After they had searched the woods and still did not find Dotun’s body, they all went back to their homes wondering who could have taken Dotun’s body. It was smokefall. Back at Bisi’s home, Bisi had just arrived from school. Exhausted, she sat on the couch in the living room. (In her thoughts) “Damn it! Where could Dotun’s body be at this point? Perhaps, he could still be alive…Noooo, he can’t be alive. His heart stopped beating right in front of us and besides he lost a lot of blood that day…he couldn’t have survived all that…” Bisi said nodding her head in doubt. Then her mother walks in from the kitchen to see a puzzled Bisi on the couch. “You don’t seem happy my child. What happened in school omo mi?” she said compassionately. Bisi didn’t want her mother to know what was going on in her head so she put up a smiley. “I’m okay mum. Just stressed that’s all.” Bisi said.

“Or maybe she just misses her father…” Bisi’s dad said coming in from the bedroom. He had just arrived from Ghana where he went for business. He has not been home for a month. Bisi ran to her dad in excitement. “Dad!!!” she said as she ran into his arms. They both shared a laugh. “I missed you dad. What did you get for me?” Bisi asked excitedly. “Hahahaha…A lot of stuffs my angel. Hope you’ve been good to your mum?” her father asked. Bisi looked at her mum wondering how her dad was going to take the news if he found out his wife has been cheating on him. She didn’t want to open up yet. Then mum said “Yeah she’s been good honey.” taking the attention away from her. “Yeah…so dad, how was your trip? How was Ghana? Tell me all about it.” Bisi said in excitement. (Bisi was still on his arms) “One question at a time child. Now, why not go have your bath and I’ll tell you all about it at dinner.” Bisi’s dad said. (Bisi stared at her dad) “Aye captain!” she said saluting her dad like in the army as she ran to go take her bath.

Then Bisi’s mum went back to the kitchen to finalise dinner. Bisi’s dad sat on the couch watching a show on TV. He had noticed the awkward silence between his wife and his daughter but chose not to respond. After some minutes, mum serves dinner at the dining table. “Dinner is set guys.” she said as father and daughter rushed to the dining table in excitement. So dad blessed the meal for everyone to eat. While they were having dinner, Bisi kept talking to her dad alone leaving her mum out of the equation. Then her mother said “Come on Bisi, don’t stress up your dad with all these questions. I’m sure he must be very tired from his trip.” Bisi replied “Maybe I just miss him more than others obviously.” with a stern look on her face. Dad was fed up with the awkward relationship between his girls. “Whoa…what’s going on here? I’ve noticed the weirdness between you two. Anything you guys are not telling me?” he asked curiously.

Then mum stood up and angrily left the dining table. “I just lost my appetite.” she said heading for the bedroom. Dad was surprised at the whole situation at home. So he asked “What’s with your mum Bisi? Why is she acting all strange?” Bisi didn’t want her dad to hear it from her. “I don’t know dad. Maybe you ask her yourself. She might tell you what really…really…happened. You know mum she could be funny at times.” Bisi said. Immediately, he stood up and went up to the bedroom to see his wife. “Honey, what’s going on with you? You seem to be really off since I arrived. I can’t be happy if my family is not happy. Please, tell me what’s going on.” Dad pleaded. Mum certainly didn’t want her husband to find out about her infidelity so she put up an act. “Nothing is going on honey. I just miss you a lot that’s all. Bisi seem to be taking all your attention and I wasn’t getting any of it. I guess I kind of got jealous there. I just miss my husband.” she said as she gave him a kiss. “I do miss you too a lot honey.” he said as they both shared a kiss.

Bisi was eavesdropping on their conversation at the door. Suddenly, she heard no further talk only awkward movements. She knew it was sex and so she walked out. “Oh dad, if only you knew your wife was a cheater…You’d never have sex with her.” she said heading for her room. She hoped her dad would find out the truth someday. Back at Bayo’s home, grandpa was quite ill. Bayo had to take care of grandpa while he also did the chores. So after dinner, he gave grandpa his drugs with a glass cup. Suddenly, grandpa held the cup and his hands began to shake even as he took the drugs. Bayo was worried for his grandfather. “Your hands are shaking. Let’s go to the hospital grandpa but you’ve refused. You’re getting worse.” Bayo said. Then grandpa replied “I’m fine my son. You know I don’t like the hospital. I like my traditional herbs better. This ‘Oyibo’ chalk doesn’t help me.” coughing as he talked. Bayo was worried. Before now, he had been forgetting some key events and faces. “The doctor would only run a check on you to know your illness and you’ll be fine. You’re the only family I’ve got and I don’t want to lose you too.” Bayo said sadly.

Grandpa had symptoms of stroke. “Don’t worry son. You won’t lose me. I’ll be fine just need to rest well that’s all.” grandpa said. Bayo replied unconvincingly “Okay, if you say so.” Then grandpa said “Take me to my room please.” Bayo was still disturbed about Dotun’s body and how he’s been covering up for his friends. So he asked his grandpa. “Before we go, have you ever lied to protect a friend?” he asked his grandpa curiously. Grandpa was surprised at Bayo’s question but had an answer still. “Well my son, lying is bad. But if you must lie to protect a friend then the you must ask yourself if the person is really worth it. If he or she is not worth protecting then it’s no point protecting him or her.” grandpa answered. Bayo then wondered if Deji was worth his protection. “I’ll keep that in mind grandpa. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.” Bayo said in appreciation. “You’re welcome my child. Now please take me to my room.” grandpa pleaded. “Ooh of course grandpa. Let’s go.” Bayo said as he helped grandpa to his feet and walked him to his room laying him to sleep.

Back at Deji’s home, he kept wondering who could have taken Dotun’s body from the woods. “What if Dotun is alive? Noooo! He can’t be alive. I watched him die. This is trouble. What do I do?” he kept asking himself rhetorical questions. Then there was a knock on the door. Deji was stunned because he never had visitors not even when his uncle was alive. Before now, some of his neighbours had asked about his uncle’s whereabouts. “Knock, Knock, Knock!” the door knocks again. Deji avoided people so no one would suspect his uncle’s death. “I’ll be right there.” he said as he rushed to get the door. Then Deji opened the door. “Hi my boy.” a woman said. It was his mum. She had been released from rehab where she had been receiving treatment for her unstable condition due to excess drug intake which to her insane behaviour over the years. Deji was astounded seeing his mother again after so many years. “Mum! I thought I would never see you again.” he said as he hugged her.

Deji’s mum cried as she hugged her son. “I’m home now my child. I’m never going to leave your side.” she said tearfully. Then Deji took her baggage into the living room. “Come in mum, we’ve got a lot of catch up to do.” he said as his mum walked into the living room. Then they sat on the couch to talk. “Mum, I’m so happy you got better.” Deji said excitedly. Deji haven’t been this happy in a while. “You made me get better Deji. While in rehab, I always thought of you. I always wanted to see my son but they wouldn’t let me. They said I was too dangerous to see anyone. I was treated so badly. I hid a picture of you in my bed and every night I would look at it and I would cry because I felt bad that I wasn’t there to protect you like a mother would.” she said recapping rehab tearfully. Deji was very emotional toward his mum he’d cry. “They told me I couldn’t see you mum no matter how hard I tried. They said you were crazy. Uncle, rebuked me from seeing you for 5 years mum. It was hard…” Deji said in disgust tearfully. (In tears) “It’s alright now my child. Iya ti de.” Deji’s mum said in yoruba assuring her son she was back as she hugged him tightly again.

Then his mum noticed her brother’s absence. So she asked “By the way, where is your uncle?” Deji had been put on tenterhooks with that question as he became scared his mother might just find out he killed his own uncle. “Erm-mm…Uncle travelled.” Deji said stutteringly. “Oh really, where did he go?” she asked again. Deji replied “Erm-mm…he went on a trip to Ogun and he didn’t say when he would be coming back.” Deji lied again. “Oh…he must have gone to see papa in the village.” Deji’s mum assumed. “Yeah maybe…” Deji said relieved he had convinced his mum. “How long has he been gone?” Deji’s mum asked again. Deji was fed up with the questions. “A few days…Mum, enough with the questions. You need to rest. Come on, I’ll take your things to your room while you go have your bath. Then you’ll tell me everything that happened at rehab. Okay?” he asked. Deji’s mum smiled at Deji thankful her son had grown to become such a good boy. “Alright my son.” she complied as she headed for the bathroom.

The next day, the students were all gathered at the assembly ground at 7:45am. Principal Peterson had a major announcement for the students. The five (Bayo, Bisi, Deji, Ayo and Kola) were keenly interested in the information the principal had for the students that morning. Then princpal Peterson took up the microphone. “Good morning students.” he greeted. They all replied “Good morning principal Peterson.” Then Bayo whispered into Bisi’s ear “Do you think they found Dotun’s body?” he asked. “I guess we should listen principal Peterson speak first.” Bisi whispered back into Bayo’s ear. A police officer stood behind principal Peterson. “As you all know, we’ve been on the look out for Dotun. I would like to let you all know that we found him.” principal Peterson said to the joy of the students. The students were clapping thankful Dotun had been found. The five were shocked Dotun made it out alive from the woods. Deji knew this was trouble for him. “Now the police officer will tell you how we found him.” principal Peterson said as he passed the microphone to the police.

Then the police officer took the microphone and stepped in front of the students. The expression on his face didn’t seem like he was happy Dotun had been found. “Good morning students.” the police officer greeted the students. “Good morning officer.” the students responded. “Like the principal said, we found Dotun but what he didn’t tell you was how we found him. Dotun is dead.” the police officer said to the dismay of the students. The students were bewildered at the news the police officer just broke to them as they murmured among themselves. The five stared at each other uncertain of what the next news was going to be. They knew this was trouble for them since the police found Dotun’s body. “It’s a sad news and that’s why his parents are not here today. He was found dead in the woods close to the school. Dotun was found in cold blood covered in leaves. From our investigations, it shows Dotun was murdered.” the police officer said. A beehive erupted on the assembly ground as students murmured still.

Then the police officer said “He sustained multiple injuries to his skull after he was found dead in a blood pool as a result of a hit to the back of his head. This is now a murder case and whoever killed Dotun must be punished by the law. From today, police officers are going to be conducting investigations around the school. The staffs, non-staffs and every student in this school will be questioned by my men, Is that alright students?” he asked. “Yes sir!” they all answered. “Alright, now if you’ve got any information that could be vital to the police, please do not hesitate to contact any of us. May his soul rest in peace.” the police officer said bringing an end to his proclamation. “Amen” the students replied in dismay. The five knew this was trouble. Deji was scared for his life. (In his thoughts) “Oh this is trouble. How am I ever gonna get out of this?!” Deji asked as the five kept staring at each other in great dread for what’s to come. This was horrifying…[To Be Continued]

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