Yesterday, we saw Oseremen win. Today, we hope to see winners again in the question and answer game based on the story ‘The Orphan’ only on Danny world. Now in today’s game, we’ll giving out two (2) lucky people recharge cards simply by answering two questions. Please you’re only allowed to answer once. You MUST answer the questions on the blog simply by clicking on the COMMENT button on today’s post. The first two lucky people with the two correct answers wins. It’s fastest fingers first. Remember, if you haven’t read the story, you could also check it out on the blog. Answer entries closes at 6:15pm and winners will be revealed at 7pm tonight.Good luck guys! These are the questions;

  1. Bayo’s father died from what illness and at what age? (a) Skin Cancer & 39years (b) Bone Cancer & 44years (c) Diabetes & 41years (d) None of the above
  2. “…I saw you guys hold hands and don’t try to deny it this time.” Who said this? (a) Deji (b) Bisi’s mum (c) Eva (d) Ayo (e) None of the above

Let the answers roll in!

4 thoughts on “QUESTION & ANSWER GAME

  1. Correct! Send your preferred network and number so u can receive ur airtime. Pls when u receive it notify others on blog u’ve received your airtime.


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