Bisi kept trying to drift away from Mr.Biodun’s strong grip on her. She was going to scream when someone knocked on the door. It was Ade. Mr.Biodun quickly adjusted the belt on his black pants and the black tie on his corporate blue sleeve. Bisi also adjusted her white blouse on a blue skirt uniform and buttoned up quickly. She was relieved Ade was just in time to save the day. ‘Knock, Knock!’ Ade kept knocking on the door wondering why Mr.Biodun was taking so much time to answer. ‘Hold on…a second…’ Mr.Biodun said stutteringly as he ran quickly to the door. (Sighs) Mr.Biodun opens the door ‘Oh it’s you again. What do you want Ade?’ he asked grumblingly. Ade sensed the uneasiness in Mr.Biodun’s response but played a blind eye to it. Then he called in Dotun’s parents to Mr.Biodun’s office.Their son had not been home for the past 3 days. Dotun was supposedly missing.

Then Ade introduced them to Mr.Biodun ‘Sir, These are Dotun’s parents. They say Dotun has not been home for 3 days now. So they came to the class today to find out his whereabouts. The class claimed they’ve also not seen Dotun this morning. So I brought them here. I assumed you would know how to handle this.’ Ade said. Immediately, Bisi ran to the door quickly to see Dotun’s parents. She was terrified they might just find out what really happened to Dotun. ‘Ooh come in then. I also was worried not to have seen Dotun in class this morning.’ Mr.Biodun said as he opened the door even widely inviting Dotun’s parents into his office. Then Dotun’s parents walked in ‘Thank you sir.’ they said simultaneously. Then Bisi walked out of the office. ‘I’ll take it from here now students. You can go now.’ Mr.Biodun said as he closed the door on the Ade and Bisi.

On their way to class, Ade curiously asked Bisi ‘What were you doing in Mr.Biodun’s office that long?’ Bisi wanted to avoid the question. She didn’t want Ade to know about how she almost got raped by Mr.Biodun. So she hit him with a question of hers ‘Where do you think Dotun would be at this point?’ Bisi asked. Ade replied clutteringly ‘Well…I don’t know. Deji and his gang seem not to know either so I’m clueless myself.’ Bisi knew this was trouble as she wondered what was going to happen if Dotun’s parents found out Deji killed their son. ‘Oh well, I guess we’ll all get to find out. I’m sure Dotun must be around somewhere…’ Bisi said sarcastically. At this point, Ade had forgotten he asked a question earlier ‘Yeah, I hope he’s found.’ he said as they rushed back to class.

When Bisi got class, she quickly headed for Deji’s seat. ‘Damn it! Dotun’s parents are here. What do we do Deji?’ Bisi whispered to Deji in agitation. Immediately, Deji grabbed her by the hand and walked her out of the class. Deji knew Bisi wasn’t emotionally stable due to the situation on ground so he took her out of the class so they could talk more calmly. Bayo however, saw how Deji and Bisi walked out of the class. He kept wondering what Bisi could be doing with Deji. Bayo was curious and jealous. (In his thoughts) ‘Bisi and Deji seem to be pretty close these days. I wonder what could be going on between those two. Maybe I should follow them and find out.’ Bayo said curiously as he followed them closely. Bisi and Deji did not know they were being followed. Then Deji took Bisi to an empty class where himself and his friends always chilled out after classes everyday to smoke cigarette when Dotun was alive.

Then Deji said ‘I brought you here so we could talk a bit more calmly and no one would hear us.’ Deji seemed a bit calm about the situation on ground unlike Bisi whose heart kept palpitating like she had seen the devil. Bayo stood outside just at the wall beside the entrance eavesdropping on their conversation. (Cluttering) ‘Now what do we do Deji? I have my heart in my mouth at this point. What if his parents finds out the truth?’ Bisi asked still panting. ‘We just have to be calm so we don’t raise suspicions about us. I already told Ayo and Kola not to say a word cause they would also go down with me. I made aware of the danger if they dared to open their mouths. No one would believe I killed Dotun cause we were very good friends.’ Deji said chucklingly. Bisi was angered at Deji’s attitude. ‘You’re raunchy bastard! This is all you and I can’t take it anymore!’ Bisi said grudgingly.

At this point, Bayo was stunned that Deji could have killed his own friend but then he wanted to find out why he did that and so he listened further. Then Deji grabs Bisi’s right wrist strongly bringing Bisi closer to him. ‘We’re all in this together. I could frame Bayo for this still. You know Dotun had a lot of enemies who didn’t like him because of his attitude. Bayo wasn’t a big fan either. Maybe he owes me that for saving his life.’ Deji said with a vicious smile on his face. (Struggling to take Deji’s grip off her wrist) ‘Take your hands off me you lying snitch!’ Bisi said as she pulled her hands off Deji’s grip. Then she said ‘Bayo had nothing to do with this. Bayo would never harm a fly and you know it! You know what??? I don’t care anymore I can’t hide it anymore. I’m telling the world this secret and how despicable you are.’ as Bisi tried to head out. (Dragged back by Deji) ‘I could kill you here and no one would know you’re gone just like my uncle!’ Deji said as he wrapped his arms tightly around Bisi’s neck.

‘Pwoah! Pwoah! Pwoah!’ Bayo entered summoning their attention with claps. Deji was shocked that Bayo had been eavesdropping on his conversation with Bisi as he still holds Bisi by the neck. ‘Wow! Wow! Wow! I guess I was right about you all along. You’re no better than Dotun. Now I understand why Bisi was acting so strange at the hospital. She was covering your a** you coward!’ Bayo said loudly in anger. Then Bayo said ‘Now you let her go Deji! Let her go!’ as Deji reluctantly released Bisi from his clutch. Bisi kept coughing profusely to catch her breath on the ground. Bayo and Deji edged closer towards each other. Each one had his eyes fixed on the other spurring for a fight. ‘Call me a coward all you want but we all know Dotun is dead because you showed up at Preston High. Dotun was going to kill you that day if I hadn’t intervened! You should be thankful I saved your a**!’ Deji said loudly in Bayo’s face. Bayo replied in the same tone pointing his right forefinger at Deji ‘You have no right to take a life!’ Bayo said sternly.

Then Bisi stood up and broke into their middle with her hands on both parties chest pushing them away from each other. ‘Now is not the time to argue about who’s right or wrong. It’s time for us to make a decision on what to do so this doesn’t blow up in faces. Like it or not, we’re all suspects cause we were all the scene where Dotun died.’ Bisi said calmly to Deji and Bayo. Bayo turned to the wall as he kept hitting the wall continually with his clenched fist. He was frustrated. Then Bisi said ‘Let’s all just calm down and just act like we know nothing. From now on, we don’t know Dotun’s whereabouts okay?!’ with a loud voice to the boys. (Bayo and Deji together) ‘Yeah we got it.’ they replied. ‘Wait a minute.’ Bayo said. He wanted them to narrate the same story of what happened that friday. ‘We tell the everyone the same story from now on to avoid eye brows from being raised. We all tell them that we never saw Dotun after school that day. Deji, you tell Kola and Ayo to say the same thing. After school, Dotun said he was heading home and you guys went your separate ways. Is that okay?’ Bayo asked.

Deji was reluctant to answer as he hated taking orders from Bayo. ‘Yeah…you’re the smart one after all. Coming in here acting like you own the place.’ Deji said grumbingly. Bayo was angered but kept calm by Bisi who said to him ‘We’re fine with the plan. Don’t listen to him.’ Bayo still had a stern look at Deji. ‘Alright, now we’re in agreement. Let’s all stick to the plan and tell this to no one. Also, I think we should hide the body so it’s not found and traced back to us. Don’t you guys think so?’ Bayo suggested. Bisi and Deji were dazzled at Bayo’s suggestion but saw it as a viable plan. ‘So you’re saying we bury the secret. You mean bury Dotun’s body?’ Deji asked with a smile on his face as he was amazed at Bayo’s plan. Then Bayo replied ‘Yeah that’s the idea. Bisi, what do you think?’ he asked Bisi. ‘I think that would be the best plan to save our heads. I mean Deji’s head. I think we should do it but not until we hear Mr.Biodun and Dotun’s parents decision. After that, then we’ll know what to do.’ Bisi said. ‘This is the smartest thing you’ve said all day Bayo. You’re more of a criminal than I am boy…hahaha.’ Deji laughed out loud at the dismay of Bayo.

Eventually, they had come to a consensus. ‘Alright, we head…’ Bayo said as he was cut short by the sound of the siren. They were befuddled as they kept wondering why the school siren would go out at 10:46am in the morning. It was a call out by the principal for an emergency assembly. ‘Come on guys, let’s head to the assembly ground.’ Bisi said as they headed quickly for the assembly ground. All students came out of their various classes at the sound of the siren wondering why the principal had called for an assembly. They all gathered at the assembly ground murmuring among themselves turning the assembly ground to a beehive with bees buzzing. ‘Good morning students!’ principal Peterson said with a loud voice on the microphone. ‘Good morning principal Peterson.’ the students replied simultaneously. The assembly had suddenly become a graveyard. ‘Now I know y’all must be wondering why I called for an assembly at this hour. I’ll be quick about this.’ principal Peterson said. Bayo, Bisi and Deji were all anticipating the big news principal Peterson had for the students.

Meanwhile, Dotun’s parents stood behind principal Peterson. It was clear who the announcement was going to be about. Then principal Peterson called Dotun’s parents forward. ‘It has come to my notice that a student of ours has not been home since friday. Mr.Adedotun Oyewole is a JS 2 student and this was notified to us this morning by his parents.’ principal Peterson said as he presented the parents to the students. Then principal Peterson gave the microphone to Dotun’s father to address the students. ‘Please my children, I’m appealing to your emotions at this point. Please, I need to see my son. I’ve contacted the police to organize a search for my missing son and that takes effect from today. But I also need you guys to be on the look out for him. He’s dark, slim and average in height. If anyone finds him, I promise to reward that person with a N100,000.’ Mr.Oyewole said with a grudge in his heart. Again, the beehive emerged. Bayo, Bisi and Deji stared at each other bewildered at the news. They wondered what the plan was going to be now that the police had been involved. This wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought…[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ on Danny world next tuesday.

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