Some days back, I went into the woods to go get a specific set of plants and woods to make herbs as usual. When I got there, I took off my brown silky bag wrapped around my waistline where I did store the herbal plants. I had my sharpened cutlass in my right hand. Apparently, I was going to initialize the process. Suddenly, as I bent down to begin, I noticed a blood flow. I was astounded and curious. So traced where the blood was coming from. I walked few steps to my right and halted for a second.

Initially, I thought it was just an animal who was covered in leaves but then I looked further. It came as a great shock to me.This time it was a being. Apparently, he was dead. My mouth widened. Quickly, I scattered the leaves around the body. I checked his pulse which was on the low. He was still alive and I held on to that glimmer of hope. I adjusted my brown weaved hat and hurried to get my bag of herbs. Perhaps I would find some herbs to stop the blood flow from the back of his head. In a jiffy, I hurried back to the kid.

(Panting) “…Who could have done this to a kid? Stay with me kid. Stay with me.” I pleaded.

Then I mixed some herbs from my bag until it was a bit moist before applying them to the back of his head where he sustained the injury to stop the bleeding. Quickly, I got a thick white cloth from my bag and tied it gently around his head all to stop the bleeding. This was only a first aid treatment as I could only work with what I had at that point. The cut was very deep. I was scared he wasn’t going to make it. I could remember my hands shaking uncontrollably.

“You’ll be fine kid. Just hang in there!” I yelled.

I knew the first aid wasn’t gonna cut it. So I picked up his deadweight on my arms with his school bag on my back and headed for my house where I could give him better treatment. I remember palpitating all the way home. Time was running out. After walking down the woods with a wobble, I arrived home. Then I laid him down gently on the bed. Quickly, I got some jars of herbs and used a wooden pestle to pound them together in a mortar. I set up the fire to boil the herbs for some minutes. This mixture was going to resuscitate him.

After some minutes, the herbs were heated enough to begin the process. In a flash, I dished it into a small wooden calabash for the kid. I kept wobbling. Then I ran to the bed where he laid down.

“…Drink up kid…” I said hurriedly as I slowly opened up his mouth and used the wooden spoon to put in the herbal tea. He coughed just once and opened his eyes for a while and then fell asleep. Apparently, his sight was opaque.

“Come on kid…” I stuttered.

Then I placed my ear on his chest to again check his heart rate. It was normal.

(Sighs) “…Wow! Thank goodness. I thought I lost you there…” I scoffed.

The kid was breathing and had fallen asleep. I figured he needed a lot of rest to fully retain consciousness and he was going to be fine. I was relieved I could save his life at this point. Now it never occurred where this kid was from and why he was obviously attacked. I only wanted to keep him alive.

“…Wait a minute. Who’s this kid? He must have parents. I’m sure they must be in search for him right now and evenly worried.” I was disturbed.

Suddenly, I recurred carrying his school bag.

“Ooh…His bag. Perhaps I could find something.”
So I picked up his school bag from the chair where I left it. I ransack the bag in search of something I could use. Finally, I found a phone.

“Wow! This kid must be rich. The phone is certainly sophisticated.”

It took me a while to get to understand the phone as I kept tapping the screen multiple times. I wondered why a kid would use such a complex phone I never imagined was in existence. Apparently, the only phone I ever thought existed was my NOKIA torchlight.

(Sighs) “Aha! Got it!”

Finally, I could see the menus. I located his contacts and scrolled down and found his dad’s number. So I brought out my phone and dialled.

(On the phone) “Hello”

“Hello good evening. Who am I on to please?” his dad queried.

“I’m Mr Lekan. I think I might have found your son.” I replied.

“What??? Where???” he sounded shocked on the phone.

“…I found him almost dead and so I brought him to my home to help him. It was pretty bad but he’s okay now. Perhaps you could come see for yourself.” I employed.

“…Okay…Okay… Let me have your address.” I heard him stutter.

“Alright.” I gave him my address.

“Thank you sir…I’ll be there in a jiffy.” he assured and ended the conversation.

Later that day, he came with an inspector. Apparently, he thought I was some kidnapper or something. But when he saw the condition of his son, he thought otherwise. That’s how I found him. That’s how I found Dotun. You know what happened from that point on till today gentlemen.

(Sighs) “I’m very grateful Mr Lekan. I just wished it was different. He still hasn’t said anything since then.” Mr Oyewole said.

“He’s been staring strangely at the house. He didn’t even know his name when I asked him.” Mr Lekan said.

“Dotun has never experienced such pain before. I never wished for him to be in this precarious situation. He always had it well for him. I always provided everything he needed even when he didn’t ask. He’s our only child. A Dotun with amnesia is as good as dead to me…” Mr Oyewole lamented.

“Please don’t say that. He’s alive and that’s what is important at the moment. Let’s hold on to that hope at least.” the inspector suggested calmly.

All three men were indeed worried about Dotun’s state. They all sat on the couch worried about how to salvage the situation. Dotun was still asleep at this point.

“It’s all Bayo’s fault.” Mr Oyewole hollered.

He blamed Bayo for his son’s misfortune. Bayo was paying a crime he knew nothing about.

“He did this. I’m gonna make sure he never gets out of detention. What else did Deji tell you inspector?” Mr Oyewole asked.

“Ermm…he did say they got into a fight because of Bisi. Apparently, Dotun also had a thing for Bisi. Well, so did Bayo. Neither was ready to let go.” the inspector replied.

“…Okay…Then we need people who’ll testify against Bayo. Deji is a sure bet. I don’t know about the other kids but Deji is more likely to be convincing than the others cause he was present at the murder scene. An eye-witness is our best shot at this point since we don’t have the evidence.” Mr Oyewole said.

“…Yes very correct chief. Deji is an ally. He should be useful in court if the evidence is not found.” the inspector.

Bayo was obviously the target.

“…Let him feel the pain like I’m feeling right now. Nobody messes with my son.” Mr Oyewole said in rage.

“What if this kid didn’t really do it?” Mr Lekan queried.

“You mean Bayo?” Mr Oyewole asked irritated.

“Yes. What if this Deji is actually lying? What if he has a hand in this and he’s just trying to save his head? Or maybe he’s covering up for who did it? I mean if you’re gonna punish the culprit, at least let’s know it’s the right person…” Mr Lekan suggested.

“…Noooooo. I disagree. That is not even possible. Deji and Dotun are very good friends. He couldn’t have had any reason to try and kill his own friend. It’s not logical. I trust his judgment. Bayo did this.” Mr Oyewole said irritated.

“…Okay…just saying though…” Mr Lekan acceded.

Apparently, he wanted the cops to look into the case a bit more to be sure they were punishing the right person here. Mr Oyewole had a different view to that and was hell bent on his decision.

“…No! No! Nooooooo!” Dotun screamed out of his bed.

All three men hurried to his bed.

“…Dotun?!…Dotun?! What happened?!” Mr Oyewole queried anxiously.

The other two watched as Dotun kept panting heavily with his eyes widened like he had seen the devil himself. Dotun kept staring at the men weirdly.

“…I think I remember something now.” Dotun said.

The men stared at themselves anxiously. If he could remember something, how will it change the course of the case? Could this just be in Bayo’s favour? Was truth going to be revealed?

Watch out for the next episode of “The Orphan” next tuesday. Find out what happens next only on Danny world.

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