The room had suddenly gone cold with blood spilled on the bedroom floor. (Stiil in shock) Deji still holding the gun directed towards his dead uncle. Deji had killed his uncle in a tussle. ‘Oh my God…what the hell…have…I done?!’ Deji cluttered dropping the gun quickly on the floor. He kept wondering how he pulled the trigger on his uncle. ‘I swear I never meant it…’ Deji said stuttering. So he stood up trying to pacify himself and think about his next course of action. (Speaking his thoughts) Deji said ‘Maybe I don’t regret it cause I never liked him anyway. He was always a burden to me. Maybe if he hadn’t brought out his gun, he would still be alive at this point. It’s his fault not mine. He caused his own death.’ justifying his actions to make himself feel better.

Now Deji had succeeded in convincing himself he was right to have killed his uncle. ‘I must take care of his body and clean up this mess on the floor before people start asking questions.’ Deji said as he dragged his uncle’s dead weight way down to the basement where no one would notice. When he got to the basement, he pushed his uncle’s corpse down the stairs to the ground in the basement. ‘Say hello to my Dad. Tell him I killed you. It’s my house now.’ (Sighs) ‘Now I clean up the spilled blood and the gun.’ Deji said with a stern look on his face walking back to his room. So he cleaned up the floor in some minutes scrubbing the floor very hard to erase every pant of blood.

Then Deji cleaned up the gun with a black cloth to remove his fingerprints. ‘I can’t get caught.’ Deji said heading for his uncle’s room. So he put the gun in his uncle’s drawer beside his bed and locked up his uncle’s room with a big lock. (Sighs) ‘You’ll be fine Deji…’ Deji talking to himself to pacify his nerves. Then he ran to the bathroom to wash his hands clean. So he stood in front of a mirror washing his hands hurriedly with the white sink covered in red. After washing his hands, he washed his face and took a white towel to dry up his wet hands and his face too. Looking into the mirror, Deji said ‘I have become a killer without a conscience.’ with a sneaky look on his face in front of the mirror. Then he walked out of the bathroom slamming the door behind. Deji had become a vicious beast.

On monday morning, the students resumed for a new week of school activities. Bayo got to class looking around for Bisi who walked out angrily on him at the hospital. He wanted to apologize to her cause he couldn’t stand not talking to someone he really cared about. Immediately, he went to her seat where she sat alone. Bisi was still not over the situation at home. ‘Hi Bisi, can I sit?’ Bayo asked her. Bisi didn’t want to make it easy for Bayo so she answered reluctantly ‘Yeah sure you can.’ as she moved over for Bayo to sit. Then Bayo sat beside her uncertain of what their conversation may turn out to be. ‘Mmm-mm…How are you Bisi?’ Bayo asked fluttering his hands. ‘I’m good Bayo. How are you feeling now?’ Bisi replied wearing a stern look. Bayo noticed Bisi wasn’t wearing a smiley and so he said to himself ‘This might not be as easy as I thought…’ with his eyes rolling irregularly. Bisi knew Bayo was buying her pretence.

‘I’m sorry for the way I reacted at the hospital. It wasn’t my intention to hurt you. I guess I just got angry at the sight of Deji. Please forgive me Bisi. I can’t stand not talking to you.’ Bayo said holding Bisi’s hands. Bisi knew Bayo wasn’t going to stop feeling bad for something he had no idea about so she wanted to bring her antics to a halt. Then she said to him ‘Alright, we’re good Bayo. So you don’t cry on me.’ staring and chuckling at Bayo. ‘Hahaha…hilarious…boys don’t cry. Feels good to know we’re friends again. Thank you Bisi for everything.’ Bayo said sounding so emotional. ‘I could also not do without talking to you.’ Bisi replied still staring at Bayo. Then Bayo asked ‘How about your mum? How did she feel about you passing the night at the hospital?’ Suddenly, Bisi got uncomfortable hearing about her mum as she slowly takes her hands off Bayo’s. ‘She was good…with…it.’ Bisi stuttered. Bayo noticed her refraining reaction to the question he asked and sensed Bisi was hiding a something. ‘What’s the problem?’ Bayo asked inquisitively.

Bisi knew Bayo wasn’t going to let this pass. She kept wondering how she was going to tell him about the situation at home. (Speaking in her thoughts) ‘Bayo trusted me with his secret and I think I should trust him with mine as well…Ok here we go.’ Bisi said in her thoughts. ‘Hmmm…Okay Bayo, I’m gonna tell you a secret which you mustn’t mention to anyone.’ Bisi said out loud. ‘Even to me?’ Eva asked standing beside Bayo. Eva is a close friend of Bisi and her seat partner in class. Eva is an exciting, humorous and enthusiastic friend of Bisi. They’ve known each other since primary school. ‘Good morning handsome, I need to take my seat now.’ Eva said to Bayo with an intriguing smile on her face. Bayo was amazed at her refreshing attitude and so he smiled back at her. ‘Alright my lady, I’m a gentleman.’ Bayo said chuckling as he stood up staring at Eva. ‘Hmmm, I like him Bisi. Hi, I’m Eva nice to talk to you for the first time though.’ Eva said.

Then Bayo replied ‘Mm-mmm…I’m Ba…’ cut short by Eva ‘Bayo…Yeah I know who you are.’ Eva said completing Bayo’s intended sentence. Bayo was astounded at Eva he couldn’t help but ask ‘Why didn’t you ever mention her Bisi?’ All these while, Bisi kept enjoying their little drama as she kept on smiling profusely at her friends. ‘Yeah Bisi…how come you never mentioned me?’ Eva also asked Bisi. ‘Whoa! Erm-mm…You see I’ve really not had time to introduce you guys to each other. I’m sorry about that. I guess we’re gonna have to skip past the introduction part since you both know each other now right guys?’ Bisi asked winking and scratching the top of her head. (Eva and Bayo together) replied ‘Yeah…we’re good.’ Then Bayo whispered into Bisi’s ear ‘We’ll talk about your secret later.’ as Bisi nodded in agreement. ‘See you later Eva. I’ll head back to my seat.’ Bayo said leaving the girls. ‘Okay…Obviously, Bayo is interested in you. I saw you guys hold hands and don’t you dare deny it this time.’ Eva said hurriedly while trying to sit. Bisi chuckled and said ‘Lips zipped…you heard nothing.’

Eva, with a vicious smile said ‘I go love ooo!’ as they both shared a laugh. ‘Oh come on Eva…Nothing of such I assure you.’ Bisi said equivocally to Eva. ‘Okay, tell me the big secret then. What’s it about?’ Eva asked. Bisi had suddenly gone sour when Eva raised the question about her secret. Suddenly, Mr.Biodun walked into the class ‘Good morning class, out with a sheet of paper cause we’re having a test right about now.’ He said to the class as he wrote the subject ‘Literature’ on the whiteboard with a blue marker. The students were shocked at the unannounced test by Mr.Biodun so they hurriedly brought out their books making humming sounds and murmuring words silently. Mr.Biodun was the most feared teacher in junior school so he called the students to order ‘One more word and the whole class fails this test!’ Mr.Biodun yelled. Immediately, the class had become a graveyard. ‘Summarize chapter one of the prose text ‘The Hunter’ and you’ve got 10 minutes to do that. Your time starts now!’ Mr.Biodun sounded out the question to the class.

Quickly, the students put their pens to paper and begun writing. Five minutes into the test, Mr.Biodun walked round the class supervising the students. Then he got to Dotun’s seat and notice Dotun’s seat was vacant and so he asked Deji his partner ‘Where is Dotun?’ Deji was skeptical about answering Mr.Biodun as he kept wondering what his answer was going to be since Dotun was already dead. Seconds past and Deji said nothing still. Dotun’s seat was vacant as Ayo and Kola watched anxiously to see Deji’s response. Bisi had become uneased while Bayo, Eva and the rest of the class looked at Deji wondering why he was taking so much time to answer. Mr.Biodun became furious at Deji’s silence and yelled ‘I need an answer Deji! Where is Dotun?!’ Suddenly, the test wasn’t in focus anymore as everyone looked in the direction of Deji wondering where he got the guts to not to answer the dreaded Mr.Biodun. ‘Well, I haven’t seen him myself sir.’ Deji finally answered sternly. Then Mr.Biodun said ‘Then it shouldn’t have taken you that much time to answer. Hand me your test paper right now! You’re done.’ forcefully collecting Deji’s test paper from the desk.

Mr.Biodun was pissed off at the class because of Deji’s actions. ‘Class, pass your test papers to Bisi right now. You’re all done!’ Ade, the class captain was surprised at Mr.Biodun’s orders for Bisi to collect the test papers when he was present. So he stood up and asked ‘Sir, why don’t I collect the test papers?’ Then Mr.Biodun replied I want Bisi to do it today. I don’t think that should be a problem. Should it Mr.Ade?’ he asked with a loud voice. (Frightened) ‘No sir, it’s not a problem at all…’ Ade answered as he cleared his throat and sat down. Immediately, the students submitted their test papers to Bisi who kept wondering why she was doing Ade’s job. (Speaking in her thoughts) ‘I wonder why he’s doing this. Oh well, I guess I’ll just go with the flow.’ Bisi said in her thoughts. ‘Meet me in my office in seconds Bisi. Good day class.’ Mr.Biodun said as he walked out of the class hurriedly. Bisi collated the papers and followed Mr.Biodun to his office.

When Bisi arrived Mr.Biodun’s office, she asked ‘Sir, please where do I drop the test papers?’ Mr.Biodun replied while on his seat with a large table in front of him ‘Drop it on the left side of my table.’ Quickly, Bisi dropped the papers according to Mr.Biodun’s specific orders. ‘There you go sir.’ Bisi said as she was about to dash off. ‘Wait a minute Bisi…’ Mr.Biodun said as he stood up from his seat coming close to Bisi. Bisi turned towards Mr.Biodun as he edged even closer. Then he grabbed her by the butt and said ‘You’re really pretty as they say.’ smooshing her butt with his right hand and touching her cheek with the left with a sneaky smile on his face. Bisi was confused at this point as she kept wondering how the most disciplined teacher could be such a pervert. ‘We should have some fun. I promise to go easy on you.’ Mr.Biodun said taking the belt off his pants. Bisi was completely vulnerable at this point….[To Be Continued]

Watch out for the next episode of ‘The Orphan’ on Danny world next tuesday.

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