpunished. I’m paying for the sins of another man. Ever since I lost my father, I’ve never known joy.” a voice said in his head as he cried out in harsh wind.

Apparently, he was grieved about his current state. Then he lifted up his head to the heavens.

“Maybe I don’t have anyone anymore. Even God seem to have forgotten me! I thought you loved the kids huh?! You took my parents away from me and left me to suffer in this cruel world. Why Lord? Why?!!!” Bayo was pained. He was irritated that God had failed him. Then he took a blade on his table.

“Maybe I should end it right here. I can’t bear this burden any longer.” Bayo attempted to slit his wrist when he heard a voice.

“Don’t do it son.” It was his father. He had appeared to him as a ghost. He stood just in front of the bars.

Bayo was shocked he’d quickly toss the blade.

“Dad? Is that you?” Bayo doubted. He slowly stood up to get a clearer view.

“It’s me son. Why do you want to take your own life?” his father asked.

“Dad, I just can’t take it anymore.” Bayo cried out.

“Remember I always told you to be strong.” his dad recalled.

“What if I’m not strong? What if I wasn’t meant to be? What if grandpa’s right? You don’t know how difficult it is waking up every morning as an orphan. You don’t know how it feels to be teased by kids in school because I’m an orphan. You don’t know how it feels like to be locked up in this damn cell paying for a crime you knew nothing about!!! You have no idea dad!!!” Bayo yelled as he kicked forward his table in rage. He kept panting heavily with a stern look on his face.

Bayo had lost hope.

“I know how you feel son but it’s not over yet. The fat lady hasn’t blown the whistle.” his father said.

“I’m done dad. I’m done!” Bayo gave it up. He was tired of fighting.

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna give it all up like that? Then you’re not tough enough. You’re not as strong as I imagined. Life’s a battlefield and only survivors can stand. Only the brave can stand the test. Giving up is only for cowards. Cowards do that and that ain’t you!!! You’re better than that son!!! Don’t be a loser!!!” his father yelled spurring a fight in his son.

“I never left you and so did God. You just need to dig deep and find that inner strength. That’s what real men do.” his dad said.

Bayo was a bit pacified at this point.

“What if I’ve got nothing left in me?” Bayo queried.

“Son, everything you need is within you. You’re gonna come out of this. Just believe that. Hang in there son. Hang on. Help is coming.” his dad said as he disappeared.

“Dad? Dad? Dad?!” Bayo called. But dad was gone. Apparently, he had instilled a bit of confidence in him.

Bayo sighed deeply.

“Knock! Knock!” the guard knocked on his bars.

Bayo quickly sniffed and dried up his tears with his hands.

“Ye…ah?” he stuttered.

“You’ve got a visitor kid.” the guard notified.

“Alright. Maybe help is here.” Bayo believed.


“Knock! Knock!” Ayo knocked on Deji’s front door.

Deji was in the living room watching television. He paused for a minute.

“Yeah. Who’s that?” he queried from the inside.

“It’s me Ayo. Open up man.” Ayo replied from the outside.

Deji was quite puzzled on why Ayo would be knocking on his door at this hour. It was dusky. Ayo had not been to his house ever since Dotun died.

“Why is he here?” a voice asked in his head.

So he walked to the door. He unlocked and made use of the doorknob opening the door a little. He peeped to see if he was being followed.

“You don’t have to worry. I came alone.” Ayo assured.

“Alright. You’re still in your uniform. You must be exhausted. Come on in. Don’t worry about my uncle.” Deji opened the door wider.

“Nahh… I’m good…I wanted us to talk outside. It’s very important. I can come in after we’ve talked.” Ayo suggested.

“Ehen-nn…Okay. Let’s take a stroll then.” Deji said as he shut the door behind him and headed out with Ayo.

Ayo fluttered his right forefinger unknown to Deji. He signalled the group it was all clear. The trio hid behind the balcony.

“It’s all clear.” Kola whispered.

So they sneaked into the house through the front door. Kola stood at the door inside the living room as agreed. Eva and Bisi split to be able to search every section.

“We’ve got thirteen minutes and counting.” Kola hinted.

“Bisi you search downstairs. I’ll go upstairs.” Eva instructed as they quickly went into full search.

Back outside the house, Ayo and Deji stood under the mango tree in front of the house. Apparently, Ayo figured an interesting conversation.

“I think Bayo deserves detention. He acted like he owned the place bringing plans all the time and expecting everyone to abide without questions. He reminded me of Dotun. I’m glad he’s behind bars and I hope he remains there for a long while.” Ayo acted grieved.

Ayo had filled Deji’s ego. He nodded to Ayo’s supposed true words.

“Why are you here Ayo?” Deji queried sternly.

Ayo was shocked at his response. He expected a more refreshing response. Oops! This might have gone bad.

Back inside the house, time was running out. They had seven minutes left. They had found nothing.

“Erm-mm…I’m glad you didn’t implicate me. I know you could have told the cops I was present that day. You covered for us man. Kola doesn’t see you did us a favour but I do and that’s why I’m here to help. Whatever will keep Bayo in there making sure no one finds out about us. We were never enemies. Bayo is our enemy.” Ayo said.

“I’m glad you finally see it. Let’s go in. You should see my mum.” Deji said with a smile.

“Your mum?” Ayo queried in shock.

He never knew Deji’s mum was out of rehab. He mopped for a second.

“…I thought she was in rehab?” Ayo queried.

“Ooh! I never told you guys. My mum’s back and she’s normal again. You should be happy for me man.” Deji chortled as he poked Ayo’s chest.

Ayo put up a make shift chuckle like he was really pleased his mum was inside the same house where his friends were in.

“Hmm-mm…of course. I’m glad she’s back.” Ayo muttered with another make shift smile.

“This is trouble. Guys get out of there.” a voice said in his head.

“Come on. Let’s go in. I’m sure she will be happy to see you. It’s been a while.” Deji beckoned.

“Oh sure…Okay then.” Ayo stuttered.

Back inside the house, Kola hinted the girls they had two minutes left. Suddenly, Eva screamed upstairs. Apparently, she had found something. Kola and Bisi rushed up the stairs. The scream came from the basement.

Bisi and Kola rushed down the basement stairs covering their noses with their hands. The basement stenched.

“Oh my God!!!” Bisi exclaimed in shock.

It was Deji’s uncle. His corpse had been here for days. It explains the reek.

“They’re approaching. We’ve gotta leave now guys.” Kola again hinted.

“This guy’s a monster… ” Eva was in shock as her hands kept fluttering.

“Put yourself together girl. Told you this was dangerous. Come on Kola. Take the picture.” Bisi said.

Quickly, Kola brought out his phone from his pocket to take a picture of the body.

“Hurry!” Bisi said.

“Who are you people? And what are you doing down here?” a voice queried. It was Deji’s mum.

They had been caught.

“Uh-oh…this doesn’t sound good…” Eva stuttered.

The trio stared at each other puzzled on how they were ever going to get out this situation. What happens now?

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ next tuesday only on Danny world

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