Bayo had narrated the whole story to his grandfather. He resulted to telling the truth eventually because that was the only way he was ever going to get help. Revealing his big secret was his only shot at freedom.

“So that’s the truth grandpa. Now you know why I’m here.”

Grandpa was still in shock from what he had just heard. His mouth agape.

“…How could you have gone through this alone?” grandpa stuttered.

“I’m sorry grandpa. I didn’t just want you to get involved and be worried about me just as you are now.” Bayo said.

“…And look where that got you. You’re just a kid. I should be the brave one here not you.” grandpa said irritated.

“…So what do we do now?” Bayo asked anxiously.

(Sighs) “Do you have any proof whatsover that Deji really killed Dotun?” grandpa queried.

“Hmm-mm nothing grandpa. Deji made sure of that. He took out every trace. Except…” cut short by grandpa.

“…Your friends?”

“Yes grandpa. They were present at the muder scene. They could testify in my favour. I mean they saw what really happened.” Bayo said.

“All we have is just witnesses nothing concrete on Deji. What about his background, past records, health report or something? Anything we could use at least.” grandpa queried indignantly.

“Hmm-mm no one knew about Deji. Dotun was the only who knew Deji’s background. I can’t say the same for Ayo and Kola but they might know something…” Bayo replied

“Then you need an attorney son.”

“But we can’t afford one at this point. Where are we gonna get the money?” Bayo asked disturbed.

“You’ve got just a minute left.” the guard alarmed.

“…Leave that to me son. I’ll put a call through to Barrister Bode our family lawyer. He did help your father when he was alive. He’s a very good lawyer. I’m sure he won’t charge us much. I’ve also got some savings left. Worst case scenerio, I’ll use that to pay up.” grandpa assured.

(Sighs) ” I hope he’d be willing to help.” Bayo replied.

“Pwoh! Pwoh!” grandpa coughed.

For some days now, he’s been a bit weak, heavy headed and did cough a few times. Bayo’s situation wasn’t making it any better. Bayo was worried.

“…Grandpa?!” Bayo rushed to hold grandpa.

Impeded by his grandpa. “I’m fine son. I’m fine…” grandpa hinted.

Bayo still wasn’t convinced but he sat still.

“You’re still not taking your drugs right?” Bayo queried.

“…I told those are only white chalks. Our traditional herbs work better. Do not worry about me. I’ll be fine.” grandpa said.

“You’re not fine grandpa. You’re the only family I’ve got left. Please don’t leave me too. At least, go to the hospital and get a check up. So we know for sure what’s wrong with you. Promise me you would do that?” Bayo insisted.

(Sighs) “…Alright I will…I’ll see the doctor.” grandpa shrugged.

“And?” Bayo asked beckoning on him to promise.

“…Okay…Okay…I promised.” grandpa scoffed.

“Thank you.” Bayo answered.

“Alright time’s up. Let’s go kid.” the guard alarmed.

“…Grandpa please get me outta here. Please get me outta here.” Bayo yelled as he was walked back to his cell.

(In his thoughts) “…I will son. I will.” grandpa responded with a sad nod.

Then he managed himself up to his feet and left the detention centre. Apparently, he was going to get through to barrister Bode.

It was dusk and Bisi had locked up herself in her room. She refused to speak to anyone not even her dad who was her confidant. She also did refuse lunch. Bisi was disturbed about Bayo who had been locked up in detention.

“Knock knock.”

Her door was knocked twice.

“I said I don’t want to see anyone!” she yelled.

“Even me?” he queried from the outside. It was her dad. He wanted to know what was going on with Bisi. He wondered why she would lock herself up and refuse her mother’s meal.

“This is unusual kid. Perhaps we should talk.” her dad alluded.

Bisi remained mute despite her dad’s attempt to come talk to her. Her dad realized she was never going to let him in.

(Sighs) “…Alright then. I got you brown chocolates your favourite you know. But I guess I’ll just leave it here.” her dad slowly dropped the chocolate pack on the ground just at the entrance. Then he was prepared to use the stairs when the door went wide open.

Bisi’s dad heard the door open and scoffed. He knew Bisi couldn’t resist the chocolates. So he took a quick turn and headed for the door. Then he picked up the chocolates from the entrance and walked in.

“…How long do you plan on keeping this up child?” her dad queried vexedly. Then he sat on the edge of her bed just beside Bisi and dropped the chocolates behind them.

“…What troubles you my child? Since I came back, you’ve not been yourself. Your mum has been quite off herself. Anything I don’t know about?” he inquired.

For a while, Bisi stared at her dad wondering whether telling her dad about Bayo was the right thing to do. She also thought about telling her dad about uncle Dele. She didn’t want to be the one to make that call neither did she want her dad to find out about the case at school.

“…A lot dad. A whole lot.” Bisi reiterated.

“I’m all ears my child.”

Bisi took a deep breath.


“Yes child.”

“Why do good people get what bad people deserve?” Bisi asked

(Sighs) “…Sometimes life can be unfair to people. Life’s a jungle. It’s all about survival. The good guys always want to be nice but nice people don’t win in the jungle only the tough ones.” her dad said in a maxim.

“…So you’re saying good people need to be bad to survive?” Bisi was puzzled.

“…You’re a smart kid.”

“…Isn’t that supposed to be what life’s all about? I mean being nice to people?” Bisi said irritated.

“…In the real world, nice people are seen as weak and that’s why the bad guys take advantage of them. Sometimes you’ve gotta do bad things for the greater good. You’ve gotta make hard choices just to win. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It only makes you one step ahead every time. To catch a rat you’ve gotta think like a rat.” her dad said.

Bisi nodded for a second. Deji was certainly the rat in this context. She knew her dad had a point. Perhaps Bayo appeared weak to Deji that’s why he was manipulated. Deji did bad things to put Bayo in detention. Maybe if we returned the gesture, Deji would be in detention as well.

“…Yesssss!” Bisi nodded and smirked. Her dad had given her a diabolic plan unknown to him.

“…Thanks dad. I love you!” she hugged him.

“It’s okay my child. Now are you gonna tell me why you asked all these questions?” her dad asked.

Bisi slowly pulled away from her dad’s arms. She stared in conundrum. She wasn’t ready to reveal the truth to her dad.

“…Erm-mm…it’s nothing dad. I and Eva had a fight. She did some bad things to me that I don’t want to talk about. I guess she wasn’t the friend I thought she was. You were right. I was too nice and so I appeared weak to people.” Bisi wore a melancholy.

…”Awwww…my child. Don’t be like that. I know how close you and Eva were. I mean you guys have been friends since primary school. Trust me it will pass. Friends fight all the time. Maybe it was for a purpose. Now you’ve learned from it and you can make better friends.” dad hugged her.

She smiled. She knew her dad had fallen for her lies. Now she had a plan. Apparently, her dad was very resourceful. At last a spark of light in this dark day.

“…Chocolates!!!” she rushed to get the chocolates on her bed. Now she could eat.

“…Hahaha…you never could resist that. I knew it would only take a while. It’s all yours child.”

“Mm-mmm…yummy. Gosh! Brown chocolates taste so good. You should have some?” Bisi took a piece and offered her dad.

Dad had his mouth wide open to ingest the chocolates but Bisi had other plans in mind. She took the piece back just as her dad was about to have it in his mouth.

“…Hahahaha…it’s not gonna be that easy. You’re gonna have to fight me for this one.” Bisi said as she put the piece in her mouth chuckling to the detest of her dad.

“Mm-mmm tasty.” she wiggled in delight.

“…Now you’re gonna get it. Give me that…hahahaha.” her dad dived in and they both tussled in delight chuckling and chortling all for the chocolates. They were certainly having their moment.

Bisi’s mum who stood by the door watched them play so happily she was relieved Bisi kept her secret. For a second there, she thought Bisi was going to tell her dad about uncle Dele. Then she put up a smile at her family and walk down the stairs.


It was 8:45pm at night. A car drove into an archaic clay structure. The place seemed far off from the town. It was certainly a secluded area. The rooftop of the house was made of palm trees. The doors and windows were all wooden. It was the inspector’s car. I wonder what he was doing here at this time of the night. Oh well. Then he wobbled to the door.

“Knock knock.” the inspector knocked quietly.

A male voice from the inside replied.

“Who goes there?” the voice asked.

“It’s me. It’s the inspector.” he replied quietly.

Then the door opens.

“Oh come on in inspector.” a man said. Apparently, he was the owner of this archaic bungalow.

Then he took a furtive look outside to be sure no one was watching before locking the door from the inside.

Then they both walked to the bedroom.

“Oh you’re here inspector.” a voice said. It was Mr Oyewole. What was he doing here?

“Yes chief. I’m here.” inspector replied.

“Did you arrest him?” Mr Oyewole queried.

“Yes I did. Just as you ordered. He’s in detention now.” the inspector said.

“Good. You’ll get your pay as usual. Sit down.” Mr Oyewole instructed the inspector to take a sit.

So he sat down on a wooden chair.

(Sighs) “How is he?” the inspector queried.

“…He’s still doesn’t remember anything. Mr Lekan gave him some herbs to make him sleep for a while.” Mr Oyewole said. Apparently, Mr Lekan was the owner of the house and a herbalist.

Who doesn’t remember anything?

“These past week has been torrid for me. I couldn’t bare to see him like this anymore. Which is why I wanted the culprit to get apprehended at any cost. He doesn’t even remember his father…” Mr Oyewole shed a tear.

“…It’s okay sir. Let’s just give him more time.” Mr Lekan said pacifyingly.

“…You don’t have to worry about Bayo anymore. We’ll make sure he never sees daylight for what he did to your son.” the inspector said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. Usually, my herbs worked instantly on others. His case seems to be different.” Mr Lekan said disappointed.

“Perhaps we should take him to the hospital. You know…so he could get real medical treatment.” the inspector suggested.

“No. I don’t want to draw attention yet. If people know my son’s alive the culprit might not get punished anymore. It’s a juvenile case. I may be persuaded to dropping the charges since Bayo’s just a kid. I don’t want that to happen. It’s the least my son deserves.” Mr Oyewole said indignantly.

You mean Dotun has been alive all these while? How is that even possible? These men knew all along he was alive and kept it away from everyone The inspector has been lying to the students all this while on the orders of Mr Oyewole. Dotun was alive.

“He’s been like this since I found him. He did lose a lot of blood as a result of the hit to the head. The doctors call this amnesia. He doesn’t even remember his name. It’s really bad.” Mr Lekan said.

Apparently, Dotun had lost his memory. Dotun laid on the bed with a white piece of cloth tied around his head to stop the blood flow. His dad sat beside him watching him sleep.

(Sighs) “How long is he going to remain like this?” Mr Oyewole asked.

“Don’t know sir. Could be weeks, months or even a year…as long as it takes sir. As long as it takes.” Mr Lekan answered in uncertainty.

“What about his friends? Maybe we should mention the name of any of his friends to him. He should remember them at least. That could trigger his memory.” the inspector suggested.

“…Nothing inspector nothing. The kid doesn’t remember anything. We’re lucky he didn’t suffer brain damage. It’s out of my hands now. I’ve done everything I could possibly have done to help the kid. It’s up to him now…” Mr Lekan did forlet.

“This is bad. This is really bad…” Mr Oyewole said disappointed. He wondered whether he was ever going to call him dad again.

Dotun was alive but knows nothing about his past. Is Dotun ever gonna remember? Bayo was still in detention. The real culprit was still out there. What happens next?

Watch out for the next episode next tuesday on Danny world.

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