After the assembly, every student became a searcher as Mr.Oyewole had promised a whooping sum of money if anyone could find his son. Dotun’s picture was pasted on the school’s notice board for everyone to have an image of who exactly was missing. Everyone were certainly on the look out for Dotun. Then the siren went out again. This time it was the last one for the day. The students stormed out of their classes heading for their various homes. The trio (Bayo, Bisi and Deji) had agreed to stay back after school hours in class. They waited for about an hour for other students to leave. The class was empty and quiet for them to meet. Then Bayo preambulated the meeting with a question ‘Okay guys, the police are now involved and suddenly everyone in school are in a search mode. What do we do?’ he said foggily. ‘I really don’t know how I got here but…I can’t wait for it to end. Sometimes I just wish I was in a dream and someone would just wake me up…’ Bisi said in disgust with her hand on her forehead face down.

Suddenly, a graveyard erupts as everyone seemed to be puzzled. Then Deji said ‘Like Bayo said before now, I say we bury Dotun’s body so he’s never found.’ he said with a stern look on his face. Bayo thought of it as a good idea and supported Deji’s suggestion. Bisi was uncertain so she she said ‘I’m really not in support of this…I’ve just a little bad feeling about this.’ Then Deji stood up. ‘You’ve got anything better?’ he asked Bisi in a loudly. Bisi was angered by the tone of the question she hit back at Deji. Deji didn’t want to give it up and so they raised their voices at each other speaking barbarically. ‘silence please!!!’ Bayo yelled at Deji and Bisi to restore normalcy as they yielded to Bayo’s plea. ‘This is not why we’re here! Deji might have killed him which I don’t support but the fact that we were all there makes it even more difficult for us. Deji is right, let’s bury the body.’ Bayo said.

Bisi was calmer at this point. Then she asked ‘Alright, how do we go about this now?’ as she sat down slowly with a big sigh. ‘We get shovels from the janitors…’ Ayo and Kola said together bursting into the scene. Apparently, they’ve been eavesdropping. Bayo and Bisi were stunned at their entrance so they ask ‘What are you guys doing here?’ as Ayo and Kola continued to walk toward the trio. ‘Deji here, told us you guys were meeting after school to discuss Dotun and so…we’re here.’ Ayo warbled strangely. Then Deji stepped in. ‘Oh come on guys…they also did see Dotun die so…I guess that makes them part of the team.’ Deji cluttered. Then Ayo and Kola responded in concordance ‘Yeah…most def.’ they warbled again strangely. ‘Well…Alright then. So like you guys said I guess we go steal shovels from janitors then.’ Bayo said.

‘Arrgh…Finally, we agree on something.’ Deji said with a big sigh. ‘Alright then…let’s get the shovels.’ Bisi said. ‘Urhh…Actually, I think we got the shovels already. Deji kinda gave us a heads up we might doing some digging. So we figured we get shovels from the janitors.’ Kola said as Ayo went outside the door to bring them the shovels. (Handing a shovel to the boys) Ayo said ‘Here you go boys. Shovels for everyone except you princess. You don’t get to do hard labour today. Let the men handle it.’ Ayo had a weird smile on his face as he joked about Bisi’s sex. (Laughs) Bayo chuckled at Ayo’s joke. ‘Yeah laugh all you want…but I love being a woman. At least I don’t kill people like some men.’ Bisi said throwing a gibe at Deji. ‘Alright, enough of the jokes. Let’s move it! There is no time for fun games or throwing stale tantrums.’ Deji said hastening the boys to pick up the pace. Eventually, they came to a consensus as they headed out for the woods.

Then they got the entrance gate of the school stopped in their tracks by one of the guards. The guard asked ‘Why are you kids still in school at this time?’ with a curious look on his face. The kids were stunned. They had no response to give the guard as they kept mumbling words. ‘You seem to have shovels in hands. Where are you guys going with them?!’ the guard yelled instilling even more uncoordination in the kids as they kept mumbling and fluttering. They had planned to escape the guards unsighted. This was spontaneous. ‘Urhh…Sir, we had to stay back because our Agriculture teacher told us to harvest the cassava we planted weeks back. It was given to us as an assignment. These are my group members and we want to go harvest the crop with these shovels in the woods. Isn’t that right guys?’ Ayo asked his friends with a weird smile on his face. ‘Yes…Yes…Yes…’ they all responded stutteringly.

The guard seemed convinced by Ayo’s lies. ‘Alright, fair enough. Go ahead then…but make sure you’re back in time to return the shovels before heading home.’ the guard warned as he gave his consent. ‘Thank you sir.’ they all replied with improvised smiles on their faces running through the gateway. Now they were out of the school compound. ‘Damn! You should have a degree in lying Ayo.’ Bayo said laughing out loud. (Laughs) ‘Yeah Ayo…you’re good!’ the others said poking Ayo on the chest. ‘Yeah right…had to think of something since y’all decided to mumble.’ Ayo said. ‘You’re still gonna get the degree anyway…’ Deji said throwing gibes at Ayo. ‘Oh yeah…maybe you should get a degree for murder.’ Ayo said hitting back with a cheeky look on his face. Deji was angered by Ayo’s statement as they both got into a fierce exchange of words.

Then Bisi yelled ‘Stop it guys!’ calling the boys to order. Bayo and Kola separated the two to impede any further fierceness. ‘Come on guys…let’s stop with all the trash talk. We’ve gotta work together. It’s beginning to get dusky. We gotta end this before it’s dark. So I guess we get our acts together and get this over with.’ Bisi said loudly calling their attention to the time. ‘Aye captain. We’re good.’ Deji said taking his hands off Bayo’s. So they picked up their shovels and headed for the woods. The others followed Bisi and Deji who led the group since they both hid Dotun’s body in the woods. After some distance, they eventually arrived around where the body was hidden. ‘Alright, we’re here. Let’s do some digging.’ Kola said jerkingly. Then Bisi and Deji went closer to the exact spot where they covered him in leaves. They scattered the leaves around and found nothing under them. ‘Oh my God! This is not good. This is trouble.’ Bisi said in shock staring at Deji. Dotun’s body was gone…[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’next tuesday only on Danny world. Also, questions will be asked based on this story so far and lots of prizes will be won. So read hard guys!

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